Medical Genius Chapter 217-218

 Chapter 217

Lin Mo prescribed some medicine for Song Zhilan and instructed her on how to boil the medicine.

                Song Zhilan put the prescription away discreetly and smiled, "Mr. Lin, with your medical skills, staying at that small hospital is really condescending."

                "Why don't you come to the city hospital?"

                "Here, you can help more people."

                Lin Mo shook his head with a faint smile, "For now, I don't need to."

                "I'm not one to make too much of a splash, there are some things that I just need to know for myself."

                Song Zhilan's heart twitched, Lin Mo was hinting at her.


                "Mr. Lin, you can rest assured."

                "I will definitely not let anyone else know about this matter of your medical skill!"

                Lin Mo nodded his head with a faint smile.

                His current strength was not enough, and he could not expose himself for the time being, lest he be sought out by his enemies.

                And this, too, was the reason why he didn't dare to show his identity in front of Xu Jiangong Fang Hui.

                He didn't even know who his family's enemies were now, so once he was exposed, he might be targeted one day!

                Song Zhilan suddenly remembered something and asked, "By the way, Mr. Lin, will you be attending the Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting in a few days?"

                Lin Mo was surprised, how could it be this medical exchange meeting again?

                The people of Guang Province are quite serious about this matter, right?

                Lin Mo shook his head, "I won't be attending."

                Song Zhilan couldn't help but be surprised: "Mr. Lin, with your medical skills, not attending would be a loss to our province!"

                "Moreover, Xu Pharmaceutical, being in the medical industry, simply cannot avoid the Pharmaceutical Union of Guang Province."

                "If you don't participate, when the time comes, Xu's Pharmaceutical, will inevitably suffer some losses!"

                Lin Mo frowned: "What do you mean?"

                Song Zhilan said curiously, "The Guang Provincial Pharmaceutical Union, hasn't approached you guys?"

                Lin Mo shook his head.

                Song Zhilan was surprised, "That's strange."

                "In the past, when Xu Pharmaceutical did not show itself, the Guang Provincial Medicine Union would definitely not care."

                "But, these days, Xu Pharmaceutical is extremely popular, so the Pharmaceutical Union won't not pay attention to you guys!"

                "I reckon that they should come looking for you guys soon."

                Lin Mo was puzzled: "Looking for us for what?"

                Song Zhilan: "The world is bustling with profit."

                "Xu Pharmaceutical has gotten so much business during this period of time that word has already spread in the industry in Guang Province."

                "The Pharmaceutical Alliance, which is responsible for distributing the benefits of the pharmaceutical industry in Guang Province, will definitely come to Xu Pharmaceutical for a share of the pie."

                "Maybe, they will let you take out a portion of the profits and give it to the Pharmaceutical Alliance!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "On what grounds?"

                "Isn't that banditry?"

                Song Zhilan covered her mouth and laughed lightly, "You're right, they are robbers!"

                "But, who made others' fists big?"

                "Behind the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guang Province is the Huo Family, one of the ten largest families in Guang Province."'

                "The Huo family itself is a pharmaceutical family, in charge of 60% of the pharmaceutical industry in Guang Province."

                "If the Huo family wants to target you, then you won't be able to get along in the pharmaceutical industry in Guang Province!"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "This Huo family, it's really domineering!"

                Song Zhilan said softly, "With a big fist, which one is not domineering?"

                "The Ten Families of Guangyang City, they used to be overbearing too, but they were crushed by Nanba Tian and couldn't hold their heads up anymore, so they've become honest."

                "The Top Ten Families of Guangyang Province are much more imposing than the Top Ten Families of Guangyang City!"

                "You'll know later when you meet them!"

                "However, Mr. Lin, I suggest that you attend this Six Provinces Medical Exchange Meeting."

                "Because, every year at the medical exchange, there will be many rare herbs present at the venue."

                "I also want to go for a walk, maybe I can see the Spiritual Heart Herb!"

                Lin Mo's eyes lit up, if that was the case, then he really had to go for a walk, he still had to find the thousand year old snow lotus.

Chapter 218

It was almost noon when he left Yun Chuang Group.

                Lin Mo rushed straight to Xu Pharmaceutical.

                Xu Hanxia was now living in the company and would not be going home for dinner, so Lin Mo just went to find her for a little bit to spend time together.

                Just as he reached the office door, a few men in suits came up behind him.

                At the head of the group was a middle-aged man with a medium build and wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

                He looked svelte, but deep in his eyes, there was an indescribable evilness.

                His gaze, which had been roaming over the bodies of those female employees in the company, was typical of a clothed beast.

                "Mr. Lin, you're here!"

                Secretary Xu Hanxia greeted Lin Mo.

                Although the people of the Xu family looked down on Lin Mo, these employees of the company, all of them, respected Lin Mo.

                Because of Lin Mo, everyone's salary had increased by at least thirty percent.

                Moreover, Lin Mo had turned the herb company from a loss to a profit, resulting in a huge increase in Xu Pharmaceutical's profit, and their income had increased along with it.

                Lin Mo nodded and said curiously, "These people are?"

                Secretary: "Oh, they are from the Pharmaceutical Union of Guang Province, and have come to talk to General Manager Xu about something."

                Lin Mo frowned, this was really saying Cao Cao, Cao Cao will arrive.

                Song Zhilan had just finished talking to him about the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guang Province, and these people were here?

                The man with the gold-rimmed glasses glanced at Lin Mo, his face all arrogant, as if he was superior to others.

                The secretary brought a few people into Xu Hanxia's office.

                "Mr. Xu, Mr. Huo and the others are here!"

                The secretary said, and then retreated on her own.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly got up, "Mr. Huo, how are you, welcome!"

                The man with the gold-rimmed glasses at the head was Mr. Huo, and when he saw Xu Hanxia, his eyes lit up, unable to conceal his joy.

                "Mr. Xu, I've heard a lot about you, nice to meet you!"

                Mr. Huo stretched out his hand from a distance to grab Xu Hanxia's hand.

                Xu Hanxia's face changed slightly, this Mr. Huo's eyes were greedy and gave her an uncomfortable feeling.

                Luckily, at this moment, Lin Mo came over and stopped in front of Xu Hanxia, holding Mr. Huo's hand.

                "Hello Mr. Huo, please have a seat, all of you please have a seat!"

                Mr. Huo couldn't help but stare and frowned, "Mr. Xu, what does this mean?"

                "I've come to talk to you about something, the company's idle staff, can you ask them to exit?"

                "Could it be that Mr. Xu thinks that our Pharmaceutical Alliance in Guang Province, is not worthy of your attention?"

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly laughed, "Mr. Huo is joking."

                "This is Lin Mo, my husband."

                "We both make the decisions on company matters."

                "If there's anything, it's the same as talking to both of us!"

                Mr. Huo's face changed as he gave Lin Mo a jealous glance and backed away through clenched teeth.

                "It's like this, we received an application from Xu Pharmaceutical earlier, wanting to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guang Province."

                "After layers of screening by our organising committee, we have identified the pharmaceutical organisations that will join the alliance this year."

                "Xu Pharmaceutical, right among them!"

                "Mr Xu, congratulations!"

                "It is the dream of all colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry in Guangdong Province to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guangdong Province!"

                Mr. Huo said smugly.

                Xu Hanxia had a joyful face.

                In earlier years, Xu Yongqing had applied many times, but had never been able to get past the vetting process.

                It was unexpected that she had just become the chairman of the board and it had been approved, which was a good thing.

                However, before she could open her mouth, Lin Mo spoke first, "Mr. Huo, to join the Pharmaceutical Alliance of Guang Province, I wonder what we need to do?"

                Mr. Huo glanced at Lin Mo, obviously a little displeased, "What does this need to do?"

                "Just need to fill out the form and hand in the information that should be handed in."

                Speaking here, Mr. Huo paused for a moment and suddenly laughed, "Oh, right."

                "General Manager Xu may need to make a trip to the provincial capital himself to complete some of the formalities that need to be done!"

                Looking at his expression, Lin Mo knew that this guy was talking nonsense.

                There was no need for Xu Hanxia to go to the provincial capital.

                He was just trying to deliberately trick Xu Hanxia into going to the provincial city, and then find an opportunity to make a move on Xu Hanxia.