Medical Genius Chapter 257-258

 Chapter 257

Xu Hanxia gritted her teeth, "Good, I'll remember your words!"

                "Three hundred million in compensation, don't ask Lin Mo for a single penny in the future!"

                Fang Hui laughed outright, "Hanxia, are you stupid?"

                "When have I ever asked Lin Mo for money?"

                "Does he have any money?"

                "He's been eating soft food in our family for three years, and we've been providing for him, and I'm still asking him for money?

                "You think he's Huang Liang."

                "Huang Liang is a good son-in-law, he sends things to the family every now and then, and buys gifts for his parents-in-law every three days."

                "What did Lin Mo buy for his family?"

                "Apart from asking for money from our family to fill his sister's bottomless pit, what else is he capable of?"

                Huang Liang also laughed loudly, "Mom, you should also give some face to brother-in-law!"

                "He's a dying man, why should we behave like him?"

                "But, Sister Hanxia, don't think about the 300 million yuan compensation."

                "It's better to think about the company's shares."

                "I've already contacted a lawyer, I'll go back and do a few formalities and the shares can be transferred to Dad!"

                A chill ran through Xu Hanxia's heart.

                Lin Mo's life and death were still uncertain, and these few people were still thinking about wanting shares in the company?

                Xu Jiangong, on the other hand, nodded in satisfaction, looking at Huang Liang and feeling more and more obedient.

                The door to the room was suddenly opened.

                Xu Dongxue was the first to jump up, "Big brother, how is it going?"

                "Is Lin Mo already dead? How was he executed?"

                "Big brother, you tell the Zhou family's old man, we have nothing to do with Lin Mo, and we won't collect his corpse for him ......"

                Xu Hanxia's face was pale and she said in a trembling voice, "How is my ...... husband?"

                "He's definitely not the murderer, right?"

                "You have made a mistake, haven't you?"

                The Zhou family member at the door was blue in the face and did not say a word.

                Just then, a man walked in, none other than Lin Mo!

                Several people in the room were stunned.

                Xu Hanxia ran over and hugged Lin Mo, saying with a sobbing voice, "Lin Mo, how are you? Are you all right?"

                Lin Mo gently stroked Xu Hanxia's hair and said softly, "Fool, I've told you, I was wrongly accused!"

                "They've already made amends to me, we can go home now!"

                Xu Jiangong several people were dumbfounded.

                "How is this ...... possible?"

                "Isn't the evidence overwhelming?"

                "Have you guys made a mistake? You guys were tricked by Lin Mo, right?"

                Fang Hui shouted anxiously.

                The Zhou family ignored her and said through clenched teeth, "You guys can leave now!"

                Xu Dongxue said sharply, "What do you mean?"

                "What can go now?"

                "Where's Lin Mo?"

                "He, the murderer, can leave too?"

                The Zhou family thought she was talking out of turn and couldn't help but say angrily, "Don't you pretend to me here!"

                "Yes, my Zhou family did make a mistake and misunderstood Mr. Lin."

                "But, we have already made our apologies, what more do you want?"

                The few people in the room were dumbfounded, the Zhou family had really made an apology?

                Huang Liang said anxiously, "How could you guys have made a mistake?"

                "Did he produce any evidence? I'm telling you, it's all a lie!"

                "He is the murderer, my friend Li Qiang even told me that he killed young Zhou!"

                "You guys don't believe him, test his evidence, it's definitely fake!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "Huang Liang, do you hate my death?"

                Huang Liang couldn't help but stutter.

                Fang Hui exclaimed, "We are defending justice!"

                "The Zhou family has solid evidence, how could they possibly be wrong?"

                "A murderous devil like you, how can you connive at a tiger?"

                "If you kill all of our family in the future, what will we do?"

                Xu Hanxia said sharply, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

                "How could Lin Mo do such a thing?"

                Fang Hui looked contemptuous, "Hmph, what can't a vicious murderer do?"

                "Hey, this little brother of the Zhou family, that must be fake evidence on his part, you guys check it out!"

                The Zhou family shouted angrily, "I'm checking you!"

                "His video clearly shows who killed the man, his face is clearly captured, can this be faked?"

                "You're all f*cking idiots!"

Chapter 258

The Zhou family cursed and left, leaving Fang Hui and the others looking at each other with bewildered faces.

                Only after a long time did Fang Hui whisper, "Really ...... got it wrong?"

                "Huang Liang, didn't you say the evidence was overwhelming?"

                Huang Liang looked confused: "I ...... I don't know what's going on either ......"

                "They said the evidence was all set, how could this happen?"

                "This ...... is a fake video, right?"

                Xu Hanxia was annoyed, "You're sick, aren't you?"

                "A video that captures a person's face, how can it still be fake?"

                "If you have the guts, you can make me a fake video like this that captures a human face!"

                Huang Liang was speechless.

                Xu Hanxia had a smug look on her face, "Now, you guys have nothing to say, right?"

                "I told you Lin Mo wasn't a murderer!"

                Several people lowered their heads and didn't say anything, the facts were here and they couldn't refute them.

                Xu Dongxue snorted, "Hmph, what's the big deal if it's not a murderer?"

                "If he's really a murderer, I still have a high regard for him!"

                "If he doesn't even dare to kill people, he's still a loser!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Xue'er, what do you mean by that?"

                Xu Dongxue: "Nothing?"

                "I just can't stand him, what's wrong?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Why don't you like my husband?"

                Xu Dongxue: "Just because my husband is more capable than yours!"

                "A soft-earned wimp who doesn't even dare to kill people, why should I look up to him?"

                Xu Hanxia shivered with anger: "You ...... you ......"

                Xu Dongxue had a smug look on her face, "What about me?"

                "Did I say something wrong?"

                "You have the ability to refute me!"

                Xu Hanxia had an angry face and suddenly sneered, "I forgot about it if you didn't say it."

                "Huang Liang, did we still have a bet?"

                "According to the agreement, do you have to kneel down and kowtow to Lin Mo and apologise?"

                Huang Liang's face changed, before he hadn't even thought that he would lose, that's why he dared to bet with Xu Hanxia.

                Who would have thought that now that Lin Mo was really alright, then he would have lost ah.

                Xu Dongxue also panicked, she had forgotten about it just now.

                Now when Xu Hanxia said it, she suddenly remembered.

                Xu Dongxue hurriedly laughed, "Sister, this kind of thing, why do you need to take it seriously?"

                "We're all family members, it's just a joke, what's the big deal?"

                Xu Hanxia grimaced, "A joke?"

                "Your husband has already found a lawyer and prepared the share transfer agreement, just waiting for my signature!"

                "And now you're telling me it's a joke?"

                "Do you think I believe it?"

                Xu Dongxue looked embarrassed and couldn't help but secretly regret that they had just done too much, and now there was no way back.

                Xu Hanxia: "Huang Liang, what are you waiting for?"

                "Come on, fulfil your promise."

                Huang Liang was embarrassed beyond belief, how could he possibly kowtow to Lin Mo and apologise!

                He looked to Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui, begging for help towards these two.

                Fang Hui was the first to speak up, "Hanxia, that's enough!"

                "We're all family members, why make such a scene?"

                "Alright, it's all settled, let's go, let's go home!"

                Huang Liang was about to leave immediately, but was stopped by Xu Hanxia.

                "That won't do!"

                "Manly man, words spoken are like water spilled, they must be fulfilled!"

                Xu Dongxue was furious: "Sister, do you have to be so calculating with us?"

                Xu Hanxia smiled coldly, "Xue'er, it's not that I want to be calculating with you."

                "Originally, I also wanted to let this matter go."

                "If Lin Mo can come back safely, nothing else matters!"

                "But you've insulted Lin Mo again and again, so I'll have to have a go at you."

                "If you call my husband a wimp, I'll have to make your husband kowtow to my husband and apologise!"

                Xu Dongxue was dumbfounded, only now did she realise that it was because she had said a few more words that had caused such a mess!