Medical Genius Chapter 213-214

 Chapter 213

Yun Chuang Group, Song Zhilan's office.

                Today, Song Zhilan is wearing a dry professional outfit, her long hair is tied behind her back, and her perfect figure is unmistakably revealed.

                She carried a strange and exotic fragrance of her own, which permeated the entire office.

                After what happened last night, Song Zhilan had seen Lin Mo's energy for the first time.

                Previously, she had thought that Lin Mo's background was just the Xu family, and that he was not a big shot.

                But now she realised that she had been naive.

                Seeing Lin Mo again, Song Zhilan also felt some emotions.

                Although last night had ended up being unpleasant, she had been honoured by the Ten Families.

                Not for anything else, just because Nanba Tian and Huang Yongfeng personally attended the reception, bringing it up to a higher level.

                In the future, the Ten Great Families would be able to recruit more big names to come to this Genting Wine Party.

                As for those people from Li Heng, they were all eventually brought back by the family head personally.

                Of course, after they returned, they were inevitably cleaned up.

                Among them, Li Heng and Zhou Ze were the worst.

                These two people were directly removed from the status of heirs.

                Li Heng was even expelled from the company, once the president, and now lost all his positions.

                The family quickly supported Li Heng's younger brother to take over and put him in charge of the company.

                These two men, too, rapidly declined in status.

                Once the top fops in Guangyang City, this time, they fell straight to the bottom.

                Those who they hadn't even put in their sights before, now dared to call them out in front of them.

                The two men were now remorseful, they had never dreamed that Lin Mo would be so capable.

                If they had known this, how would they have dared to provoke Lin Mo!

                "Mr. Lin, you're really a real person!"

                "I really didn't expect that Master Tian and General Manager Huang, would go to the Genting Wine Party just for you."

                "This Genting Wine Party is, arguably, the highest specification of the Genting Wine Party since its creation!"

                Song Zhilan said with a smile.

                Lin Mo: "General Song, I've come to find you because there's something I want to talk to you about."

                Seeing Lin Mo's serious expression, Song Zhilan also sat up straight.

                "Mr. Lin, please speak."

                Lin Mo hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice: "Mr. Song, have you had your daughter's blood type tested?"

                Song Zhilan's face changed slightly, "Why is Mr. Lin suddenly asking about this?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice: "Because, I suspect that your daughter, may not be your own!"

                Song Zhilan's face changed dramatically and she looked at Lin Mo with a shocked expression, as if she had seen something most unbelievable.

                Seeing this expression on Song Zhilan's face, Lin Mo couldn't help but be amazed.

                She was not surprised, but amazed.

                Could it be that Song Zhilan knew about this?

                After a moment of silence, Song Zhilan said in a low voice: "Mr. Lin, you ...... how did you know about this?"

                Lin Mo: "You were injured, and there were lab sheets at the hospital."

                Song Zhilan: "But, that only had my daughter's and my daughter's blood type, not her father's."

                "How can you conclude that my daughter is not my own?"

                Lin Mo gave her a look, "Mr Song, I'm just here to remind you."

                "If there's any offense, just pretend I didn't say anything and I won't tell anyone else."

                Song Zhilan hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, I ...... am not blaming you ......"

                "Actually ...... actually ......"

                Song Zhilan obviously hesitated before finally gritting her teeth and saying, "Actually, you're right, Guoguo is not my daughter!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be stunned, Song Zhilan really did know about this!

                But what was the situation here?

                For the sake of a child that wasn't her own, bearing so many curses and insults, what exactly did she want?

                Song Zhilan sighed and whispered out the origin of Guoguo.

Chapter 214

It turns out that this Guoguo, is the child of Song Zhilan's best friend.

                In the early years, the family wanted to marry Song Zhilan to a big family in the capital, to enhance the status and strength of the Song family through marriage.

                But the other party was a fop who was notorious in the capital, and Song Zhi Lan would rather die than accept.

                When that fop heard that Song Zhilan was beautiful, he immediately came to Guangyang City to look for Song Zhilan.

                That night, he joined forces with one of Song Zhilan's aunts and drugged Song Zhilan, trying to take Song Zhilan.

                Song Zhilan almost lost her virginity and called her best friend at the critical moment.

                The best friend came to her rescue and stabbed the dude by mistake.

                The incident goes badly and the best friend has to flee the country.

                The Song family gave Song Zhilan two ways out in order to get rid of their connection with this incident.

                Either she marries the dude, or the Song family disassociates itself from her and she is responsible for her own life and death!

                This was the reason why Song Zhilan left the Song family in the first place.

                She also wandered outside for a few years, and that best friend later got married and had a child, Gogo.

                However, a few years ago, that fop in the capital still found them.

                The bestie's family was tortured alive to death, and Gogo was the only one who barely survived.

                The last text message her best friend sent to Song Zhilan was to beg her to take care of Gogo.

                Song Zhilan found Gogo and buried her best friend's family.

                In order to survive, she had to bow her head and return to Guangyang City.

                Declaring to the public that Guoguo was her own child, the dude lost interest in Song Zhilan when he saw that she had given birth to a child.

                The old man, Mr. Zhao, was still alive at that time and helped Song Zhilan to make some connections, so the matter was only put to rest.

                With the help of Mr. Zhao, Song Zhi Lan started the Yun Chuang Group, which grew step by step.

                Later, when the Song family saw that the Yunchuang Group was getting stronger and stronger, they came to recruit Song Zhilan, which led to the current situation.

                After hearing all this, Lin Mo couldn't help but be shocked.

                He did not expect that there were so many secrets behind this matter.

                Behind Song Zhilan's bright and shiny face, there was actually such a painful past.

                And that Song family, the number one family in Guangyang City, was actually such a moralistic and reputation-seeking person!

                Lin Mo said, "Mr. Song, actually, you don't need to tell me about these things."

                "I'll keep my mouth shut about Guoguo and won't tell anyone!"

                Song Zhilan sighed, "Mr. Lin, I definitely trust you."

                "There is another important reason for me to tell you this."

                Lin Mo: "What reason?"

                Song Zhilan whispered, "Mr. Lin, you have met Guoguo, what do you think of her physical condition?"

                Lin Mo thought back carefully, "Congenital heart disease, it's not a serious disease, I can help her!"

                Song Zhilan shook her head, "Mr. Lin, Guoguo's condition, it's not that simple."

                "Oh?" Lin Mo was surprised, could he still be wrong?

                Song Zhilan: "How about I call her here and you take a closer look?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head.

                Not long after, Song Zhilan's secretary came in with Guoguo.

                The little one's spirit had recovered a lot, but she was walking slowly and did not dare to exercise vigorously.

                Seeing Guoguo again, Lin Mo's brows instantly furrowed.

                This child looked somewhat similar to Deng Jun's child, however, her pair of eyes had no sparkle at all.

                Her whole body was miserably white, and her body exuded a peculiar smell.

                It wasn't the smell of perfume, but a special herbal smell that was very strange.

                Lin Mo suddenly realised that he had indeed made a mistake.

                That night, he had been enraged by those Qiao Qiao and was in an agitated mood.

                Coupled with the fact that it was dark, he hadn't paid particular attention to Guoguo, so he hadn't looked clearly at all.

                Now that he looked, he realised that Guoguo's condition was serious!

                Song Zhilan hugged Guoguo and played with her for a while, then asked her secretary to take her out again.

                "Mr. Lin, what do you think?"

                Lin Mo frowned tightly and stared at Song Zhilan for a while.

                "Mr. Song, this child, I don't think it's a living person!"