Medical Genius Chapter 27-28

 Chapter 27

This fatty was none other than Zhao Jiafan's cousin, Zhou Dalong, who was in charge of the security department.

                On weekdays in the hospital, he was also rampant and did not do much to molest young nurses.

                According to him, he had been working here for several years and slept with several young nurses every year, so he was considered a hooligan in this neighborhood.

                "Zhou Dalong is here, Lin Mo is going to suffer a big loss!"

                "Lin Mo deserved it, he didn't even take a piss and look at himself, he dared to go against Director Zhao?"

                "That's right, who doesn't know that Director Zhao's father is the Vice President of the hospital, can he afford to mess with him?"

                "Some people, if they don't suffer a bit, they will never know how to behave in their life."

                The crowd around them whispered, all looking at Lin Mo playfully.

                This time, Lin Mo would definitely be finished!

                Zhao Jiafan had someone to back him up and immediately stood up straight, pointing at Lin Mo and cursing, "That's him! This son of a bitch, how dare he hit me, kill him for me!"

                Zhou Dalong said angrily, "Damn it, you're such a loser that you beat up my cousin?"

                Lin Mo: "I didn't hit him. He was the one who hit me and fell down by accident, can you blame me for that?"

                "Bullshit!" Zhao Jiafan said angrily, "If you hadn't taken a step back, could I have fallen?"

                Lin Mo frowned, "According to you, you hit me and I couldn't retreat?"

                "Fuck, what kind of a person are you. I beat you because I think highly of you, and you're still not convinced?" Zhao Jiafan was furious: "Dalong, don't bullshit with him, get him!"

                Zhou Dalong glanced obliquely at Lin Mo: "Did you hear that? My cousin told me to kill you. However, if you are willing to kneel here and kowtow to my cousin and apologise, I can only break one of your legs!"

                Lin Mo: "Impossible!"

                "Then you can go to hell!" Zhou Dalong roared, raising his foot and kicking over.

                Lin Mo dodged sideways and at the same time kicked Zhou Dalong in the back of his waist.

                With the cultivation of the Creation Skill, Lin Mo's strength had also increased a lot.

                With this kick, he directly sent Zhou Dalong flying out of the room and crashed into the wall, breaking his head and bleeding.

                "Damn you, how dare you resist!" Zhou Dalong roared, "Beat him to death for me!"

                A group of men rushed up behind them, aggressively surrounding Lin Mo.

                When he was a cleaner in the hospital, Lin Mo had been bullied by them a lot.

                Now that he had struck, of course he would not be polite, and soon had beaten the dozen or so men to the ground, wailing.

                All the people around were dumbfounded, thinking that Lin Mo was going to be crippled. Unexpectedly, it would be this result.

                Of course, there were also many people who secretly shouted in approval.

                This Zhou Dalong, had bullied too many people in the hospital.

                However, there were also good people who hurriedly ran upstairs to find the leader.

                Not long after, Zhao Jiafan's father, Zhao Yuan, rushed down. He was the vice president of the hospital.

                "How dare you hit someone in the hospital!" Zhao Yuan roared, "What kind of place do you take the hospital for? Somebody, call the police and arrest him!"

                A few lapdogs immediately took out their mobile phones to call the police, and just then, a Rolls Royce suddenly drove up to the entrance of the hospital.

                Zhao Yuan caught a glimpse of the license plate and his face instantly became excited as he immediately trotted over.

                "Elder He, which fragrant wind has blown you here!" Zhao Yuan said curtly.

                The person who came was none other than He Jinyan.

                The crowd at the scene immediately became excited, He Jinyan's name was very loud in the medical industry of Guangyang City.

                Even the directors of the big hospitals had to be respectful when they saw him, let alone a small hospital like theirs.

                He did not even look at Zhao Yuan as he walked into the hospital hall with his hands folded.

                In full view of everyone, he walked briskly in front of Lin Mo and bent his hand: "Mr. Lin, how are you?"

                At this moment, all the people at the scene were dumbfounded.

                How could a big shot like Elder He be so polite to Lin Mo? What was going on here?

                "Elder He, are you mistaken for someone else?" Zhao Yuan hurriedly ran over, "He's just one of our hospital's cleaners ......"

                He Jinyan said unhappily, "Are you thinking that I'm old and dizzy?"

                "No ......" Zhao Yuan shivered in fear and hurriedly said, "Elder He, I ...... I... ..."

                "Get lost!" He Jinyan scolded angrily.

                Zhao Yuan's face turned pale and he hurriedly retreated to the side.

                He Jinyan arched his hand, "Mr. Lin, I've already talked to the dean. From now on, you are the head of the emergency department!"

                Everyone was dumbfounded, the head of the emergency department? Are you serious?

                Lin Mo was just a caretaker!

                In fact, this was something Lin Mo himself had asked for.

                If he wanted to practice his medical skills, he had to go to a place like the emergency department, where he could see many patients.

                "Elder He, I'm afraid I won't be able to go to the emergency department!" Lin Mo sighed, "I've already been expelled!"


                Lin Mo: "Not only that, just now they tried to hit me and I dodged a few times, causing them to suffer some injuries. They're even going to call the police to arrest me, so I guess I'll have to go to jail!"

                "How dare you!" He Jinyan shouted angrily, "Who was so bold as to dare to hit Mr. Lin and put him in jail!"

                The crowd looked at Zhao Yuan and his son in unison, Zhao Yuan's face was pale: "Elder He, you misunderstood. He ...... he is causing trouble at the hospital, look at my son, they are suffering from injuries ......"

                Zhao Jiafan also immediately said, "Yes, Elder He. Everyone present can testify, we didn't do it, he did it to hit us!"

                Saying that, Zhao Jiafan winked at the people next to him.

                A few of them understood and immediately came over, "Yes, Elder He, we can testify that it was Lin Mo who did the beating!"

                "Be your mother's witness!" He Jinyan cursed, "What, do you think I'm confused because I'm old? A dozen people were injured, and you say he was the one who beat them up? Are you all fucking paralyzed?"

                "Besides, just you guys, what's wrong with Mr. Lin beating you up? And you want Mr. Lin to go to jail? Fine, come on, you guys call the police. I'd like to see who goes to jail!"

                Zhao Yuan's few faces were pale, they didn't expect that He Jin Yan would fully support Lin Mo like this.

                "What? No one is calling the police?" He Jinyan glared, "If you guys don't report it, I will. Xiao Liu, call Lawyer Chen, and by the way, call the police and tell them to come and arrest him!"

                Zhao Yuan almost pissed himself in fear and quickly said, "Elder He, calm down. This ...... is all a small matter, why do you need to get angry ......"

                "Shut up, what are you, who are you to talk to Laozi!" He Jinyan scolded angrily.

                Not long after, a group of police came over and arrested Zhou Dalong and the others.

                Lawyer Chen also followed personally, and Lin Mo didn't even have to go and take a statement. Lawyer Chen had taken the hospital's CCTV footage, and that proved everything.

                A dozen people beat Lin Mo alone, and Lin Mo that definitely belonged to self-defense.

                Lin Mo will definitely be fine, but Zhou Dalong, these people, will be in trouble this time.

                After the matter was dealt with, Lin Mo also sat in the emergency department.

                Zhao Jiafan was not taken away, so he escaped.

                But he was not happy about it and hid in Zhao Yuan's office and complained, "This Lin Mo is just a cleaner, and he's the head of the emergency department? Can he see patients?"

                Zhao Yuan: "Come on, don't get excited. I think it's best if he goes to the emergency room!"

                "What do you mean?" Zhao Jiafan was surprised.

                Zhao Yuan smiled coldly: "The emergency room is the place where things are most likely to go wrong. If there are a few medical incidents, can he afford to take the blame for this? If he doesn't know how to do medicine, but instead runs to a place like that, isn't that asking for death?"

Chapter 28

As Lin Mo sat in the emergency room, many people next to him were whispering.

                "It's really strange, how could a big shot like He Lao stand up for Lin Mo?"

                "Hmph, what's this kid capable of? I guess it's his daughter-in-law who's behind it. Don't forget, his daughter-in-law is the number one beauty in Guangyang City!"

                "Eating soft rice to this level, that's something!"

                "However, a place like the emergency department is not a place to fight for connections. Those who come here are all emergencies, and if you don't have the skills, it can be a big deal!"

                "Whatever, he's the director anyway, let him take the blame if there's a black eye!"

                "Haha, I really want to see how he'll end up when he causes a few medical incidents later ......"

                The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

                There were several emergency patients in the morning, but they were all ordinary cases.

                At 10:30, an accident broke out and a young man covered in blood was taken to the hospital.

                The identity of the young man was not ordinary, he was the son of Huang Yongfeng, a well-known big entrepreneur in the city.

                Moreover, he was seriously injured and was dying of serious injuries.

                The matter immediately reached the vice president Zhao Yuan, and the doctor below assessed that it was very dangerous and recommended that he be transferred to the city hospital.

                Zhao Yuan immediately intercepted the matter and ordered the people below directly to send the patient to the emergency room.

                Lin Mo was in the emergency room. If Huang Yongfeng's son had any problems, Lin Mo would definitely be finished.

                Although He Jinyan's status was powerful, he was still quite a bit different from Huang Yongfeng.

                "Fighting with me?" Zhao Yuan sneered, "Lin Mo, you're not qualified!"

                Huang Yongfeng's son's situation became even more critical when he was rushed to the emergency room. He was frothing with blood, and the instruments attached to his body were emitting a dripping alarm.

                The people in the emergency room were shocked, and one doctor said sharply, "What's the point of coming to the emergency room if you don't rush to resuscitation in such a serious situation?"

                One of them said sharply, "Don't talk nonsense to me, I don't care what department you're from, save Huang immediately. If anything happens to young Huang, I'll kill you all!"

                The few doctors were so frightened that no one dared to step forward.

                "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and save him!" A young man ran over and grabbed one of the nurses by the hair, shouting angrily, "Hurry up and save her, or I'll kill her!"

                The young nurse was trembling with fear and looked at the doctors for help.

                A few doctors shivered even more, not even daring to say anything, leaving the little nurse close to despair.

                Just then, an ice-cold voice came out, "Let her go!"

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see Lin Mo standing in the doorway with a cold face.

                The youth roared, "Who are you to tell me to let her go, I'm telling you ......"

                Lin Mo suddenly took a few steps forward, rushed straight to the youth and fiercely clasped his wrist. With a casual fling, he directly threw the youth to the ground.

                The young nurse was finally saved and hid behind Lin Mo in fear and haste.

                "You dare to hit me ......" The youth was furious and just wanted to lash out, but was stopped by a few people next to him.

                Because, Lin Mo was already standing by the hospital bed.

                Lin Mo reached out and pressed his hand on Huang Shao's chest as if he was testing it.

                A doctor spat, "A layman is a layman, can you press indiscriminately in a car accident like this?"

                "Whatever, whatever he causes, it's his doing, not ours!"

                "Yes, don't interfere. Huang Yongfeng's son, whatever happens, our hospital can't afford to take the blame!"

                The little nurse who was saved just now had a worried face and cautiously reminded, "Director Lin, his injuries are serious and I'm afraid that ...... he's afraid it's dangerous. Why don't we let them be transferred to the hospital ......"

                "This is a small matter, why do we need to transfer him to the hospital?" Lin Mo laughed and suddenly reached out and slapped Huang Shao on the chest.

                With a poof, Huang Shao spurted out a mouthful of dirty blood.

                "What are you doing!" Several youths roared in anger.

                Lin Mo also ignored them and casually took out five silver needles and stabbed them all in Huang Shao's chest.

                Instantly, the machine's alarm sound subsided, and Huang Shao stopped vomiting blood as his breath returned to a steady state.

                "What is this ...... situation?"

                A doctor bravely came over and said in surprise, "Young Huang has passed the dangerous stage!?"

                "What?" The crowd exclaimed, just now Young Huang was about to die, and this has passed the dangerous period in the blink of an eye?

                The youth said urgently, "Is Young Master Huang alright?"

                "He has broken ribs and punctured a lung lobe, he still needs an operation." Lin Mo said, "Send it to the operating room and find a skilled doctor to operate!"

                "This ...... is so simple?" The youth was stunned, he had just said he was dead.

                Lin Mo just wanted to speak, at this time, a group of people hurriedly came running. Among them, there was Zhao Yuan Zhao Jia Fan.

                At the head of the group was a middle-aged noblewoman who shouted just as she arrived, "How is my son?"

                "Lin Mo, you're being asked!" Zhao Yuan exclaimed, "You forced the patient to come to your department, don't tell me that you didn't do anything!"

                "What do you mean?" The noblewoman was furious, it was this time of the year and she was still robbing the performance?

                The doctors at the scene all knew what was going on, but no one dared to say anything. Zhao Yuan, this was clearly pitting Lin Mo.

                "The patient is out of danger!" Lin Mo said.

                "Huh?" Zhao Yuan was stunned.

                According to the assessment of the information he had obtained, Huang Shao was basically not going to survive.

                Even if he found a miracle doctor like He Lao, the chance of saving Huang Shao was still less than 10%, so how could he suddenly be out of danger?

                "Lin Mo, don't talk nonsense!" Zhao Jiafan said loudly, "You are after all a caretaker transferred to the emergency department, your professional ability is not enough. You can't be careless when the patient's safety is at stake!"

                "What do you mean?" The noblewoman's face turned blue: "You let a cleaner, to treat my son?"

                Zhao Yuan hurriedly said, "Madam Huang, I'm really sorry, there is competition between the various departments of the hospital ......"

                "Don't talk to me about this. I tell you, if anything happens to my son, I will make you look good!" The noblewoman roared, reaching out and pointing her hand at Lin Mo: "Especially you, if my son is in any danger, I want your life!"

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed: "Your son is no longer in serious danger ......"

                "Shut up, you're a cleaning lady, what do you know!" The noblewoman roared, "Dean Zhao, tell him to get lost, I don't want to see him!"

                Zhao Yuan was overjoyed, this was exactly the result he wanted.

                "But, he is He Jinyan He Lao ......"

                Noblewoman: "I don't care who he is, He Jin Yan doesn't like it, let him come to me!"

                Zhao Yuan couldn't hide his laughter and glanced obliquely at Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, did you hear that? You've been expelled!"

                At this moment, Zhao Jiafan also ran into the emergency room.

                When he saw Huang Shao's condition, he was also shocked to the core that Huang Shao was really out of the danger period. The success rate of operating to save him now was extremely high.

                He immediately decided to do this operation himself.

                In this way, the credit for this would be his!