Medical Genius Chapter 263-264

 Chapter 263

After sending Xu Hanxia upstairs, Lin Mo left first.

                After all, this was the company, and it was not convenient for Lin Mo to stay with Xu Hanxia.

                What's more, he had more important things to do tonight.

                After coming out of the office, Lin Mo felt a car following him quietly behind him.

                Lin Mo pretended not to notice and rode his electric bike slowly around Guang Yang City in circles.

                Finally, Lin Mo arrived at the edge of the city near a relatively isolated construction site.

                Suddenly, the car behind him let out a roar and accelerated towards Lin Mo.

                This was a small road, the width of which was not much wider than a car.

                When this car came at him like this, Lin Mo had no place to dodge.

                The vehicle roared and crashed, directly knocking Lin Mo's electric car away, and Lin Mo himself fell to the ground, fainting.

                Several people came down from the car, the leader of which was none other than Huo Xingxuan.

                His face was gloomy and he waved his hand, and several people went up and carried Lin Mo to the car.

                Not long after they left, another car rushed up and towed Lin Mo's electric car away to be disposed of.

                Huo Xingxuan's car carried Lin Mo all the way around the surveillance and finally arrived at a remote place in the suburbs.

                They had long since tied Lin Mo up in knots, and Huo Xingxuan used cold water to splash Lin Mo awake.

                "Surnamed Lin, we meet again!"

                "Isn't that a surprise?"

                Huo Xingxuan wore a hideous cold smile.

                Lin Mo glanced at the few people around him and said softly, "Huo Xingxuan, you've really come out of the Zhou family?"

                "It seems that the Zhou family is even more abject than I thought. '

                "A member of the family died at your hands, and you were even let to run away?"

                Huo Xingxuan's face turned blue, "Surnamed Lin, you need to cut the sarcastic talk."

                "Do you know how much the old man has paid?"

                "The Pharmaceutical Alliance's market in Guangyang City will all be handed over to the Zhou family, and that's the price for my life!"

                "Hmph, all of this, is thanks to you, how do you think I will get you killed?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Huo Xingxuan, you overestimate yourself and underestimate me too much!"

                "Do you really think that I didn't expect Zhou Ze's death that night?"

                Huo Xingxuan's face changed: "What do you ...... you mean?"

                Lin Mo: "Zhou Ze's death was a deliberate set up by me."

                "Seriously, I wanted to kill him so badly."

                "But killing him myself wouldn't make much sense and would cause endless trouble."

                "Letting you kill him would be different!"

                "And you, too, really cooperated with me and actually killed Zhou Ze."

                "In this way, I have solved both Zhou Ze and you, killing two birds with one stone!"

                Huo Xingxuan's face turned ugly to the extreme.

                He had thought at the time that he had pitted himself against Lin Mo by killing Zhou Ze and framing him, so that he could sit back and watch the tiger fight.

                Unexpectedly, he had fallen into Lin Mo's path and was pitted by him instead.

                "Lin Mo, you ...... are so despicable!"

                Huo Xingxuan was so angry that his body shivered.

                This time he had been duped, not only had Xu Pharmaceutical not swallowed it, but he had also paid such a huge price, he would have to be punished back!

                Lin Mo shrugged his shoulders, "I didn't ask you to kill Zhou Ze, you were the one who wanted to kill him."

                "As the saying goes, Jiang Tai Gong fishes for the willing."

                "If you didn't want to set me up, how could this happen?"

                Huo Xingxuan gritted his teeth and suddenly laughed maniacally, "You're right, the willing one takes the bait!"

                "But so what if you are even more cunning!"

                "If you fall into my hands today, you will definitely die!"

                "As much as I pay, you will pay too!"

                "However, you don't have to worry about the aftermath."

                "Your wife Xu Hanxia, and that Song Zhilan, I will definitely take good care of them for you, hahaha ......"

Chapter 264

Lin Mo also laughed, "Huo Xingxuan, I don't think you're much better than Zhou Hongwei!"

                "You're all equally stupid!"

                Huo Xingxuan was furious, "What did you say?"

                Lin Mo stood up, and as Huo Xingxuan watched, he struggled with both hands, breaking the knotted rope.

                Huo Xingxuan's eyes almost glared out, this rope was very strong, what kind of strength was Lin Mo using?

                He didn't know that Lin Mo, who had cultivated the Creation Skill, was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

                Lin Mo stretched out and laughed lightly, "Huo Xingxuan, do you know why I specialise in taking the paths?"

                "I'm giving you the chance to make a move, you idiot!"

                Huo Xingxuan's face changed sharply as he suddenly realised that he seemed to have fallen for another trick.

                "Make a move!"

                Huo Xingxuan let out a low roar, while he himself quickly ran towards the car, ready to drive away.

                However, as soon as he took a step, he felt his body go limp and unconsciously collapsed to the ground.

                His body was tingling and he had no strength, but he was very conscious.

                When he looked at his men, all of them were in the same state, all of them collapsed to the ground.

                Huo Xingxuan was dumbfounded, what was going on here?

                Lin Mo squatted down and looked at Huo Xingxuan: "Huo Xingxuan, there's no need to struggle."

                "Just now in the car, I had already drugged you all."

                "It's a colourless and tasteless poison that can make one's whole body go limp and unable to use any strength at all."

                "The key thing is that after two hours, this drug will all disappear without a trace."

                "Even the most powerful doctor would not be able to trace this drug!"

                Huo Xingxuan's face was alarmed: "You ...... you were prepared for this?"

                "You knew early on that I would lay hands on you?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Huo Xingxuan, there is a saying that if you know yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles."

                "Before you engage your enemy, you must know enough about your enemy."

                "Not only the enemy's strength, but also the enemy's character, style of doing things and so on."

                Huo Xingxuan's face changed sharply, as he suddenly realised that he was very different from Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo said slowly, "After the incident at the construction site that day, I specifically investigated you, including your character, style of doing things."

                "You are a very conceited and cunning person, and you do things in a particularly ruthless manner!"

                "Therefore, I designed this set of traps specifically for you."

                "Capture Zhou Ze, don't kill him, and give him the chance to call you."

                "With your character and style of doing things, you will definitely kill Zhou Ze and frame me."

                Huo Xingxuan was directly dumbfounded, he now knew exactly what he had lost in.

                Lin Mo softly picked up, "Also, this matter of the Zhou family, I know that the Zhou family won't do anything to you."

                "And since you have suffered such a big loss, you definitely won't rest in peace and will definitely come to me for revenge."

                "So, tonight I deliberately took the path to lure you into action."

                "Huo Xingxuan, you really don't let me down at all!"

                "Every trap I had, you stepped into at just the right time, wouldn't you say that you were too cooperative?"

                Huo Xingxuan sighed despondently and said in a low voice, "Lin Mo, I really have underestimated you!"

                "This time, I'm willing to bet and concede."

                "You let me go, and from now on, I will never be your enemy again."

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Huo Xingxuan, you've come this far, do you think I'll let you go?"

                Huo Xingxuan gritted his teeth, "Lin Mo, if you kill me, what can you do?"

                "Don't you forget, I'm a member of the Huo family, even the Zhou family wouldn't dare to kill me!"

                "If I die in Guangyang City, my Huo Family will definitely not give up in peace!"

                "If my Huo family personally comes to investigate this matter, Lin Mo, you won't be able to escape even if you're heavenly capable."

                "When the time comes, do you think that my Huo family will let you off?"