Medical Genius Chapter 207-208

 Chapter 207

Because of the jade bracelet, this meal tasted like wax to Xu Hanxia.

                As for Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui didn't even say a word afterwards, as if she was mute.

                It was not easy for the reception to end and they had just returned to the car when Fang Hui howled straight away.

                "Hanxia, let's ...... let's go back quickly ......"

                "That jade shop owner shouldn't be far away yet, hurry up and find him, you can still get this jade bracelet back."

                "Hurry up, Lin Mo, drive quickly!"

                Xu Jiangong's face was blue: "More than three hundred million! More than three hundred million!"

                "Fang Hui, what on earth have you done?"

                "Such a valuable thing, you took it and sold it?"

                "Three hundred million for twenty-eight thousand, you're really something!"

                Xu Jiangong wouldn't have dared to talk to Fang Hui like this before, but this time he just couldn't help himself.

                Fang Hui lowered her head, she couldn't tell how much she regretted it in her heart.

                If she had known that this jade bracelet was worth 300 million, she would have kept it as a treasure.

                Xu Hanxia sighed, "What's the use of going to find it now?"

                "That boss has been in the jade business all his life, how could he not know the price of this jade bracelet?"

                "After people bought the jade bracelet, they immediately ran away. It's been two days, maybe they're thousands of miles away, where can we find them?"

                Fang Hui was dumbfounded: "So ...... that jade bracelet, it's just gone?"

                "That's more than three hundred million!"

                "You ...... have to think of something else, why don't we call the police?"

                Xu Jiangong immediately said sharply, "No, you can't call the police!"

                "If we call the police, the matter will definitely become a big deal."

                "If Mrs. Zhao finds out that we lost the jade bracelet, she will fight us to the death?"

                "If they come after us for money, how can we ...... pay them back?"

                Fang Hui was confused: "Then ...... what should we do then ......"

                Xu Jiangong sighed: "Find a way to find it."

                "It's best if we can find it, but if we can't, we should never mention this in the future!"

                "Hanxia, remember, don't ever let Old Lady Zhao know about the jade bracelet being lost."

                "Otherwise, we can't afford to pay for it even if it costs our family!"

                Xu Hanxia looked gloomy, "Dad, this won't work."

                "Paper can't cover fire."

                "Godmother will know sooner or later."

                "I think I'd better tell her about this in person and apologise to her in the meantime."

                "The money for this jade bracelet, I will find a way to pay her back slowly, it's better than keeping it hidden like this!"

                Xu Jiangong became anxious: "Hanxia, are you crazy?"

                "This jade bracelet is worth more than 300 million, how can you return it to her?"

                "Is our company worth that much money?"

                Xu Hanxia said, "Then you can't hide it from people like this."

                "Godmother gave me this jade bracelet, that's because she trusts me."

                "And yet I lied to people, does that make sense?"

                Xu Jiangong: "This is called a lie of goodwill, do you understand?"

                "Do you have to break up our family over this?"

                Fang Hui looked indignant: "This old lady is so unbelievable!"

                "Giving us such a valuable thing, isn't that a deliberate attempt to trap us?"

                Xu Hanxia became anxious: "Mom, what are you talking about?"

                "God-mother gave me such a valuable thing, that's for our own good, how can it be considered a trap?"

                Fang Hui bristled, "Hmph, if she really wanted to be nice to you, she would have just given 300 million!"

                "If we give her a jade bracelet, we still have to worry about keeping it."

                "If we lose it or break it, we can't afford to pay for it, so do you think this is a trap?"

                Xu Hanxia was speechless, this was no way to talk!

Chapter 208

It didn't take long for the group to arrive home, and Huang Liang Xu Dongxue happened to still be sitting at home.

                "Dad, Mom, you're back!"

                "Look, the new clothes I bought, are they pretty?"

                Xu Dongxue said excitedly.

                No one paid any attention to her.

                Xu Dongxue couldn't help but be surprised, "Dad, mum, why aren't you guys talking?"

                "Right, I bought clothes for you guys too."

                "The same 28,000 that I bought yesterday, you two try it on?"

                Hearing this, Xu Jiangong was outright angry: "Enough!"

                "You shut up!"

                Xu Dongxue was startled and said in a trembling voice, "Mom, what's wrong with Dad?"

                Fang Hui sighed, "Xue'er, when you sold the jade bracelets yesterday, do you still remember that boss?"

                "Huang Liang, can you find a way to look for that boss?"

                Xu Dongxue Huang Liang was surprised, "What's the point of looking for that boss?"

                Fang Hui told her about the jade bracelet.

                Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue were directly confused.

                Yesterday, they thought they had made a profit, selling a jade bracelet for 28,000 yuan.

                Unexpectedly, they had suffered such a huge loss!

                "Mom, did you hear it wrong?"

                "It's just a broken jade bracelet, it can be sold for more than three hundred million?"

                "Even if I buy a whole jade stone and carve hundreds of jade bracelets, I can't sell it for this price!"

                Xu Dongxue said urgently.

                Xu Jian Gong said, "The jade bracelet you carved is not the same as that jade bracelet, is it?"

                "That was a treasure carried by the Empress of the previous dynasty, and has always been a treasure inside the imperial palace."

                "It's worth three hundred million, and that was ten years ago."

                "Now, no still don't know how much it costs!"

                Xu Dongxue was dumbfounded and trembled, "What about this ...... this?"

                Xu Jiangong was angry: "What to do? What to do?"

                "You're just like your mother, all you can do is ask what to do!"

                "This jade bracelet is sold by you, you tell me what to do?"

                Xu Dongxue was anxious: "Then ...... that's also what mum told me to sell ......"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Did I tell you to sell it?"

                "You were the one who asked to sell it ......"

                Seeing that this mother and daughter were about to argue, Huang Liang suddenly said, "Mom, now is not the time to argue about this."

                "It's better to think of a way to solve this matter first!"

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Easy for you to say, how can we solve it?"

                Huang Liang glanced at Lin Mo: "Isn't brother-in-law on good terms with the Zhao family?"

                "Why don't we let brother-in-law go and talk to them about it?"

                "Just say that you lost it by accident, Zhao Qianyuan calls you brother, so he probably won't give you a hard time!"

                Xu Hanxia was anxious, "What are you talking about?"

                "You lost this jade bracelet, why should Lin Mo be held responsible for this?"

                Huang Liang shrugged his shoulders, "Sister, there's really nothing we can do about it."

                "After all, we're not that close to the Zhao family."

                "Besides, our Xu family is such a big company, if we really have to pay for it, the company will have to pay for it?"

                "If Lin Mo were to take responsibility for this, even if the Zhao family wanted him to pay, he wouldn't be able to get the money."

                "In that case, won't our family's assets be saved?"

                Xu Hanxia was dumbfounded, what kind of reasoning was this?

                How thick-skinned did this person have to be to say something like that?

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's eyes lit up, this was a good idea.

                "What Huang Liang said is right."

                "Lin Mo, why don't you suffer a bit and go and admit to the matter?"

                "Don't worry, the Zhao family's people definitely won't do anything to you."

                Fang Hui said in a serious tone.

                "No way!"

                "This matter, has nothing to do with Lin Mo at all, why should Lin Mo be made to bear the burden?"

                "Can you guys have some bottom line as human beings?"

                "Why don't you dare to bear the burden of what you did yourself?"

                Xu Hanxia said sharply.

                Huang Liang bristled, "I'd like to take the blame, but I don't know the Zhao family well, so they'll give me face?"

                "Besides, who caused this incident this time?"

                "If it wasn't for this Lin Mo, we wouldn't even know the Zhao family, and we wouldn't have this jade bracelet, let alone all these things."

                "It was all caused by Lin Mo, and he knows the Zhao family well, so if he doesn't take the blame, who will?"

                Xu Jiangong nodded his head repeatedly, "That's right!"

                "Huang Liang, I'll support you this time."

                "Let's be reasonable, for reasons of reason, it's Lin Mo who should take the blame for this!"

                "It's settled, Lin Mo, I'll leave this to you!"