Medical Genius Chapter 251-252

 Chapter 251

The family heads of the ten great families all looked unhappy.

                Those who were here tonight were all members of the Ten Great Families.

                When Lin Mo said that the murderer was among them, did that not mean that it was someone from the Ten Great Families who had killed Zhou Ze?

                At the same time, the crowd was quietly gawking at the others, observing their expressions, trying to find some clues.

                Zhou Hongwei was furious: "Lin Mo, how dare you stir up trouble here when you're so close to death?"

                "The scene is full of friends of my Zhou family, how could they possibly kill my nephew?"

                "I'm telling you, you don't want to frame anyone!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Why would I need to frame anyone?"

                "I told you, I do have proof!"

                "Weren't you guys just asking what would be considered conclusive evidence?"

                "Fine, now I'll tell you what counts as conclusive evidence!"

                Lin Mo pointed straight at Zhou Hongwei: "Let me ask you, have you checked Zhou Ze's mobile phone and his phone records?"

                Zhou Hongwei was stunned: "I ...... of course I've checked!"

                "Did you?" Lin Mo sneered, "Since you checked, then you should know that after I left, Zhou Ze made a call to someone."

                "Just ask, if it was me who killed Zhou Ze, how could he have made that call?"

                When this statement was made, there was an uproar.

                The people of the ten great families were all confused, things were actually going to be reversed?

                Zhou Hongwei's face changed slightly as he said in a cold voice, "What call?"

                "I've checked my nephew's phone, there's no call dialed out at all!"

                "Lin Mo, you don't want to confuse things!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly, "Zhou Hongwei, I always thought that you just had evil intentions and deliberately wanted to target me!"

                "Now I realise that you're not targeting me, you're really stupid!"

                Zhou Hongwei was furious: "What did you say!"

                Lin Mo: "I'm complimenting you!"

                "You stupid piece of shit!"

                "If you were the murderer, would you have cleared the battlefield?"

                "If there was information against you in the phone, would you have deleted it?"

                "What's the point of checking his phone? Don't you know to go to the business office and check his phone records?"

                "That's what would really tell the story and what really can't be deleted!"

                Huo Xingxuan, who was sitting not far away, suddenly realised that the situation was getting a bit out of hand.

                Huang Yongfeng immediately clapped his hands, "Well said!"

                "Zhou Hongwei, the Zhou family is really blind for putting you in charge of the investigation!"

                "With an IQ like yours, you still have the face to come out and investigate these things?"

                Zhou Hongwei's face swelled red, "I ...... I ......"

                Elder Zhou sighed, this son, it looked like he was still unfit for great use.

                "Mr. Lin, you said that Zeye's phone dialed a call out, but that was just a call."

                "That can only mean that you didn't kill Zeye at that time, but what happened afterwards?"

                "After you left, wouldn't you have turned back?"

                Elder Zhou said softly.

                Lin Mo glanced at him, ginger was still old and spicy.

                This Old Master Zhou was, indeed, much sharper than Zhou Hongwei.

                Zhou Hongwei was overjoyed and nodded his head repeatedly, "That's right!"

                "That phone call, it doesn't mean anything at all!"

                Huo Xingxuan breathed a sigh of relief, it looked like he didn't even need to think of a solution himself, the Zhou family were all speaking for themselves ah.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "That's right, the phone call indeed can't say anything."

                "I only raised this issue to prove Zhou Hongwei's stupidity."

                "And the proof was successful!"

                The crowd burst into laughter.

                Zhou Hongwei's face swelled red with anger and he hissed loudly, "Lin Mo, cut the crap!"

                "If you can't produce evidence to prove your innocence, I will kill you myself!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "There's no need to rush, I'll give you the proof now!"

                "Zhou Hongwei, let me borrow your computer for a moment, I happen to have a video for you to see."

Chapter 252

Zhou Hongwei waved his hand directly, "Lin Mo, cut the crap!"

                "We don't need to see any videos, you just need to bring out the evidence."

                Lin Mo laughed, "Stupid, the video I'm going to show is the real evidence!"

                There was a burst of laughter, and Zhou Hongwei's face turned red with shame.

                He had lost all face in this fight tonight.

                "This ...... is my Zhou family's place, you say you want to show the video just like that, huh?"

                Zhou Hongwei roared loudly, trying to force some dignity back.

                As soon as these words came out, Master Zhou closed his eyes directly and sighed in frustration.

                The scene was also in an uproar.

                Huang Yongfeng directly snapped his cup heavily on the table and said in a cold voice, "The Zhou family is so imposing!"

                "If you guys really want Mr. Lin dead, just send someone to kill him directly, why bother with the whole still having a public trial?"

                "Now all the people from the ten families are here, yet you are only allowed to speak and not allow Mr. Lin to produce evidence to refute."

                "Tsk, is this the style of the Zhou family in doing things, or the style of the ten great families in doing things?"

                The family heads of the ten great families on the scene all looked unhappy.

                One family head said in a deep voice, "Zhou Hongwei, even if Lin Mo really is the murderer, he is still qualified to refute for himself."

                "What do you mean by not allowing him to show the video or the evidence?"

                The other family head nodded, "That's right!"

                "Even if this is your Zhou family's place, you can't be so overbearing!"

                Other family masters spoke up, and Zhou Hongwei became a target for a while.

                Zhou Hongwei was completely dumbfounded, he finally knew what he had just brought about with his quick tongue.

                He looked at the old master and found that his eyes were closed, and his heart suddenly went cold.

                He knew that he was afraid that he was about to be given up by the old master.

                Taking a deep breath, Zhou Hongwei hurriedly said, "Gentlemen, you have misunderstood!"

                "I'm not not letting him show the evidence, I ...... am just refuting his attitude."

                "After all, the ten clans are all here, you can't just do whatever he says he wants, that's disrespectful to us!"

                No one paid any attention to his feeble explanation, and one of the family heads said in a cold voice, "All right, cut the crap!"

                "Lin Mo, you can play your video."

                "However, I hope that the video can really be used as evidence!"

                Lin Mo nodded his head with a faint smile.

                He walked over to the computer, connected his phone to it and played a video out.

                It appeared to be a dark wooded area on it, and although the light was dim, one could barely make out everything around it.

                Huo Xingxuan's face changed sharply, wasn't this exactly the same place where Zhou Ze had died?

                Lin Mo said aloud, "Gentlemen, I did capture Zhou Ze."

                "I just wanted to find out who had instructed Zhou Ze to deal with us."

                "In order to leave some evidence behind, at that time, I had set up my mobile phone at the scene to record this video."

                "It also happened to be this mobile phone that recorded a heinous murder!"

                As the crowd watched the footage, some also recognised that that was where the crime had taken place.

                Not long after, in the video, Lin Mo appeared with Zhou Ze in tow.

                The crowd watched as Lin Mo forced Zhou Ze to question him, watched as Lin Mo left, and watched as Zhou Ze made his phone call.

                It was then that the crowd realised that Lin Mo had really been wrongly accused.

                The Song family head's face was swollen red and embarrassed to the extreme.

                It was only now that he remembered Song Zhilan's earlier words, and he had indeed been too arbitrary at the time.

                Now that Lin Mo had really proved his innocence, this was too much of a slap in the face, including the Song Family, and it was a disgrace.

                Several other family lords, all with the same expression of embarrassment and anger.

                One of the family lords suddenly asked, "In that case, you didn't kill Zhou Ze, so who actually killed him?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly and looked towards Huo Xingxuan who had already quietly walked to the door, "Mr. Huo, where are you going in such a hurry?"

                "It's not over yet, don't you want to know who the murderer is?"