Medical Genius Chapter 227-228

 Chapter 227

Several of the men all shot up and made a move to leave.

                Huang Liang hurriedly said, "Brother Qiang, brothers, why be angry!"

                "Come, come, come, sit down, give me face."

                "Hanxia, you are really the same, why are you so ignorant?"

                "You are the host, Brother Qiang is the honoured guest tonight, you have to sit beside Brother Qiang and keep him company!"

                "Come on, come here, sit here with Brother Qiang."

                That Li Qiang proudly patted the chair next to him, showing his big yellow teeth as he looked at Xu Hanxia with an indescribably lewd face.

                A few people next to him looked at Xu Hanxia even more eagerly, looking like they wanted to pull Xu Hanxia to sit next to them.

                Xu Hanxia was disgusted, how could she possibly sit next to such people?

                Lin Mo pulled Xu Hanxia behind him and glanced at Huang Liang: "Huang Liang, is this your friend?"

                "Since it's your friend, shouldn't you be sitting next to him to greet him?"

                "Hanxia is a girl after all, and she doesn't know how to drink, so sitting over there, won't it affect the communication between you brothers?"

                Huang Liang was furious and slapped the table, "Lin Mo, do you have a fucking say in this?"

                "It's the Xu family's business that needs to be settled tonight, Halfsia is the chairman of the company, does it make sense for her not to personally go over and entertain the guests?"

                "What do you mean by talking like that? Do you look down on my friend? Or are you looking down on me?"

                A man beside Li Qiang also shot up and grabbed a dagger and stabbed it directly on the table.

                Several people in the room were startled, and Xu Jiangong Fang Hui even turned pale.

                When the man saw the expressions of the crowd, he suddenly looked smug and cursed, "Damn it, you don't even go out and ask around."

                "In Guangyang City, who dares not give face to my brother Qiang!"

                "What kind of dog are you that you dare to talk to my brother Qiang like that!"

                "What, do you really think my brothers' swords aren't sharp anymore?"

                Several men next to him roared their approval, all glancing at Lin Mo with arrogance on their faces.

                Xu Jiangong hastily got up to round up the situation, "Brother Qiang, don't be angry."

                "The kid doesn't know any better, I'll let him apologise to you!"

                "Lin Mo, what are you waiting for?"

                "Why don't you go and apologise to Brother Qiang quickly!"

                "Huang Liang, you talk to Brother Qiang too. They're all friends of their own, why bother?"

                Huang Liang also looked smug, as if he was proud to know a few such friends.

                "Dad, this is out of my hands!"

                "For Brother Qiang to come to dinner is to give us face."

                "But as soon as he came up, he tried to play Brother Keung ugly, anyone else would have to be angry!"

                Huang Liang looked as if he was staying out of it, glancing at Lin Mo obliquely and smugly.

                Xu Jiangong could only glare at Lin Mo: "If you can't talk, shut up!"

                "The moment you open your mouth, you offend people, you're sick in the head!"

                "Still frozen?"

                "Why don't you quickly apologise to Brother Qiang!"

                The man next to Qiang said, "Is it as simple as an apology?"

                "Kid, immediately kneel down honestly on the ground and kowtow three times to Brother Qiang to apologise."

                "If Brother Qiang is in a good mood, he will spare your life!"

                "Otherwise, if I don't let you go out horizontally today, I'll take your name!"

                Lin Mo's eyebrows furrowed, this group of people, they were really sticking their noses in the air!

                He was about to speak, but Xu Hanxia hurriedly said, "Brother Qiang, just now it was our fault."

                "How about this, I'll apologise for him, don't take it personally with him."

                "We all came out to talk about business, why hurt our temper over this trivial matter?"

                Lin Mo's heart was warmed, Xu Hanxia was doing this to protect him.

                That Li Qiang instantly laughed, "Since little sister has asked, then I will spare his life!"

                "Little sister, come and sit here with Brother Qiang."

                "If you entertain Brother Qiang well tonight, I guarantee that your construction site will be completed smoothly and no one will dare to cause any trouble!"

                Xu Hanxia's face was red, she really didn't want to go there.

                She really didn't want to go, but now she was in a situation where she couldn't go, could she?

Chapter 228

Seeing Xu Hanxia hesitantly unwilling to go over, Li Qiang frowned, "Little sister, are you not going to give face?"

                "That's fine!"

                "Since you don't give face, you're not one of us."

                "Brother Liang, we can give you enough face, it's your family who don't put us in their sights."

                "Then so be it, whatever happens on this construction site in the future has nothing to do with us brothers!"

                When Qiang slapped the table, the men all stood up.

                The man with the knife just now even pulled out his dagger and glared viciously at Lin Mo: "Damn it, kneel down and apologise to Brother Qiang!"

                "Or else, I'll fend you off!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was trembling in fear, Huang Liang had an angry face, "Lin Mo, look what you've done!"

                "Damn it, don't say anything if you're stupid!"

                "Hanxia, it's not that I'm not on top of things with the company!"

                "But with your attitude, the gods can't help you!"

                "Lin, behave yourself!"

                Several of the men were also staring at Lin Mo viciously, looking like they were ready to rush over and kill Lin Mo at any moment.

                Xu Hanxia's face was pale, she clenched her teeth and whispered, "Brother Qiang, don't be angry, I ...... will go over and sit ......"

                Li Qiang instantly turned his anger into a smile, "That's right!"

                "Little sister, I'm telling you, Brother Qiang is the best with people."

                "What happened today, arranged, turn around and don't say anything about this construction site."

                "No matter what happens to you in the future, Brother Qiang will take care of everything for you!"

                Several men also laughed, looking at Xu Hanxia with hopeful faces.

                Xu Hanxia's face swelled red and she gritted her teeth as she prepared to go over, but was pulled back by Lin Mo.

                "Li Qiang, I'm giving you a chance now!"

                "Kneel down, kowtow and apologise, and I can spare you!"

                The crowd froze, Li Qiang's face was cold as he pointed at Lin Mo and cursed angrily, "Bastard, looking for death!"

                "Kill him!"

                The man with the dagger just now drew his dagger and rushed forward, dancing in front of Lin Mo, but never daring to stab him.

                Lin Mo didn't care, he could already see that these were just a bunch of flowery men.

                The only thing they can do is to shout at Xu Jiankong and Fang Hui.

                When it comes to the big shots, they are just a bunch of rubbish, useless at all.

                Xu Hanxia, on the other hand, was scared half to death and hurriedly said, "Lin Mo, you ...... don't say anything!"

                "Brother Qiang, can't I go over there?"

                Lin Mo directly pulled Xu Hanxia: "No need to go over!"

                The man with the knife was furious and cursed, "Son of a bitch, I'll kill you!"

                With that, he slashed his dagger directly at Lin Mo's arm.

                This guy was also a wimp and didn't dare to stab the vital point, but only wanted to make a cut to scare Lin Mo.

                However, before this stabbing hit Lin Mo's arm, Lin Mo made his move first.

                He snapped the man's wrist in one fell swoop, and with a splitting hand, he directly broke his wrist.

                All the crowd heard was a crunching sound, and the man fell to the ground wailing as he covered his wrist.

                Several other people were confused, what the hell was going on here?

                What the hell is going on? A man with a knife can still be cleaned up by a man without a knife?

                Keung was furious and shot up: "Damn it, dare you touch my brother, get him!"

                Several men rushed over at the same time.

                Lin Mo pulled Xu Hanxia behind him, grabbed the bottle next to him, and went up and cracked them all to the ground.

                Everyone was dumbfounded, who would have thought that Lin Mo could fight so well?

                Li Qiang also covered his head, with a wretched face: "Kid, you have guts!"

                "You wait for me, you wait right here!"

                "I'm going to call someone, don't run away if you dare!"

                "I'll kill you later!"

                The group ran away in fear, and the people in the room looked at each other.

                After a moment of silence, Huang Liang sneered, "Lin Mo, you're really something!"

                "Brother Qiang and the others were drunk and not handy enough, so you beat them up?"

                "Hmph, when they come back later, I'll see how you die!"