Medical Genius Chapter 203-204

 Chapter 203

The crowd turned their heads only to see a crowd of people at the door.

                Immediately afterwards, a group of people walked in through the doorway.

                The man at the head of the group was tall and imposing.

                From the moment he appeared, he automatically became the focus of everyone's attention.

                Even those who did not know him would be shocked by his aura.

                This is the unique aura of a person who has been in a position of power for a long time!

                He was the king of Guangyang City!

                The absolute king!

                The crowd was a little agitated, and many people were shivering with excitement.

                This number one king of Guangyang, how many people had only heard of his name, but had never seen him.

                Today's sighting would definitely give them something to brag about in the future!

                Li Heng was instantly overjoyed.

                Just now, he had been scolded by Old Madam Zhao and ignored by Huang Yongfeng, so he had held his anger in his stomach.

                Now that Nanba Tian was here, this was the real focus of the whole scene.

                As long as he could have a few words with Nanba Tian, then all the humiliation from before could all be cleared away, and the crowd could still only look up to him!

                It just so happened that he had followed his grandfather and visited Nanba Tian twice, so he was a familiar face.

                Therefore, in full view of everyone, Li Heng hurriedly walked over.

                "Uncle Nan, long time no see!"

                "I really didn't expect that you could come to the Genting Wine Party, it's really an honour for my ten families!"

                "I'll call my grandfather later, so that his old man must come over and have a few drinks with Uncle Nan!"

                Li Heng bent over to speak, but didn't notice that Nan Batian didn't even stop by him.

                When he lifted his head, Nan Batian had already walked over to Lin Mo.

                "Greetings, Mr. Lin!"

                The crowd was once again confused.

                What was this?

                The hell?

                It was fine for Huang Yongfeng to be so polite to Lin Mo, but how could Nan Batian be like this too?

                Just now, Li Heng greeted him so respectfully, and Nanba Tian simply ignored him.

                And yet, he came to greet Lin Mo?

                What was going on here?

                What was this doorstep son-in-law capable of?

                How could he get the First King of Guangyang to come and greet him?

                Old Madam Zhao's eyes were wide with wonder.

                Huang Yongfeng was no big deal, but this Nanba Tian was a real behemoth.

                What about the Genting Wine Party?

                A single word from Nanba Tian could cause the entire Genting Wine Club to disband.

                This figure, who is above the Ten Families, has absolute power of speech in Guangyang City!

                Even in Guangyang Province, who would dare to be disrespectful to Nanba Tian?

                However, why did such a big man treat Lin Mo in such a manner?

                Not only was Old Madam Zhao confused, but everyone else had the same question.

                Li Heng was even more dumbfounded.

                A Huang Yongfeng, he could still accept it.

                But Nanba Tian was also like this, he was really going to collapse!

                What kind of person did he invite here?

                Song Zhilan's face changed rapidly, she originally thought that Lin Mo Xu Hanxia didn't have any background.

                Now, it seemed that she had underestimated them.

                Old Madam Zhao, Huang Yongfeng, Nanba Tian!

                One was tougher than the other!

                With such a background, what did the ten great families count for?

                For them to come to this Genting Wine Party, they were all considered to be high on the list of the Genting Wine Party!

                Lin Mo was calm and said slowly, "Mr. Nan, Mr. Huang, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany you to dinner!"

                Huang Yongfeng was surprised: "Why?"

                Old Mrs. Zhao snorted coldly, "Some people say that Mr. Lin is a soft-earned white boy who comes here and brings down the class of the Genting Wine Party!"

                "What!?" Huang Yongfeng was furious, "Who said that?"

                "Stand out for me!"

                Nan Batian also had a gloomy look on his face and said in a cold voice, "What class does the Genting Wine Party have?"

                "My friend from Nanba Tian came here, did he insult you guys?"

                "The Ten Great Families, what a great show of authority!"

                The crowd at the scene looked at Li Heng Zhou Ze and the others in unison.

                These youngsters from the Ten Great Families were shivering in fear, who could have imagined that things would have gone this far.

Chapter 204

Zhou Ze was even closer to pissing himself in fear, he was the one who had deliberately targeted Lin Mo just now.

                Once Huang Yongfeng and Nanba Tian pursued him, he would be absolutely finished.

                Even the entire Zhou family couldn't afford to mess with these two big shots at the same time.

                When the time came, the family would definitely have to strip him of this heirship in order to appease the anger of these two people!

                This time, he had really made a fool of himself!

                "Li Heng, did you say this?" Huang Yongfeng asked in a deep voice.

                Li Heng shivered and shook his head hurriedly, "No...... not me......"

                Huang Yongfeng shouted angrily, "Then who said it?"

                "If the ten clans don't give me an explanation today, I'm absolutely not finished with you!"

                Nanba Tian even said in a cold voice, "In this matter, either the Ten Great Families give me a satisfactory explanation."

                "Or, from now on, this Genting Wine Party will no longer be held!"

                The crowd paled, Nanba Tian really had the ability to break up the Genting Wine Party.

                The guests around had already quietly sided with Nanba Tian and were all watching the Ten Great Families with amusement.

                The Ten Great Families crowd was also shivering, and finally, one person couldn't help but say, "Yes ...... it was Zhou Ze who said that ......"

                Zhou Ze was anxious: "Hou Zhe, you fuck, you dare to frame Laozi!"

                Li Heng glared, "Shut up!"

                "It was you who said it, do you want to transfer the surveillance?"

                "Manly man, since you did it, you have to admit it!"

                Everyone else also nodded their heads, putting the blame on Zhou Ze alone for this matter.

                Zhou Ze was about to die of anger, even though he was the one who said this. But the problem was, everyone behind him had said it, so how could he be made to bear the blame alone?

                Besides, we came to help you, Li Heng, in this incident, only for you to betray me at this time?

                The more he thought about it, the angrier Zhou Ze simply said loudly, "Master Tian, Mr. Huang, I admit it, I said those words just now!"

                "But, I didn't lead the charge for what happened tonight!"

                "It was led by Li Heng, who deliberately gathered us to drive Lin Mo out of the Genting Wine Party."

                "We're just here to help Li Heng, that's all!"

                Li Heng was also anxious: "Zhou Ze, you're spewing blood!"

                Zhou Ze shouted, "Manly man, since you dare to do it, you must dare to admit it!"

                "Li Heng, I admitted what I did, don't you dare to admit what you did?"

                Li Heng: "I ......"

                Nanba Tian nodded slowly: "So, Li Heng is the mastermind, and you all are involved in this matter?"

                "Good! Very good! Very good!"

                "Someone, drag them all out."

                "Get the heads of the ten families to come and pick them up personally."

                "Those who are not picked up by 10pm, break both legs and throw them off the mountain!"

                A group of people behind Nanba Tian rushed straight over and dragged all these people out without a word.

                The crowd at the scene was deathly silent.

                This was the hegemony of Guangyang's number one king!

                Looking at Lin Mo again, no one dared to underestimate him any more.

                Nan Batian didn't even look at these people and smiled, "Mr. Lin, let's go in and sit down."

                Lin Mo nodded, and the crowd entered the innermost VIP room.

                Song Zhilan followed behind, she was originally the owner of this Genting Wine Party.

                And now, she was the lowest status person in here.

                Old Madam Zhao, Huang Yongfeng, Nan Batian, any one of them was an existence that she could only look up to!

                Luckily, Huang Yongfeng and Nan Batian did not stay here for long.

                The two sat for a while and left first.

                And that, too, was enough to shock everyone.

                It was a great honour for the Genting Wine Club to have these two people come and go.

                The two of them had actually come here this time to build momentum for Lin Mo.

                They were well aware of the faces of these people at the Genting Wine Club and were worried that Lin Mo would suffer here, which was why they had rushed here personally.

                Not long after they had left, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui followed some people out of the back garden.

                "By the way, did you leave the phone number of that Mr. Zhao just now?

                "That son of his, sounds like he's in a good position, quite a match for our family Hanxia!"

                Fang Hui said happily.