Medical Genius Chapter 235-236

 Chapter 235

Hearing these words, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was instantly furious.

                But wasn't it, if Lin Mo hadn't offended Zhou Ze, how could such a thing happen?

                "Lin Mo, be careful what you say to people in the future."

                "Don't just open your mouth and offend people."

                "We are in business, harmony breeds wealth, do you understand this?"

                Xu Jiangong said in a serious tone.

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but be annoyed, "Dad, why are you still talking like this?"

                "Lin Mo just handled this for the family, what did he do wrong?"

                Fang Hui bristled, "He caused this matter, if he doesn't handle it, who will?"

                "Besides, what kind of person is Zhou Ze, why are you offending him?"

                "That's the heir to the Zhou family, one word and he could bring down our Xu Pharmaceuticals completely!"

                "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, you're really a spoilsport."

                "Look how many things have happened to our family just because of you!"

                Xu Hanxia: "Can we blame Lin Mo for Zhou Ze?"

                "It was Zhou Ze himself who came looking for trouble, do we deserve to be bullied by him?"

                Fang Hui sneered, "Flies don't bite seamless eggs."

                "Why is Zhou Ze looking for trouble with him, why doesn't he come for trouble with me?"

                "No or he has a problem!"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious, "Zhou Ze is looking for trouble with me, Lin Mo is helping me!"

                Fang Hui was dumbfounded, and only after a long time did she whisper, "If you're helping, just help, why are you giving people a hard time?"

                "This kind of big shot, can't you be more polite to people?"

                "Why would this happen if you were a little more tolerant?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Mum, you're unreasonable!"

                Xu Jiangong was furious, "Halfsia, how can you talk to your mother?"

                From the beginning to the end, Lin Mo didn't say anything.

                He didn't care about these things either.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui had been uncomfortable with him for more than a day or two, and he was not bothered to bother with these two.

                What he was really puzzled about was Zhou Ze's matter.

                Zhou Ze was no longer the heir of the Zhou family, and he didn't have so much energy now that he dared to come and mess with Lin Mo.

                This matter was masterminded by him, there must be a problem behind this.

                No, this matter, must be investigated clearly.

                After eating and sending everyone back, Lin Mo left first.

                He found Tiger and asked him about the status of his investigation.

                This time, Lin Mo knew that it was not simple.

                Therefore, in the afternoon, he informed Tiger to investigate the matter.

                According to the results of Tiger's investigation, the mastermind behind this matter was not Zhou Ze.

                Zhou Ze was just a middleman, and the real person behind it was actually Huo Xingxuan.

                It was that Mr. Huo from the Pharmaceutical Alliance.

                He hadn't taken advantage of Xu Pharmaceutical, so he thought of this method to deal with Xu Pharmaceutical.

                After all, he was a member of the Huo family in the provincial capital and did not know many people in Guangyang City.

                So, he found Zhou Ze.

                Zhou Ze happened to hate Lin Mo with a passion, but unfortunately he was no longer the heir of the Zhou family and did not have the strength to deal with Lin Mo.

                The two of them hit it off before Zhou Ze came to find Li Qiang's group of people and made such a mess.

                After finishing the situation, Tiger said worriedly again, "Mr. Lin, this person Huo Xingxuan is not easy to deal with."

                "This guy, is one of the most ruthless people in the Huo family in terms of tactics, otherwise he wouldn't be able to control the Pharmaceutical Alliance!"

                "In the past, there were many pharmaceutical companies that did not want to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance, and they were all eventually tidied up by him."

                "There were even quite a few bosses who were in this business and their families ended up disappearing."

                "All these, are the black hands of Huo Xingxuan!"

                "My brother's Sheng Yuan Group was also targeted by the Pharmaceutical Alliance back in the early years."

                "Huo Xingxuan personally came looking for trouble at the time, and my brother almost suffered a big loss."

                "If it wasn't for Master Tian backing him up, he would probably have been swallowed up by the Pharmaceutical Alliance!"

                Lin Mo frowned, in that case, he had underestimated Huo Xingxuan.

                "So, he didn't succeed this time, and he'll do it to us again next time?"

Chapter 236

Tiger nodded, "Definitely!"

                "Huo Xingxuan, this man, is known for doing whatever he can to get what he wants."

                "If I strike tonight, he will definitely know that my brother is helping you, and he might think of some other underhanded tricks."

                "Mr. Lin, why don't you talk to Master Tian about it."

                "He definitely won't dare to do anything if there's a Heavenly Master to intervene!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "This is my own business, I will solve it myself!"

                "Leaning on others may be able to handle this matter temporarily, but it will never make others fear you!"

                "Tiger, in the future, when you follow me in my work, you must also understand this."

                "You work with me, if there is anything that can be solved by ourselves, we have to solve it ourselves, do you understand?"

                Tiger nodded vigorously, at this moment, he was very excited in his heart.

                The fact that Lin Mo could say such words to him meant that, Lin Mo really wanted to cultivate him.

                However, he was also a little worried.

                That was someone from the Huo family, could Lin Mo handle this matter?

                Next, Lin Mo carefully asked many more things about Huo Xingxuan.

                Including Huo Xingxuan's character, Huo Xingxuan's style of doing things and so on.

                After that, Lin Mo asked Tiger to find out where Zhou Ze was.

                It didn't take long for Tiger to deliver the news that Zhou Ze was getting high at a nightclub.

                Lin Mo found a car and came outside this nightclub by himself.

                After waiting for almost two hours, a group of people came out of it.

                One of them, was Zhou Ze.

                Lin Mo drove the car he borrowed from Tiger and followed Zhou Ze to a slightly isolated road on the outskirts of the city.

                Seeing that no one was around, Lin Mo slammed on the accelerator and rammed straight into it.

                "Fuck you, do you know how to drive?"

                "Bastard, dare to hit me, I'll kill you!"

                Zhou Ze, who reeked of alcohol, cursed and got out of the car.

                Lin Mo walked over with his head down, knocked Zhou Ze unconscious with one punch, dragged him to his car and drove away.

                Coming to a deserted mountain forest, Lin Mo dragged Zhou Ze out.

                Zhou Ze now also recognised Lin Mo and looked terrified: "You ...... what are you going to do?"

                "Lin Mo, I'm warning you, I'm from the Zhou family."

                "If you dare to touch a hair on my head, the Zhou family won't even let you go!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly as he stomped on Zhou Ze's chest and said in a cold voice, "Zhou Ze, I told you, mess with me again and you'll die!"

                "It seems that you're treating my words like they're falling on deaf ears!"

                Zhou Ze's face was terrified, "I ...... don't believe you dare to kill me!"

                Lin Mo looked around, "If I don't kill you, why did I bring you here?"

                Zhou Ze looked around and was finally stunned and said in a trembling voice, "Big brother, I ...... know I'm wrong ......"

                "But this time, I was also instructed ...... to do this."

                "Yes ...... it was Huo Xingxuan of the provincial Huo family, he told me to do it ......"

                "He wanted to swallow Xu Pharmaceutical and said that after the matter was completed, he would help me ...... help me regain my status as the heir to the Zhou family ......"

                Lin Mo feigned surprise: "Huo Xingxuan?"

                "We're just not joining the Pharmaceutical Alliance, there's no need to do such a thing, right?"

                "Are you trying to cheat me?"

                Zhou Ze hurriedly said, "Big brother, how dare I lie to you?"

                "It's really Huo Xingxuan, he ...... wants more than just Xu Pharmaceutical, he ...... also wants your wife ......"

                "All these things are masterminded by him, I just help to match the thread, it really has nothing to do with me ah ......"

                Lin Mo frowned tightly, his expression looking torn, as if he was fearful of Huo Xingxuan's strength.

                Zhou Ze trembled in fear: "Big brother, I ...... I've said it all, you can spare me ......"

                "I swear, in the future I will never dare to go against you again ......"

                "From now on, when I see you in Guangyang City, I will go around."

                "You treat me like a fart, let me go ......"