Medical Genius Chapter 237-238

 Chapter 237

Lin Mo glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "Zhou Ze, I can give you a chance!"

                "But remember for me, it's only this one chance too."

                "If you mess with me again in the future, it won't be so simple!"

                After saying that, Lin Mo gently patted Zhou Ze's shoulder, "Don't say anything to anyone about tonight's incident!"

                "Or else, I'll still kill you!"

                Zhou Ze nodded his head like a garlic, "Brother, don't worry, I definitely won't let half a word out!"

                Lin Mo got up and left.

                Walking to his car, Lin Mo called Tiger and refrained from killing Li Qiang for the time being.

                Zhou Ze watched Lin Mo walk away, the panic in his eyes gradually turning to annoyance.

                Hearing the sound of the car completely moving away, Zhou Ze immediately cursed angrily, "Surnamed Lin, you fucking wait!"

                "If I don't get you killed, I swear I won't be a man!"

                After saying that, Zhou Ze struggled to get up, but found that his legs were so numb that he couldn't stand up at all.

                Zhou Ze originally thought it was because he had squatted for a long time and his legs had gone numb.

                After resting for a while, this symptom still did not get better.

                He had no choice but to take out his mobile phone and call Huo Xingxuan.

                He told Huo Xingxuan about the situation and begged him to send someone to help him.

                It didn't take long for Huo Xingxuan to arrive silently with a few men.

                They were all dressed in black and were particularly stealthy in this darkness.

                "Master Huo, you're finally here!"

                "That bastard Lin Mo, how dare he do this to me, you must avenge me!"

                "When I catch that bastard later, I must kill him by a thousand cuts, otherwise it will be hard to quench the hatred in my heart!"

                Zhou Ze gritted his teeth and said.

                Huo Xingxuan stood beside him staring at him with a grim expression.

                "You've exposed me?"

                Huo Xingxuan asked in a deep voice.

                Zhou Ze's face changed, "Master Huo, I ...... I really can't ...... do anything about it."

                "The surnamed Lin wants to kill me, and I'm trying to protect myself!"

                "However, Master Huo, you don't have to worry."

                "That Lin is a paper tiger, he wouldn't dare to do anything to me at all."

                "He even threatened just now, not letting me tell anyone about this, which means that he himself is afraid in his heart that his arrest of me will be exposed."

                A brilliant aura flashed in Huo Xingxuan's eyes as he bent down and crouched down, laughing lightly, "Is that so?"

                "In that case, not many people know about Lin Mo kidnapping you over?"

                Zhou Ze thought for a moment, "It's hard to say."

                "There was a woman in my car at the time, and Lin Mo took me away, so if you really want to investigate, you can definitely flush him out."

                "But as long as I go back, I'll be fine and you won't be exposed, Master Huo."

                "Master Huo, why don't you get me out of here first."

                "I don't know what's wrong, this leg is numb and swishing, so I can't stand up."

                Huo Xingxuan laughed lightly, "If you can't stand up, then don't ever get up."

                Zhou Ze's face changed: "Master Huo, what do you ...... you mean?"

                Huo Xingxuan ignored him and said softly, "This Lin is quite tough to deal with!"

                "Able to write and fight, a talent."

                "Guangyang City is also Nanba Tian's territory, so it's not good for us, the Huo family, to put our hands on him."

                "Tsk, it looks like we'll have to try killing someone with a borrowed knife!"

                Zhou Ze was surprised: "Borrowing a knife to kill someone? Borrowing whose knife?"

                Huo Xingxuan glanced at him and laughed lightly, "Of course it's your Zhou family's knife?"

                Zhou Ze's eyes widened, "Our Zhou family?"

                "Master Huo, that's probably not possible."

                "That person is somewhat related to Nanba Tian, and our Zhou family, for sure, won't care about this."

                Huo Xingxuan said slowly, "If we directly ask the Zhou family to deal with him, it's definitely impossible."

                "But what if someone from the Zhou family dies in his hands?"

                Zhou Ze was surprised, "Who? Who did he kill?"

                Huo Xingxuan looked at him grimly and said softly, "What do you think?"

                Zhou Ze first froze, then his face changed sharply and he exclaimed, "You ...... are going to kill me and frame him?"

Chapter 238

Huo Xingxuan smiled faintly, "Zhou Ze, you're not stupid enough!"

                Zhou Ze was terrified, "Master Huo, this ...... how can this work?"

                "I am working for you, I am your man, you ...... you can't kill me ......"

                "Besides, I ...... am already an outcast of the Zhou family, there's no point in killing me ......"

                Huo Xingxuan: "Whether you are an outcast or not, you are always a direct descendant of the Zhou family."

                "The Zhou family's first heir died in someone else's hands, there's no way the Zhou family won't take revenge."

                "Even if Nanba Tian steps in, it may not be useful!"

                "It was Lin Mo who kidnapped you here tonight, if you die, this matter, Lin Mo can't get rid of his relationship."

                "It just so happens that I don't have to do anything, and I can still sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, interesting, hahaha!"

                Huo Xingxuan laughed coldly in triumph.

                Zhou Ze was trembling with fear, no matter how much he begged, it was always useless.

                Huo Xingxuan's men, with their own hands, killed Zhou Ze and threw him in the wasteland.

                Afterwards, Huo Xingxuan's men erased all evidence and left quietly in the night.

                The whole thing went unnoticed.

                It was only when Zhou Ze was about to die that he finally regretted it.

                He had nothing better to do than to mess with Lin Mo.

                Now, he had gotten himself killed.

                The most important thing was that he died for no reason, and he was still being used after his death.

                The next day, Zhou Ze's body was found.

                The whole Guang Yang City was talking about this matter.

                The Zhou family even put out the word that they would make the murderer pay in blood.

                It was also at this time that Li Qiang jumped out, shouting that Lin Mo had killed Zhou Ze.

                He described in detail the feud between Zhou Ze and Lin Mo, including the incident where Zhou Ze instructed him to go to Xu's Pharmaceutical site to pick a fight.

                In this way, Lin Mo had enough motive to kill.

                Immediately afterwards, someone else exposed the fact that Lin Mo had followed Zhou Ze that night.

                The girl who was with Zhou Ze that night also came forward and identified that it was Lin Mo who hit Zhou Ze's car.

                Moreover, it was Lin Mo who had taken Zhou Ze.

                All the evidence pointed to Lin Mo as the murderer.

                In the morning, Lin Mo was taken away for investigation.

                This matter was also a big deal in Guangyang City.

                Many people from the Zhou family even came forward, shouting that they wanted Lin Mo to pay for his life.

                Zhou Ze's parents even went to Xu Pharmaceuticals and demanded that Xu Hanxia hand over Lin Mo.

                Xu's Pharmaceuticals was so disturbed by the incident that they stopped work for a while.

                No matter how much Xu Hanxia tried to persuade them, the Zhou family just wouldn't leave, they had to ask Xu Hanxia to give them an explanation.

                Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui got the news and immediately rushed to the company.

                As soon as they entered the house, the two of them immediately yelled.

                "Hanxia, this is your good husband?"

                "We told you to divorce him a long time ago, but you just didn't listen."

                "Now he's killed someone, and word is spreading in Guangyang that our Xu family has found a murderer for a son-in-law!"

                "Our Xu family has been innocent all our lives, and now we've lost all our face!"

                Xu Hanxia's eyes were red, "Dad, mum, don't talk like that!"

                "How could Lin Mo have killed someone?"

                "He must be innocent, the people outside, they've all wronged him!"

                Fang Hui sneered, "Wrongly accused?"

                "Oh, the whole of Guangyang City combined to wrongfully accuse him?"

                "So many people saw it, the evidence is overwhelming, this is also considered an accusation?"

                "Hanxia, you're the only one who believes him!"

                "You don't even know what Lin Mo looks like, with his sharp mouth, triangular eyes, high cheekbones and vicious eyes, he'll be a murderer sooner or later!"

                "This kind of person at home, ouch, I can't even think about it without getting chills down my back."

                Xu Jiangong also had a look of hatred, "Hanxia, how can you marry such a murderer?"

                "No, you two must divorce this time!"

                "He must be kicked out of our Xu family, we can never have such a murderer son-in-law in our Xu family!"