Medical Genius Chapter 253-254

 Chapter 253

Just now, when Huo Xingxuan realised that the situation was not right, he wanted to slip away immediately.

                However, Lin Mo had been watching him, so he couldn't run away.

                The crowd's eyes fell on Huo Xingxuan in unison.

                At this moment, some of the smart people guessed that this matter must be related to Huo Xingxuan.

                Master Zhou's face turned fiercely cold.

                He originally thought that the murderer was only Lin Mo, a person with little background.

                Even if Nanba Tian Huang Yongfeng backed him up, he always had very shallow roots.

                Killing him wouldn't cause much of a fuss.

                However, now that the Huo family was involved, it was a different story.

                Huo Xingxuan's status in the Huo family was not low, and if they killed him, they would be facing the entire Huo family.

                That was the Huo family, one of the ten strongest families in the province, and it was several times stronger than the Zhou family.

                The Zhou family was in a very awkward situation when things had come to this point.

                Should they take revenge for Zhou Ze or not?

                Zhou Ze was just an abandoned heir, and it was not worth offending the entire Huo Family for him.

                However, the people of the ten great families were all there, and everyone was watching.

                If Zhou Ze was not avenged, then the status and prestige of the Zhou Family among the Ten Great Families would rapidly decline.

                It would even be rumoured outside that the Zhou Family were all a bunch of goons, bullying the weak and fearing the hard.

                The reputation that the Zhou family had managed to build up would be depleted at once!

                He suddenly realised that he had really made the most wrong decision in holding on to Lin Mo this time.

                Just because of his own mistake, it had led the entire Zhou family into this dilemma!

                He opened his eyes and quietly winked at the person next to him.

                The man complied and walked over to the table, pretending to accidentally spill a glass of water on the computer.

                The computer went straight to black and shut down, and the video came to a screeching halt.

                There was a lot of commotion.

                Master Zhou took the opportunity to get up, "Old Fifth, why are you so careless?"

                "It's a critical moment, how can you make such a mistake?"

                "Hey, it looks like it's impossible to continue watching this video tonight!"

                "Gentlemen, why don't we re-test it tomorrow?"

                These words elicited some mild laughter.

                The people at the scene were not fools, they all knew that this was deliberate on the part of the Zhou family, just to delay the matter for the time being.

                Otherwise, once Huo Xingxuan was proven to be the murderer, what would the Zhou family do?

                But Huang Yongfeng stood up, "Elder Zhou, it's just a computer, just move another one over."

                "The Zhou family is so big, it won't be short of computers, will it?"

                Zhou Laowu, who broke the computer just now, immediately said, "The Zhou family has never pursued these modern things, the decoration is rather quaint, and there are no extra computers at home."

                "The Zhou family lives in such a remote area, so I'm afraid it would be a waste of time to move the computers now."

                "Gentlemen, it's the same if we re-trial tomorrow!"

                Song Zhilan laughed coldly, "Uncle Friday, you guys are in a hurry to bring Lin Mo here tonight, not only to put him on public trial, but also to get him killed."

                "How come when he has to prove his innocence, you guys aren't in a hurry instead?"

                "Won't it be a waste of time for you all to make another trip when the trial will be reopened tomorrow?"

                Zhou Lao Wu looked embarrassed and said in a deep voice, "If you all have something to do tomorrow, you don't have to come over."

                "My Zhou family will hear this matter clearly, and when the time comes, we will give you all a satisfactory answer!"

                The crowd all laughed, this was said in a way that even a child would not believe.

                At this matter, a mighty voice suddenly came in from the doorway, "Zhou Qingwu, I only ask you one question, do you still think that Mr. Lin is the murderer?"

                At these words, there was a commotion.

                Zhou Qingwu, was the name of the old man of the Zhou family.

                In Guangyang City, who would dare to call the old man by his name?

                Even the old masters of the other nine families would not be so rude!

                However, no one dared to retort.

                Because, in Guangyang City, there was really one person who dared to be so domineering!

                That was Guangyang's number one king, Nanba Tian!

Chapter 254

As the words fell, the tall, majestic Nanba Tian walked in proudly.

                With every step he took, it was as if he was stepping on everyone's heart.

                With every step forward, the crowd felt a greater pressure.

                When Nan Batian reached the hall, even the Ten Great House Masters were unable to lift their heads from his aura.

                This was the aura of the First King of Guangyang!

                What about the ten great families?

                They could be wiped out with a smile, this was a truly unrivalled great man!

                Elder Zhou's eyes snapped open as he slowly stood up and looked at Nanba Tian with his head held high.

                "I really didn't expect that this small matter of my Zhou family would have alerted the Heavenly Master!"

                "The Heavenly Master himself has arrived, could it be that he wants to back up this Lin Mo?"

                Elder Zhou's voice was icy cold.

                Nanba Tian laughed coldly, "Old fox, no need to set me up."

                "Mr. Lin, there is no need for me to back him up!"

                "As the saying goes, right and wrong are in the hearts of the people!"

                "If Mr. Lin is really a murderer, I'd be backing him up if I came to help him!"

                "And if Mr. Lin is not a murderer, then I am here to witness a righteousness and morality!"

                Master Zhou looked embarrassed and gritted his teeth, "If Master Tian wants to witness an axiomatic moral righteousness, my Zhou family will naturally come up with an axiomatic moral righteousness as well."

                "It's just that it's getting late tonight, there's no point in going on with the trial."

                "How about tomorrow ......"

                Nanba Tian directly interrupted him, "Zhou Qingwu, you need not talk such nonsense with me!"

                "I'll just ask you one thing, do you think Mr. Lin is the murderer!"

                "If you think he is, then let's move on to the next video."

                "If not, then give me a quick word."

                "Grumbling all your life, no wonder the Zhou family is becoming less and less viable in your hands."

                Elder Zhou almost vomited blood with anger, for how many years had anyone dared to speak to him like this?

                However, in the face of this first king of Guangyang, he did not dare to refute a single word.

                Taking a deep breath, Elder Zhou gritted his teeth and said, "The result is actually quite clear now."

                "After watching the video of Mr. Lin just now, we all know that Mr. Lin is not the murderer."

                "The real murderer, there is someone else!"

                Song Zhilan immediately smiled and got up, "Mr. Lin, congratulations, you've finally been cleared of suspicion!"

                Lin Mo nodded with a faint smile.

                Huang Yongfeng said slowly, "Since Mr. Lin is not the murderer, then shouldn't your Zhou family, apologise to Mr. Lin?"

                Elder Zhou's face was chilly: "Mr. Huang, I don't quite understand what you're saying."

                "My Zhou family has died, and all the evidence points to Lin Mo, it is reasonable for us to investigate him."

                "I just don't understand, is it also wrong for us to investigate a suspect?"

                Huang Yongfeng: "Investigation is fine, but how did your family investigate, don't you have a number in your heart?"

                "How you made a scene outside Xu Pharmaceutical, how you defamed Mr. Lin's reputation, don't you know?"

                "You also said that Mr. Lin is only a suspect."

                "Is it right for you to insult Mr. Lin and his family like this before you are sure?"

                Master Zhou was dumbfounded, and after a moment of silence, he waved his hand and said, "All these things were done by Xiao Wei with his people, and I didn't know."

                "Little Wei, you've gone too far in your actions."

                "Why don't you quickly make amends to Mr. Lin!"

                Zhou Hongwei was bewildered, wasn't it all you who told me to do this?

                How come I was the one who ended up making apologies?

                However, he could only lower his head and apologize, "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry."

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Zhou Hongwei, there is no need to apologise, let's talk about the matter of compensation."

                "I said, you have to compensate for the damage to my family!"

                "Three hundred million, remember?"

                "Since it's been proven that I'm not the murderer, then this money, you guys should pay for it!"