Medical Genius Chapter 205-206

 Chapter 205

Xu Jiangong nodded repeatedly, "I've left it, I'll definitely leave my number."

                "Mr. Zhao is worth more than a billion dollars, so he is a good match for us."

                "His son, a high achiever from Cambridge University, is the vice president of the company, it's only a matter of time before he takes over the company."

                "So it looks much better than that Cui Yifan before."

                "Our family's situation is indeed suitable for a son-in-law like that!"

                Fang Hui Xi said, "You think so too, so do I."

                "By the way, I heard that Mr Zhao and his family still live in Wangjiang Garden?"

                "Gosh, that's the highest-end residential area in Guangyang City."

                "The old man used to come to Wangjiang Garden and bragged about it for years."

                "In the future, we will often go in and out of Wangjiang Garden, hehe, guess those people in the Xu family, will not be angry!"

                Xu Jiangong was also beaming with joy, nodding his head repeatedly.

                The two of them entered the hall, only to find that it was much less crowded.

                They had just been watching the scenery of the Sea of Clouds from the back and had no idea what had happened on this side of the hall.

                After calling Xu Hanxia, they realised that they had gone to the VIP room.

                They had originally been a bit puzzled, after all, the VIP room of the Genting Reception was only for the really big names in Guangyang City.

                How could they be qualified to enter this VIP room when it was their first time to attend the Genting Reception?

                However, when they went in and saw Old Lady Zhao, they instantly understood what was going on.

                "This old lady really has a lot of energy!" Fang Hui whispered with emotion.

                Xu Jiangong nodded repeatedly, "Luckily, she recognises Hanxia as her righteous daughter."

                "Be polite when you speak to people later, these will be our Xu family's noble people in the future, do you understand?"

                Fang Hui smiled softly, "Don't worry, I'm not a fool."

                The two of them walked to the table, and Fang Hui immediately went to Old Mrs. Zhao, greeting her with a warm face, completely different from her previous coldness.

                Xu Hanxia stood next to her with a speechless look on her face.

                Before tonight, when Fang Hui and Xu Jian Gong had mentioned Old Lady Zhao, they had been full of ridicule.

                Now she was complimenting her and speaking warmly, as if she were her own family, making Xu Hanxia uncomfortable.

                They sat down and the food was served.

                Song Zhilan picked up her glass of wine and smiled, "Sister Hanxia, this first cup of wine, you have to come with me no matter what!"

                Xu Hanxia was surprised: "Mr Song, why is that?"

                "Why?" Song Zhilan looked at Old Mrs. Zhao and smiled, "A few years earlier, I told Old Mrs. Zhao that I wanted to acknowledge her old lady as my godmother."

                "Old Madam Zhao hadn't replied yet, so I went out."

                "When I came back, Old Madam Zhao suddenly had an extra daughter in you!"

                "You stole my godmother away, you say, do you have to toast me?"

                Xu Hanxia dawned on her and laughed, "Mr. Song, you're joking."

                "Here, this glass of wine, I toast you!"

                The two women drank a cup and the atmosphere was cordial.

                There were also several wealthy people from Guangyang City sitting around the table, and they all toasted to Lin Mo Xu Hanxia as well.

                After chatting for a while, Li Zong Rang, the seventh richest man in Guangyang, suddenly said, "Old Mrs Zhao, how come I haven't seen you wearing a family bracelet?"

                Everyone looked over, they all knew the origin of Old Mrs. Zhao's bracelet.

                Old Mrs. Zhao laughed, "My family heirloom bracelet was meant to be passed down to my daughter."

                "In the past, I didn't have a daughter, so I had to wear it myself."

                "Now, I have a daughter, of course I have to give it to my daughter!"

                As she spoke, Old Mrs. Zhao looked at Xu Hanxia with a benevolent expression.

                Xu Hanxia blushed slightly, this bracelet of Old Madam Zhao had a deep meaning.

                However, she had not been able to keep the bracelet well, which made her embarrassed.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was slightly embarrassed, but she didn't really care.

                It was just a bracelet, how expensive could it be?

                What's the point of all this fussing and fussing?

Chapter 206

Li Zong Rang said in a trembling voice, "Old Mrs. Zhao, you gave your family heirloom jade bracelet to Mr. Xu?"

                Song Zhilan exclaimed, "Grandma Zhao, is that true?"

                "You ...... really gave the jade bracelet to Mr. Xu?"

                Old Mrs. Zhao nodded, "Of course!"

                "I only have this one daughter, who will I give it to if not her?"

                The crowd looked at each other, Song Zhilan looked at Xu Hanxia and said in a serious tone, "Mr. Xu, Grandma Zhao is really too kind to you."

                "Don't let Grandma Zhao's kindness down!"

                Li Zong Rang nodded and sighed, "When I talk about this jade bracelet, I think of old Mr Zhao."

                "Ai, back then, my business failed and I owed over two hundred million dollars and was desperate."

                "If Old Mr. Zhao hadn't taken this jade bracelet to vouch for me and let me rise again, I'm afraid that I, Li Zong Rang, would have been gone long ago!"

                With a clatter, the spoon in Fang Hui's hand fell to the ground.

                "What's wrong?" Everyone looked at each other in unison.

                Fang Hui's jaw dropped, and Xu Jian Gong also looked shocked.

                Song Zhilan: "Is there something wrong?"

                "Do you need help?"

                Xu Jiankong regained his composure a little and waved his hands repeatedly, "No ...... it's fine ......"

                "She accidentally dropped the cutlery."

                "Uh, Mr. Li, you ...... you just said that you owe more than two hundred million?"

                Li Zong Rang nodded: "Yes, the business failed back then."

                Xu Jiangong: "But, more than two hundred million, Mr. Zhao ...... old man Zhao that jade bracelet, how to guarantee for you ah?"

                Li Zong Rang gave him a look, "Mr. Xu, you still don't know the value of Old Mrs. Zhao's jade bracelet?"

                "That was the favourite treasure of the Empress of the previous dynasty, and it has passed through several dynasties and is a treasure within the palace."

                "Ten years ago, someone offered 300 million, and Old Lady Zhao didn't sell it!"

                "Now that ten years have passed, the price of this jade bracelet will only go up another thirty percent!"

                At this moment, the bowl that Fang Hui had just picked up fell to the ground again, and her whole body was dumbfounded.

                Xu Jiangong was also frozen in place, dumbfounded and speechless.

                A jade bracelet worth over three hundred million dollars, and they sold it for twenty-eight thousand dollars?

                This was really a big trouble!

                At this moment, both of them, had the urge to die.

                Now, they understood why that jade shop was not open.

                The owner must have run away!

                If it were anyone else, who bought an item worth over 300 million for 28,000, he would have to run away!

                As long as he ran away, once he changed hands, he would be able to eat and drink for the rest of his life!

                "Mr Xu, what's wrong with you?"

                "You two, why do you look so ugly?"

                "Why are you sweating so much?"

                "The temperature in this room is still okay!"

                "How about turning down the air-conditioning temperature a bit more?"

                Li Zong Rang asked in amazement.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was completely unconscious and didn't know what to say back.

                Xu Hanxia knew the mood of these two people best, these two people, this time, had really gotten into a big trouble.

                As a matter of fact, Xu Hanxia herself was stunned.

                She could never have imagined that the jade bracelet that Old Madam Zhao had given her was worth a fortune.

                Previously, she had thought that it was just a family heirloom jade bracelet that had a profound meaning and might not be worth much money.

                But now she realised just how great this kindness from Old Madam Zhao was!

                The most crucial problem was that she hadn't been able to keep the jade bracelet and it had been sold by her parents.

                Xu Hanxia's heart was filled with guilt, and she mustered up the courage to whisper, "Godmother, I'm sorry, this jade bracelet ......"

                Xu Hanxia originally wanted to admit this matter, Lin Mo directly interrupted her words, "The jade bracelet is at home, did not wear it over."

                "This jade bracelet is so valuable that Hanxia doesn't dare to wear it when she goes out."

                The crowd laughed, that was true.

                Who would dare to wear a jade bracelet worth over 300 million dollars all over the street?

                Xu Hanxia looked at Lin Mo blankly, what was the point of lying at this time?