Medical Genius Chapter 215-216

 Chapter 215

A statement that would have shocked anyone else had they heard it.

                Not a living person? Then could it be a dead person?

                However, when Song Zhilan heard this, instead of being shocked, she had a surprised look on her face.

                "Mr. Lin, you ...... have really seen Gogo's condition ......"

                "It seems that you are the only person who can save Guoguo, as that old divine doctor said!"

                Lin Mo was surprised: "What's the situation?"

                Song Zhilan forced down her excitement and said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, what do you think Gogo's current situation is?"

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment and asked rhetorically, "That bestie of yours, the last place she hid, was it in Miaojiang?"

                Song Zhilan was once again surprised: "Mr. Lin, how do you know?"

                Lin Mo sighed softly and uttered a shocking passage, "Guoguo no longer has a heart."

                "In this world, the only way to keep a person without a heart alive is in Miaojiang."

                "Miaojiang has a heart-linked compulsion that allows a mother compulsion to be placed in the body to replace the heart."

                "And the other child compulsion is to be placed inside the heart of another person."

                "The daughter compulsion and the mother compulsion are connected to the heart, and when the daughter compulsion beats, the mother compulsion will follow, which is the connecting heart compulsion."

                "A beating mother compulsion, inside that heartless person's body, can then be used as a heart."

                "Although it's not as effective as a normal heart, it can still keep the person barely alive!"

                "This method, however, is tantamount to killing one person and saving another."

                "The one who is carrying the child parasite will have to endure double the heartbeat and be doomed to lie in bed forever, worse than a vegetable!"

                Song Zhilan's beautiful eyes widened as she looked at Lin Mo in shock.

                "What, did I say it wrong?"

                Lin Mo asked rhetorically.

                Song Zhilan took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Lin, you ...... are absolutely right ......"

                "It is indeed true, Guoguo is indeed in this situation now ......"

                Lin Mo frowned, "What is going on?"

                Song Zhilan's eyes turned red as she whispered, "Mr. Lin, in fact, when I spoke just now, I was still hiding something."

                "That bestie of mine, she didn't die at that time."

                "That dude almost tortured her to death, but she still had one breath left."

                "The dude plucked out Gogo's heart in front of her. Then he slit my bestie's wrists again and left her there to die."

                "Luckily, an old divine doctor who was passing by saved them and my bestie begged the old divine doctor to save her daughter."

                "That old divine doctor, then, used this heart-linked compulsion to save Guoguo."

                "The price was that my bestie, could only be in a coma forever!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but feel that this BFF of Song Zhilan's was also really great.

                For the sake of her daughter, she could bear any kind of pain!

                Song Zhilan continued, "That old divine doctor also said it at that time."

                "If there is someone in this world who can tell that Guoguo is not my real daughter, then that person, should be the one who can save Guoguo!"

                "Mr. Lin, can you ...... you save Guoguo and save my girlfriends ......"

                "As long as you save them, I ...... will be a cow and a horse to repay you ......"

                At the end of her sentence, Song Zhilan even began to choke up.

                After so many years, she herself was desperate.

                Unexpectedly, she had seen hope again!

                Lin Mo sighed, "Mr. Song, this best friend of yours is indeed a good mother as well."

                "Don't worry, I will help you."

                "However, it's not that easy to save them."

                "It's easy to lift the linked heart compulsion, the hard part is to give Gogo a new heart."

                Song Zhilan hurriedly said, "This ...... can this be done with a heart transplant?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "A transplanted heart won't last long."

                "Besides, Guoguo has always lived with the mother compulsion."

                "And the mother compulsion survives by feeding specific herbs on a regular basis."

                "The toxicity of these herbs, which accumulate in Gogo's body over time, can be life-threatening."

                "When the mother compulsion is present, it is still fine with the toxicity."

                "Once the mother parasite is removed and the toxicity is not restrained, the toxicity is enough to poison several adults to death!"

Chapter 216

Song Zhilan was confused: "Then ...... what should we do?"

                Lin Mo said, "The only way is to let Guoguo regenerate a heart."

                "The process of this heart slowly growing will squeeze the survival space of the mother parasite."

                "When the mother parasite is squeezed, it will devour that toxicity to feed itself."

                "When the heart takes shape and the toxicity is all swallowed by the mother parasite, in this way, the mother parasite can be removed."

                "At the same time, Guoguo will also have a new heart, and will be able to be like a normal person in the future!"

                Song Zhilan was dumbfounded: "Also ...... still can be like this?"

                "The human heart, can it still be regenerated?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "The heart, of course, can't be regenerated."

                "However, it can be planted."

                Song Zhilan: "Plant? Plant what?"

                "Plant the heart!" Lin Mo said, "Just like planting the ground, sowing the seeds, taking root and sprouting, and growing fruit."

                Song Zhilan was even more confused: "What does this ...... mean?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "It means taking a heart that is still developing and planting it in her body."

                "This heart, slowly growing, this process, is called planting a heart."

                Song Zhilan still looked confused: "Isn't this ...... still a heart transplant?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "It's not the same."

                "A heart transplant, is a formed heart."

                "A seed heart, is one that hasn't developed yet."

                Song Zhilan's face changed sharply, "Then ...... that has to be a child's heart?"

                Lin Mo laughed: "Where are you thinking of?"

                "Some evil doctors, indeed, will use such tactics."

                "But, this kind of thing that hurts God and heaven can break your life."

                "What I'm talking about is cultivated with the mother body."

                Only then did Song Zhilan breathe a sigh of relief, really asking her to find a different child, she really couldn't do it, her conscience wouldn't be clear.

                "This mother body, how is it cultivated?"

                Song Zhilan asked.

                Lin Mo: "So, that's the most troublesome thing!"

                "If you want to cultivate the heart with the Matrix, there must first be a person willing to do so."

                "And, this person's blood type, has to match hers."

                Song Zhilan immediately said, "I ...... will find a way to find someone ......"

                Lin Mo gave her a look, "All this, spending money can be done."

                "What's really hard is that in order for the mother to cultivate the heart, a drug called Spiritual Heart Grass is needed."

                "The Spiritual Heart Grass, is the hardest to find."

                Song Zhilan clenched her hands, "Mr. Lin, I ...... will definitely find the Spiritual Heart Herb!"

                Lin Mo nodded: "I will keep an eye on the Spiritual Heart Grass for you."

                "During this time, I will prescribe you some medicine that you can give to Guoguo her mother to be able to temporarily ease her pain."

                Song Zhilan was overjoyed and said urgently, "Really?"

                "Mr. Lin, this ...... this is too much to thank you ......"

                Lin Mo said helplessly, "Mr. Song, what I promised you, I will definitely do."

                "That, can you ...... let go of my hand first ......"

                Only then did Song Zhilan notice that she had somehow grabbed Lin Mo's hand due to her excitement.

                Her cheeks instantly turned scarlet, and a strange feeling inexplicably came over her heart.

                As the former number one beauty in Guangyang City, countless men were swooning over her.

                The way those men looked at her, they all wanted to pick her clothes off.

                For so many years, Lin Mo was the only one who saw her with clear eyes, without the slightest difference.

                Now, she couldn't help but take a closer look at the man in front of her.

                This clean-looking, slightly ordinary-looking man had an indescribable charm.

                Song Zhilan's heart had been like water for many years, and at this moment, she actually had a feeling of a thumping heart.

                She was shocked: could it be that she had fallen for a married man?