Medical Genius Chapter 219-220

 Chapter 219

Xu Hanxia didn't even hear this Mr. Huo's intentions because she was too joyful.

                "No problem, these are no problem!"

                "I'll do it as soon as possible and send it to the Medical Union!"

                Xu Hanxia said happily.

                Mr. Huo smiled at once: "Very well."

                "Mr. Xu, when you go to the provincial capital, you can contact me."

                "I'll help you get things done!"

                Xu Hanxia nodded repeatedly, "Thanks a lot, Mr. Huo."

                Mr. Huo gave a heated smile, "Where, it's all what I should do!"

                "Mr. Xu, remember to contact me when you go to the provincial capital!"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Mr. Huo, don't rush yet."

                "You haven't given us a clear explanation about joining the Pharmaceutical Alliance."

                "Do we have to pay anything after joining?"

                Mr Huo frowned, "What do you mean?"

                Xu Hanxia also tugged at Lin Mo's clothes, this was too impolite a question to ask.

                "I'm just asking a simple question!"

                "Mr. Huo, is there something inconvenient to say?"

                Lin Mo laughed.

                Mr. Huo said in a deep voice, "Do you have any questions about our Pharmaceutical Alliance?"

                "If there are doubts, you can choose not to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance, we will never object!"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious, it was so hard to join, how could he withdraw?

                Lin Mo, however, said dryly, "Fine, then we won't join!"

                "Mr. Huo, sorry for making you guys come all this way for nothing!"

                Mr. Huo was dumbfounded.

                You know, other pharmaceutical companies, when they heard that they could join the Pharmaceutical Alliance, were all overjoyed.

                He had just spoken like that to scare Lin Mo.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo had really refused.

                If Xu Pharmaceutical didn't join the Pharmaceutical Alliance, he wouldn't be able to give an explanation when he returned!

                Xu Hanxia looked anxious: "Lin Mo, you ...... don't talk nonsense ......"

                Seeing Xu Hanxia's appearance, Mr. Huo suddenly had a bottom in his heart.

                "You said you won't join?"

                "Good, then I'll give you that chance!"

                "Come on, everyone, let's go back."

                "Let's just say that Xu Pharmaceutical, who doesn't see our Pharmaceutical Alliance, will never join my Pharmaceutical Alliance!"

                With those words, Mr. Huo made a move to leave.

                Xu Hanxia tried to stop him, but he was pulled by Lin Mo.

                "Don't mind them, trust me!"

                Lin Mo said in a low voice.

                Xu Hanxia was surprised, but, in the end, she did not go after them again, she trusted Lin Mo.

                Mr. Huo's group walked to the door and found that no one was chasing them out, so they panicked.

                Xu Pharmaceutical had taken three billion dollars in business this time, and the Pharmaceutical Alliance just wanted to come and get a piece of the pie.

                If this went badly, he wouldn't be able to explain himself back!

                After walking for a while, they found that no one had chased them out, so they had to turn back.

                As soon as they entered, Mr. Huo said directly, "Forget it, I don't want to be normal with young people."

                "Mr Xu, we're in business, there's no need to spoil things for the sake of impulsiveness."

                "I'll give you one more chance, how about you fill out the forms now and you don't have to go to the provincial capital, I'll do everything for you?"

                Xu Hanxia was finally a little wary.

                These people, it seemed, wanted them to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance so badly, there must be a problem behind it.

                Lin Mo said, "Mr. Huo, I still say the same thing."

                "What do we have to pay to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guang Province?"

                Mr. Huo said in a deep voice, "By joining the Guang Provincial Pharmaceutical Alliance, you can access all the resources of the pharmaceutical industry in Guang Province, and even some of the pharmaceutical resources in other provinces!"

                "The Guang Provincial Pharmaceutical Alliance, can help Xu Pharmaceutical, become bigger and stronger."

                "We all hold each other's arms, interoperate, anything, we can all join together, this is the dream of all pharmaceutical companies in Guang Province!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Mr. Huo, did you not understand my words?"

                "I'm not asking what we can get, I'm asking, what we have to give!"

Chapter 220

Mr. Huo was anxious: "Why do you keep asking this, who asked you to pay for anything?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Really?"

                "Does Mr. Huo mean that we don't have to pay anything after we join in?"

                Mr Huo said angrily, "How is that possible?"

                "To enjoy the benefits, you have to pay something."

                "If you don't pay, and they don't pay, and all come to claim, how can the Pharmaceutical Alliance continue?"

                Lin Mo said, "So, what I'm asking is, what do we have to give!"

                Mr. Huo was furious: "What the hell do you ...... mean?"

                Lin Mo: "We're just trying to figure it out, that's not enough?"

                "If you don't say what we have to pay for, how can we just join?"

                "It's like when you go to buy something and someone just says how good it is without saying the price at all, would you buy it?"

                Mr. Huo's face swelled red as he finally began to look Lin Mo squarely in the eye. This young man in front of him was not to be fooled!

                Taking a deep breath, Mr. Huo said, "Joining the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guang Province will definitely cost you something."

                "Everyone needs to take their business and share it with all of you."

                "That means that you can enjoy other people's business too!"

                Xu Hanxia's face changed, and she finally knew what Lin Mo was worried about.

                Taking out business to share?

                Xu Pharmaceutical had signed three billion dollars of business this time, if this was taken out and shared, how much could they recover?

                To put it bluntly, wasn't it just to divide up Xu Pharmaceutical's business?

                Lin Mo: "Then how much do we have to take out?"

                Mr. Huo: "The normal rule is that new members who join the club have to take out fifty percent of the business to share!"

                "However, we have special preferential treatment for Xu's Pharmaceutical, so it's fine for you to take out 40%!"

                Xu Hanxia almost didn't curse.

                Xu Pharmaceutical had signed up for three billion dollars of business, taking out forty percent, that was twelve billion dollars.

                In other words, they had joined a pharmaceutical alliance and had to give out 1.2 billion to others before they could get any benefits.

                If it was the old Xu Pharmaceuticals, it would have been fine, the business volume was very small at that time, so if they took out 40%, it would only be 10 to 20 million.

                When the time comes, from the Pharmaceutical Alliance, and then get back some, it is estimated that we can even out.

                But the current Xu Pharmaceuticals, out of the 1.2 billion, it is estimated that it will have to lose 11 billion!

                No wonder Lin Mo kept stopping her, it turns out that Lin Mo already knew this.

                Xu Hanxia said directly, "Mr. Huo, sorry."

                "Our Xu Pharmaceutical, for the time being, does not want to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guang Province!"

                Mr. Huo's face was cold: "Mr. Xu, your applications have all been handed in and we have vetted and approved them."

                "In order to get you to join, we sifted down the others who were qualified as well."

                "Now, you guys are saying that you don't want to join, are you playing a trick on us?"

                Xu Hanxia was annoyed, "The application, it was handed in by us last year."

                "Last year Xu Pharmaceutical only had tens of millions of dollars in business, and I didn't see you guys pass it."

                "Now Xu Pharmaceuticals has signed a three billion dollar business, and here you are."

                "Mr. Huo, who is trying to trick who, don't you have any idea in your heart?"

                Mr. Huo's face was slightly embarrassed, which was true.

                They also had their eyes on the pharmaceutical company in Guang Province and would only let it in when there was oil and water.

                Xu Pharmaceutical, too, had only recently entered their eyes.

                They turned up Xu Pharmaceutical's application from last year, stamped their approval straight away and came running.

                To put it bluntly, they still came for the benefits, there was no vetting or anything like that.

                But these people, they were always used to being high and mighty, so how could they bow down to someone?

                "Xu Hanxia, if you talk like that, you are insulting my Pharmaceutical Union!"

                "Humph, in the pharmaceutical industry of Guang Province, how dare you insult the Pharmaceutical Union, you are the enemies of all colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry of Guang Province!"

                "I'm putting my words here today, if you don't join the Pharmaceutical Alliance and your Xu Pharmaceutical can continue to operate, it's even if I, Huo Xingxuan, am not capable! ""