Medical Genius Chapter 255-256

 Chapter 255

Zhou Hongwei was stunned.

                He had only thought that Lin Mo was talking out of his ass before, and he hadn't taken Lin Mo's words to heart.

                Now that there was such a big reversal, he realised that Lin Mo wasn't just talking out of his ass, he had planned it!

                "You're crazy, huh?"

                "Three hundred million, you really can say that too!"

                "We are only trying you as a suspect, at most you are proven not to be the murderer, who are you to make us pay 300 million!"

                Zhou Hongwei said sharply.

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Try me, no problem."

                "But, you have denigrated Xu Pharmaceutical and denigrated me, you have to give an account of all this."

                Zhou Hongwei gritted his teeth, "Then ...... that doesn't require three hundred million ......"

                "How much is your Xu Pharmaceutical worth, even if you compensate, a few tens of thousands will be enough, why do you need three hundred million?"

                Lin Mo sneered: "Zhou Hongwei, I ask you, your evidence, can you prove that I am the murderer?"

                Zhou Hongwei opened his mouth, unable to say anything.

                They were confident before, but now they knew that all this evidence was useless.

                Lin Mo then said, "Your evidence, which cannot prove that I am the murderer, has dragged me here for a public trial, and even wants to kill me!"

                "That is to say, what you guys want is my life."

                "And I, who am obviously not the murderer, have to risk losing this life to be tried."

                "Asking for 300 million in compensation, is that much?"

                Zhou Hongwei was furious: "You ...... you're stirring up nonsense ......"

                "Prove that you are not the murderer and we will let you go."

                "Who said we must kill you?"

                Huang Yongfeng said directly, "That was Mr. Lin himself who proved his innocence."

                "If Mr. Lin wasn't capable of proving his innocence, wouldn't he have died in vain?"

                Dumbfounded, Zhou Hongwei slyly argued, "Then we didn't kill him!"

                Huang Yongfeng laughed coldly, "So, you have to kill someone to pay 300 million?"

                "Zhou Hongwei, how about I kill you and give you three hundred million?"

                Elder Zhou frowned, "Mr. Huang, that's a bit of a strong statement to make!"

                "After all, this is my Zhou family's business, it's not appropriate for Mr. Huang to interfere, is it?"

                Huang Yongfeng: "I certainly won't interfere in the Zhou family's affairs."

                "But Mr. Lin is my friend, so I can't just ignore his affairs!"

                "In a word, three hundred million, to pay or not to pay!"

                Elder Zhou's face was icy cold, "Mr. Huang, are you preparing to rob by force?"

                Nanba Tian spoke up, "Not so much robbing, I just want justice!"

                "Mr. Lin is my friend, he was framed, wronged and slandered by you, and almost lost his life in the Zhou family."

                "Now, he just wants three hundred million dollars in compensation, I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

                Zhou Hongwei was furious: "That doesn't cost three hundred million!"

                "Even if he has this life, can he sell it for three hundred million?"

                Nanba Tian sneered, "In that case, you don't think a life is worth three hundred million?"

                "In that case, then I'll pay three hundred million for this life of yours!"

                "Also, Zhou Qingwu, I'll pay 300 million for this old life of yours too!"

                "How about that!"

                With the last sound, Nanba Tian suddenly let out a loud shout that resounded like an explosive thunderstorm throughout the room.

                Immediately afterwards, a large group of people rushed in from outside the door, carrying one big box after another into the scene.

                These men placed all the boxes on the ground, so densely packed that they were piled up like a small mountain bag.

                After they had set them up, they opened them all again.

                The scene was in an uproar, and the crowd was wide-eyed.

                The boxes were densely packed with hundred dollar bills.

                So many boxes put together, how much money must this be?

                Nanba Tian pointed at those boxes, "Here is three billion!"

                "I'll buy ten lives from your Zhou family, are you selling, or not?"

                A loud shout shook the whole room.

                Everyone was stunned by the scene before them.

                Only now did they truly know how powerful and domineering this First King of Guangyang really was!

Chapter 256

Elder Zhou's face was pale.

                Although the Zhou Family was one of the top ten families, it was not worth a mention in front of Nan Batian.

                What could he do when Nan Baitian had let it be known in his Zhou family that he wanted ten of his Zhou family's lives?

                At this moment, Zhou Hongwei said reluctantly, "Nan Baitian, he was the one who said that he would exchange his life for three hundred million, our Zhou family didn't say that!"

                "Besides, can his life be compared to my Zhou family's?"

                Hearing this, Elder Zhou almost vomited blood with anger and shouted angrily, "Shut up!"

                Zhou Hongwei looked bewildered, wondering where he had gone wrong!

                Nanba Tian glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "What?"

                "My friend, Nanba Tian, is still no better than your Zhou family's people?"

                "Zhou Hongwei, do you think too highly of yourself, or do you think too low of me, Nan Batian?"

                Zhou Hongwei's face changed sharply as he finally understood why the old man had berated him.

                If he spoke like that, that was tantamount to insulting this First King of Guangyang!

                With a helpless face, Elder Zhou sighed, "Master Tian, since he's your friend, of course it's worth three hundred million!"

                "Old Fifth, arrange for compensation."

                "Also, apologise to Mr. Lin for me!"

                The crowd at the scene was slightly agitated, the Zhou family was kind of bowing their heads.

                Nanba Tian laughed coldly, "Zhou Qingwu, you are quite capable of taking it."

                "However, your son insulted me so much, you have to give me an explanation for this matter, right?"

                Master Zhou: "What kind of explanation does Master Tian want?"

                Nanba Tian: "I was going to offer 300 million for this life of his."

                "Since you are willing to make amends, I will give you some face."

                "Knock out his mouth full of teeth, and I will no longer pursue the matter today!"

                Master Zhou's face was blue, but he finally gritted his teeth and waved his hand, "He deserves this for daring to insult Master Tian!"

                "Someone, do as Master Tian ordered and knock out his mouth full of teeth!"

                Zhou Hongwei shivered in fear, "Father, Lord Father, spare my life, spare my life ......"

                Master Zhou closed his eyes, he was also in pain in his heart, but there was nothing he could do.

                Just now Zhou Hongwei did not say that word, nothing at all happened.

                But if he said those words, he had to be punished!

                Not long after, someone from the Zhou family gave a card to Lin Mo, and the Zhou family would transfer the three hundred million to this card.

                This matter ended here, and that USB flash drive, Lin Mo also left behind.

                As for how the Zhou family handled this matter with Huo Xingxuan, that was the Zhou family's business.

                When Nanba Tian Huang Yongfeng saw that the matter was settled, he took his men and said goodbye to Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo didn't leave, he ran to the backyard to pick up Xu Hanxia and the others.

                Several members of the Xu family were locked up in a room in the backyard.

                Xu Hanxia was so anxious that she kept walking around in the same place.

                Xu Dongxue sneered, "Sister, why are you so flustered?"

                "Didn't you believe that Lin Mo wasn't the murderer?"

                "What, you're not so confident now?"

                "It's alright, brother-in-law will definitely live a long life, longer than even a king's eighth, hahaha ......"

                Listening to the cool words, Xu Hanxia's face turned blue.

                Huang Liang sneered, "And live a hundred years?"

                "I reckon we'll be able to collect his corpse in a while!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Huang Liang, what did you say?"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Is what he said not true?"

                "The evidence is overwhelming, people from the Zhou family are definitely going to get Lin's name killed tonight."

                "However, I am definitely not going to collect his corpse!"

                Xu Jiangong nodded slowly, "That's right, our family has nothing to do with him at all!"

                "No one from the Xu family is allowed to collect his corpse!"

                "Or else, get out of my Xu family immediately and don't recognize me as your father!"

                Xu Hanxia became anxious: "Dad, how can you talk like that?"

                "He's always thinking of our Lin family, and at this point in time, he's still asking for compensation for our family!"

                "Can't you hope for the best for Lin Mo?"

                Fang Hui bristled, "Who needs his compensation?"

                "I'm still putting my words down today."

                "Even if he asks for compensation, I won't even look at it, I won't even use a penny of his money!"