Medical Genius Chapter 199-200

 Chapter 199

Li Heng said softly, "Zhi Lan, the Ten Families didn't put you in charge of the Genting Wine Party for you to fool around."

                "The qualifications for attending the Genting Wine Party are very strict, not just anyone can get into the Genting Wine Party."

                "These two people, who just run a small pharmaceutical company, are not qualified to enter the Genting Reception at all!"

                "What's more, this man, is also a door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft rice."

                "You're simply insulting to all the VIPs by allowing a soft-salaried white boy to attend the reception!"

                At these words, the surrounding crowd burst into a roar.

                "What? That man is a son-in-law?"

                "What kind of son-in-law is that? He's just a white boy!"

                "I remember, I think that woman's name is Xu Hanxia, the former number one beauty in Guangyang City. She really recruited a loser as her son-in-law!"

                "So it's them, isn't this family very poor? Why did they come to the Genting Wine Party?"

                "Has the vetting of the Genting Wine Party later become so arbitrary? Anyone can get into this party?"

                "I think we don't need to pay too much attention to this reception in the future. The Genting Wine Party no longer has the same specifications as before!"

                The crowd murmured, their words full of contempt and disdain.

                Song Zhilan's face changed immediately, she could see that Li Heng had deliberately come to pick a fight this time.

                "Li Heng, what exactly do you mean?"

                Song Zhilan asked in a deep voice.

                Li Heng: "Zhi Lan, I am also doing this for your own good."

                "The Ten Great Families are trusting you by leaving the Genting Wine Party to you to take care of."

                "You also have to be worthy of the trust of the Ten Great Families, instead of leading any cats and dogs to the Genting Wine Club."

                "If you do this, won't you be chilling the hearts of all the elders who trust you?"

                Xu Hanxia Lin Mo's brow furrowed, this Li Heng was really a sight for sore eyes.

                Both of them were here, and they were still calling each other a cat or a dog, clearly scolding them!

                Song Zhilan said angrily, "Li Heng, speak with respect!"

                "Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin are my friends, and Mr. Lin is even my daughter's life-saver."

                "If you disrespect them, you're insulting me!"

                Li Heng laughed coldly, "What life-saving benefactor is nothing more than the treacherous tricks of a despicable person!"

                "Zhi Lan, do you really not understand, or are you faking it?"

                "This man, Lin, is just a little white man, just trying to get close to you through the matter of your daughter."

                "You're still so grateful to him, Zhi Lan, you're still too simple, you don't understand the danger of the human heart in this world!"

                Song Zhilan was furious: "Li Heng, that's enough!"

                "If you keep talking like that, don't blame me for being ungracious!"

                Li Heng's face changed, "What, you don't believe my words?"

                Xu Chang Chang immediately came over, "Mr. Song, what Young Li said is correct."

                "Young Li is doing all this for you."

                "You mustn't let Young Li down!"

                "If you want me to say so, you should get rid of these two."

                "Young Li is the good match, this Lin Mo, is just a soft-earned white boy."

                "Inviting him to the reception is not only an insult to the reception, but also an insult to yourself!"

                Xu Changchang said, and glanced triumphantly at Lin Mo Xu Hanxia.

                In his mind, he calculated that he would drive these two people out in front of the crowd.

                In this way, he would be the first person from the Xu family to enter the Genting Wine Party.

                Song Zhilan was furious: "Who are you?"

                "Do you have the right to speak here?"

                "Li Heng, are all the people you brought here so unruly?"

                Li Heng looked embarrassed and glared angrily at Xu Changchang, "Who told you to speak?"

                "Get out!"

                Xu Changchang couldn't help but stare, he didn't expect that he would end up in such a situation after helping Li Heng to say a few words.

                "Young Li, I ...... am speaking for you ......"

                Xu Changchang said urgently.

                Li Heng was furious: "Shut up!"

                "What are you, I need you to speak for me?"

                Xu Changchang's face was pale, only now did he understand that he was not even a dog in Li Heng's eyes.

Chapter 200

Kicking Xu Chang Chang away, Li Heng said, "Zhi Lan, my man is unruly, so I'll let him get out!"

                "Now, it's your turn."

                "These two people, they are not qualified to attend the Genting Wine Party, I want you to kick them out too!"

                Song Zhilan said in a cold voice, "Impossible!"

                "They were personally invited by me, that's their qualification."

                Those people around Li Heng were all looking unhappy.

                Zhou Ze said loudly, "Sister Lan, if you're so bent on having your own way, then don't blame us for being ungracious!"

                "You are in charge of the Genting Wine Club, this is the power given to you by the Ten Great Families."

                "How dare you invite someone who is not qualified to attend a wine party like this here?"

                "Hmph, if the elders found out, guess if they would deprive you of your power?"

                Song Zhilan's face was chilled, Zhou Ze was obviously threatening her.

                However, those people around Li Heng were now all looking at Song Zhilan with unfriendly faces as well.

                It was obvious that if Song Zhilan was bent on having her own way, these people would contact the elders of the family.

                Honestly, there were many people from the Ten Great Families who were not willing to have Song Zhilan take charge of the Genting Wine Party.

                It was just that, in the past, the ten families were not united.

                Moreover, Song Zhilan had always acted steadily and no one could do anything to Song Zhilan.

                If this time, if the Ten Families caught a hold of her, then I'm afraid that Song Zhilan would be in trouble.

                At this moment, a woman glanced at Lin Mo: "Hey, can you two think about Sister Lan?"

                "Can't you see that Sister Lan is in such a difficult position, and you two are still standing here?"

                "If you really think of Sister Lan as a friend, you two should have left automatically instead of causing Sister Lan trouble!"

                Song Zhilan's face changed and she hurriedly said, "Asahier, don't be rude to Mr. Lin and Mrs. Lin."

                Xu Hanxia blushed with embarrassment and whispered, "Lin Mo, why don't we leave?"

                That Asahier nodded in satisfaction, "That's right!"

                "People, the most important thing is to have self-awareness!"

                "You are not qualified to attend the Genting Wine Party, so even if you force yourselves to stay here, what is the point?"

                "You should get in touch with people from whatever class you are in yourself."

                "Forcing yourself into those upper circles is only asking for trouble!"

                The crowd around them nodded their heads.

                Xu Hanxia's face swelled red and she pulled Lin Mo to leave.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo, who had always been gentle, gently stopped her.

                Lin Mo glanced at Li Heng and said softly, "I would like to ask, what would qualify one to attend the Genting Wine Party?"

                Li Heng smiled coldly, "The exact qualifications, are rather complicated."

                "But, I can tell you responsibly!"

                "You two, are definitely not qualified to attend this wine party!"

                "Especially you, this soft-earned white boy, even standing here is the biggest insult to this reception!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold and he was just about to speak.

                At this moment, a noisy sound suddenly came from upstairs.

                Immediately after, an old voice came out, "Who has insulted this wine party?"

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see Old Madam Zhao walking out surrounded by a group of people.

                The crowd of the ten great families were all shocked and they were all amazed.

                Why had this old lady, who hadn't left her home for years, suddenly come to this reception?

                Li Heng hurriedly greeted her and smiled, "Grandma Zhao, when did you come?"

                "Why didn't you inform me? I came to pick you up myself!"

                Old Mrs. Zhao ignored Li Heng and walked straight over, saying aloud, "I originally didn't want to come to this reception."

                "But I got the news that my sweet daughter is here."

                "Although I am an old lady, I had to come and see her, so that you would not bully my daughter!"

                At these words, the crowd gasped.

                Li Heng's eyes widened, "Grandma Zhao, when did you have a daughter?"

                "Where is it? How come I haven't seen one?"

                Old Mrs Zhao smiled as she walked over to Xu Hanxia and took Xu Hanxia's hand.

                "Gentlemen, let me introduce to you."

                "This, is my righteous daughter, and my only precious daughter, Xu Hanxia!"