Medical Genius Chapter 193-194

 Chapter 193

The Cloud Top Mountain Resort is located on Cloud Mist Mountain.

                This mountain is the highest mountain in Guangyang City. It is high into the clouds, and the top of the mountain is surrounded by clouds all year round, so there is also the Cloud Top Wonderland, which is one of the best in Guangyang City.

                The Cloud Top Villa is located in the most beautiful part of the Cloud Top Wonderland.

                It is no easy task to build a lodge in such a scenic spot.

                What's more, it is even more difficult to build a private club-like lodge in one of the most beautiful areas.

                This was why being able to enter the Genting Villa was a symbol of status.

                At seven o'clock in the evening, Lin Mo drove the herbal company's Paramela and slowly drove into the Genting Lodge.

                As soon as he entered the car park, Fang Hui exclaimed.

                "This ...... is all the luxury cars from the entire Guangyang City?"

                "Even if it's a car show, you can't see so many luxury cars!"

                Even Xu Hanxia was shocked.

                In this spacious car park, there were rare luxury cars parked everywhere.

                What Rolls Royce Bentley, in this, could be seen everywhere.

                The most crucial thing was that there were many sports cars worth over ten million dollars, that could really only be seen on television.

                And now, there were at least twenty of those luxury cars worth more than ten million parked here!

                Xu Jiangong was in a thrilled mood, this was the upper class of Guangyang City, this was the group of people at the top of Guangyang City!

                They had just stopped the car when a young man wearing Armani walked over.

                "Staff cars are not allowed to park here, go to the basement over there."

                "And what's this you're wearing? Where's the Armani the company gave you?"

                "Didn't I tell you, security staff, uniform wear Armani, you still don't hurry up and go change!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was once again confused, this youth was wearing an outfit that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, they thought it was some young talent.

                Unexpectedly, it was just a staff member here?

                The staff were of this class?

                It looked like he had taken Lin Mo for a staff member.

                However, this wasn't surprising.

                This Paramela that Fang Hui had bought was considered a luxury car in her circle of friends.

                However, here, it wasn't even an entry point.

                The cheapest car here could buy her two or three of these cars.

                It was normal for people to treat them like staff.

                Lin Mo said, "Hello, we're here for the reception."

                The youth was stunned: "You ...... you're driving this car to a reception?"

                "Don't be ridiculous!"

                "I came to work and drove a Cayenne."

                "What kind of person comes to this reception in a car of such low class."

                "I've been working here for two years and this is the first time I've seen a car of this class!"

                Lin Mo: "What I said is true."

                "It was Miss Song Zhilan Song who invited us here."

                The youth's face changed and he suddenly remembered something: "You ...... are Mr. Lin Mo?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head.

                The youth's face changed greatly and he hastily bent down and bowed, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "I have eyes that are not aware of Mount Tai, I have just offended, please forgive me!"

                "I ...... I didn't ...... know you ......"

                The youth stammered when he got to the back, he wanted to say that he didn't know Lin Mo would drive such a car over.

                In his opinion, those who could come here were all dignified people.

                Attending the Genting cocktail party was also a symbol of class in itself, and they would all drive over in luxury cars to enhance the class of the place.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo just drove a two to three million dollar car and was dressed so casually.

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "It's fine!"

                "Can I park my car here?"

                The youth nodded hastily, "Yes, of course you can!"

                "Mr. Lin, you guys go into the lobby first, I'll park your car for you."

                "If you have any requests, you can always tell me!"

                Lin Mo and the others got out of the car, casually gave the car keys to the youth and went straight into the lobby.

                On the youth's side, there was a confused look on his face.

                "People really can't look like people!"

                The youth lamented in a low voice.

Chapter 194

At the entrance of the hall, there are also several beautiful girls in dresses to receive them.

                The girls here are all more beautiful than one another.

                At least one meter seventy-five or taller, with tall bodies and school girl level looks.

                The most crucial thing was that these girls were all highly educated, with the lowest being a graduate degree.

                These were also carefully selected by the ten families for the class of the reception.

                It could be seen that Song Zhilan had given the people below her an explanation of what Lin Mo would be coming to.

                Immediately after Lin Mo gave his name, a girl led them into the reception.

                A number of people had now come to the hall, all dressed in glamour.

                The dresses that Xu Jiangong Fang Hui had taken out his family's savings to buy, here, too, looked low class and completely incomparable to others.

                However, this also made Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui excited, this was what highlighted the class of the reception.

                "Look, that one over there, that's the chairman of the Guanghua Group. Our old man visited him a dozen times before, and it was hard to meet him, a big shot!" Xu Jiangong whispered.

                "Look at this, Li Zong Rend, the seventh of the ten richest people in Guangyang City, this is a real big shot." Fang Hui also said excitedly.

                "That one over there, the chairman of Wanfeng Group ......"

                "Look at this, first-tier star Li Fangfang ah ......"

                The two of them kept exclaiming, as if Liu Lou Lou had entered the Grand View Garden, their eyes were not enough to make use of.

                Anyone here was an existence that they could only look up to before.

                Now, everyone was inside a cocktail party.

                No wonder Xu Yongqing had struggled for over ten years, desperately trying to get into the Genting Wine Party.

                It really was a symbol of status!

                There wasn't much in here to know them either, so no one talked to them after they came in.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui did have the desire to talk to others, but was too anxious to go over and talk to them, the status gap was really too great.

                Lin Mo was relatively calm, he and Nanba Tian could talk and laugh together.

                These people, no matter how much status they had, were they better than Nan Batian?

                Fang Hui had a face of envy while glancing at Lin Mo again, "Lin Mo, take a look."

                "These are the real big shots, the real upper class people."

                "Pulling out just one of them is much better than those uncouth friends of yours!"

                "If you befriend one, no matter which one, you will definitely benefit for life."

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but feel indignant: "Mom, how can you bring Lin Mo into everything?"

                Xu Jiangong immediately glared: "What? What's wrong with what your mother said?"

                "That's the way it is!"

                "Look at all the people Lin Mo has befriended, who are they?"

                "What Deng Jun, what Tiger, what Zhao Qianyuan, what are they all for?"

                "You have that little mind, get to know a few more big names, and our family business can develop better."

                Xu Hanxia: "Dad, I think they're all very nice."

                "Deng Jun and Tiger, managing the herb company very well and making a lot of profit."

                "And Brother Zhao's family, they treat us very well too."

                Fang Hui bristled, "There's no point in being nice."

                "Then it's only because you're the chairman of Xu Pharmaceuticals that you've come to flatter you."

                "A bracelet of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan is all you get for adopting a chairman as your daughter. When did the chairman become so worthless?"

                Xu Jiangong nodded his head repeatedly with a disdainful face.

                Xu Hanxia still wanted to retort, but just then, a voice suddenly came from the doorway, "Old Madam Zhao has arrived!"

                Hearing this voice, those people who were still in the hall gathered at the door almost simultaneously, as if they were greeting someone.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was all surprised, "Which Old Madam Zhao?"

                "How could she have such influence, all these big shots, all going to wait for her?"

                In full view of everyone, Zhao Qianyuan's mother, the old lady of the Zhao family, walked in with a smile on her face.