Medical Genius Chapter 261-262

 Chapter 261

On the way home, the car was silent.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui sat in the back row, the two of them face indescribably awkward.

                What had happened tonight was too much out of their expectation.

                Lin Mo had been wrongly accused, but the most crucial thing was that he had really gotten 300 million in compensation?

                That was three hundred million!

                Although Xu Hanxia was now the chairman of Xu Pharmaceutical, all she took was shares, not cash.

                Unless they sold their shares, or waited until the end of the year for dividends, their family didn't have much money.

                Moreover, according to the current situation, Xu Pharmaceutical's list was not yet finished, and those businesses were not considered completed.

                Even at the end of the year, there won't be much of a dividend, at most a few million, which is still far from changing the fate of the Xu family.

                The house at home is narrow and dilapidated, and it is time to replace it.

                We don't have a car at home, we use the company car, it's time to buy one.

                It was time to buy new furniture and appliances.

                Clothes, jewellery, everything they wanted, was out of reach.

                But having 300 million is different!

                With these three hundred million, it was enough for them to make all their wishes come true.

                Buy a villa, decorate it luxuriously, new appliances and furniture, buy a luxury car and new clothes, jewellery and jewellery, all of it.

                With these three hundred million, the Xu family could truly live the life of a rich man!

                However, the card was in Lin Mo's hand.

                The two of them had just said that they wouldn't ask for a single cent, so how should they ask for it now?

                As they passed a bank, Xu Jiangong winked at Fang Hui.

                Fang Hui was slightly embarrassed, but still spoke up, "Xiao Lin ah, stop for a moment."

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia were bewildered, Fang Hui had never been so polite to him, had she?

                Lin Mo stopped the car, "Mum, is something wrong?"

                Fang Hui's face swelled red: "Uh ......"

                "It's like this, the Zhou family, their words may not count."

                "They said the compensation money has arrived, it may not be true either."

                "It just so happens that this has gone through the bank, let's go down and check."

                "If it hasn't arrived, hurry up and find them, lest they renege on the debt ah!"

                Hearing these words, Lin Mo Xu Hanxia knew what Fang Hui meant.

                What she said was to see if the money had arrived, but in fact, she wanted to confirm if the money was real.

                To put it plainly, Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui had already started playing with the idea of this money!

                Xu Hanxia bristled, "Mom, there's no need for you to worry about this!"

                "This money is the compensation that Lin Mo asked for, for the moral damages, it has nothing to do with our family."

                "You guys have also said that you won't want a penny, you won't even look at it."

                "Don't worry about that!"

                Fang Hui was furious: "Halfsia, what do you mean by that?"

                "Lin Mo is my son-in-law, a member of our Xu family, can't I worry about him?"

                "What's wrong? Do you think I'm old and useless, that even my words sting?"

                "If you don't want to listen to me, just say the word!"

                "In the future, I, as a mother, will definitely not say a word in front of you, okay, Chairman Xu!"

                Xu Hanxia didn't expect Fang Hui to react so strongly, and her eyes turned red as she was scolded, and she didn't even dare to retort for a moment.

                Lin Mo hurriedly said, "Mom, don't be angry."

                "Halfsia was just joking."

                "You're right, this matter of compensation does have to be done with caution."

                "Okay, let's go down and check to see if the money has arrived!"

                Only then did Fang Hui turn her anger into joy, "Look, it's still Xiao Lin who understands things."

                "You kid, although you didn't like to talk much before, but what you did, mum saw it all!"

                "Hey, in the past, mum was too strict with you, you're not angry with mum, are you?"

                Lin Mo was speechless and waved his hand, "No, no, no."

                "Come on, let's go down and take a look."

                Several people walked to the ATM, took out their cards to check and found that there was really a balance of 300 million inside!

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's body shook and he almost didn't pass out.

                They had never seen so much money in their lives!

Chapter 262

When Lin Mo sent Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui home, he immediately turned the road and sent Xu Han Xia to the company.

                Fang Hui wanted to ask to keep Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo at home, but was stopped by Xu Jiangong.

                When the old couple returned home, Fang Hui immediately said, "Old man, what were you thinking just now?"

                "Such a good opportunity just now to keep them both at home."

                "Then, talk to Lin Mo again about this money."

                "Let him give us the card and it'll be done."

                "Why are you letting them both go?"

                Xu Jian Gong glared at her, "Do you really think everyone else is stupid?"

                "Tonight, this matter is so ugly, and you still want people's money, do you really take people for fools?"

                Fang Hui was bewildered: "That ...... can't not want this money either!"

                "This is three hundred million ah, take it over, our family's assets, immediately exceed your old man!"

                "Before, although our family said that we were in control of Xu Pharmaceutical, but we didn't have much assets."

                "Now, with three hundred million, we should finally raise our eyebrows, how can we not want this money?"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand, "You don't need to give me that, I understand it all."

                "But the problem is, it's not the right night to ask for it."

                "Lin Mo almost lost his life there tonight, and we both had a bad time with someone."

                "It's not the right time for you to go straight to him and ask for the money."

                "Besides, it would be even more inappropriate to ask for the money if Hanxia is home too."

                "It's not like you don't know Halfsia's character."

                "She's totally loyal to her husband now, if you ask him for such a large sum of money, will she agree?"

                "Don't let the money not be asked for by then, and then have a fight, then you won't have to think about this money even more!"

                Fang Hui scratched her head and sighed helplessly, "Hey, what do you think is wrong with this girl Hanxia?"

                "Why is her elbow turning outwards?"

                "Then what do you think we should do now?"

                "This money, it definitely can't stay with Lin Mo!"

                Xu Jiangong thought for a while and said, "How about this, tomorrow we will go to Lin Mo alone."

                "We can coax and deceive, say a few good words, and get the card over."

                "This Lin Mo, he's still relatively good at tricking."

                Fang Hui was delighted at his words and nodded his head repeatedly, "That's right, that's right!"

                "First coax the person, when we get the card over, it will be up to him!"

                Xu's Pharmaceutical.

                Lin Mo sent Xu Hanxia to the company, where Xu Hanxia was staying during this period of time.

                "Hanxia, you take this card!"

                Lin Mo handed the card given by the Zhou family to Xu Hanxia.

                Xu Hanxia immediately shook her head, "I can't take this card!"

                "This is the Zhou family's compensation for you, just take it for yourself."

                Lin Mo laughed, "We're husband and wife, what's the difference?"

                Xu Hanxia said with a straight face, "That's a big difference!"

                "When you didn't have money, people always said you ate my soft rice."

                "Now that you're rich, I'll see who dares to say that in the future!"

                "Besides, if a man doesn't have money on him, he has no backbone, how can this work?"

                Lin Mo laughed: "Then it doesn't take as much as 300 million!"

                Xu Hanxia shook her head, "No matter how much it is, it's all yours, you have to take it anyway."

                "By the way, my parents and they will definitely try to get this card from you, you must not give it to them!"

                "If you give them the card, you will never get the money back!"

                Lin Mo pretended to be in a difficult position: "Then what should I do?"

                "I can't disobey them either."

                "Why don't we just leave the card with you?"

                Xu Hanxia waved her hand repeatedly, "I told you, I can't take this card."

                "Uh, they'll definitely force you."

                "How about this, you just tell them that the money is gone."

                Lin Mo looked bewildered, "Three hundred million? If I say it's gone, will people believe me?"

                Xu Hanxia: "Then there's the Zhao family's jade bracelet, isn't there?"

                "You can just say that you paid the money back to the Zhao family, that's all that matters."

                "That would solve the matter of the jade bracelet, two birds with one stone!"