Medical Genius Chapter 191-192

 Chapter 191

Guangyang City, Wan Heng Group.

                This company belongs to the Li family, one of the ten largest families in Guangyang City, and it is Li Heng, the heir of the Li family, who now manages the company's affairs.

                At mid-morning, Li Heng was in the middle of his office when a phone call came in.

                "General Li, there is a young man outside looking for you, saying that he has something important to report to you!"

                Li Heng: "Do you have an appointment?"

                Secretary: "No!"

                Li Heng was furious: "What are you calling me for without an appointment?"

                "My rules, don't you understand?"

                The secretary paused for a moment and whispered, "That young man said that the matter he wanted to report was related to General Song."

                Li Heng couldn't help but stare, and was silent for a moment, "Let him in!"

                Not long after, the door of the room opened and the secretary led Xu Chang Chang in.

                Looking at the nearly two hundred square feet office, Xu Chang Yuan's heart was simply shocked to the extreme.

                This was the kind of life that successful people should have!

                In that case, what did the small Xu Pharmaceuticals count for?

                If he could hold on to Li Heng's leg, his future success would definitely be no worse than Xu Yongqing's!

                "What do you want to report?" Li Heng had an impatient face.

                If this matter did not concern Song Zhilan, he would never have let such a bumpkin into his office.

                Xu Changchang nodded and came over, "How are you, young Li?"

                "Introduce yourself, my name is Xu Changchang, my grandfather is Xu Yongqing, the chairman of Xu Pharmaceutical ......"

                Li Heng waved his hand directly, "Don't say such useless nonsense!"

                "I'm not interested in your identity, say something useful."

                In Li Heng's eyes, as small as Xu Chang Yuan's family's children, they were just like ants, he didn't even put them in his eyes.

                Xu Chang Yuan didn't dare to be the least bit displeased and hurriedly said, "Young Li, this is how it is."

                "I've gotten word that there's a little white boy who recently tried to hook up with General Song."

                Li Heng looked impatient, "There are many people who want to chase Zhi Lan, so what kind of news is this?"

                Xu Chang Chang nodded, "Of course, it's not really new news."

                "But the problem is that Mr. Song seems to have an unusual attitude towards this little white boy."

                Li Heng's face changed and he directly stood up, "What did you say?"

                Everyone in the entire Guangyang City knew that Li Heng had been chasing Song Zhilan, and also regarded Song Zhilan as a forbidden piece of meat, not allowing anyone to get their hands on it.

                Xu Changchang also knew this, which was why he had come to find Li Heng.

                As expected, Li Heng's reaction satisfied Xu Chang Yuan, and it looked like he had found the right person.

                Li Heng walked aggressively in front of Xu Changchang and shouted angrily, "Do you know what you are talking about?"

                "How dare you insult Zhi Lan in front of me, believe it or not I will sink you into the Guangyang River!"

                "Don't talk to me about your family, if I wanted to, one word could wipe out your entire family!"

                Xu Changchang was shivering with fear and said hurriedly, "Young Li, what I said is true."

                "If you don't believe me, you can send someone to investigate."

                Li Heng shouted angrily, "Bullshit!"

                "For so many years, how many people wanted to chase Zhi Lan, but Zhi Lan didn't give a damn about them!"

                "A trashy little white boy, how could Zhi Lan even look at him?"

                Xu Long Chang said urgently, "Young Li, the usual white boy kind of routine, of course Song won't eat it."

                "But this time, this little white boy, the set up is not ordinary."

                Li Heng was surprised: "How is it unusual?"

                Xu Chang Chang: "Everyone else started with General Manager Song, but this little white boy, he started with General Manager Song's daughter."

                Li Heng's face suddenly changed, he knew that Song Zhilan loved that daughter the most.

                If someone really started with her daughter, it might really be possible to impress her.

                Li Heng said angrily, "What is going on?"

                Xu Changchang hurriedly told what he knew, and finally said, "Young Li, this matter, it was completely planned by that Lin Mo."

                "The person who hit Mr. Song's car is a relative of Lin Mo's."

                "The one who handled this matter was Lin Mo himself."

                "The one who took the child to the hospital was also Lin Mo."

                "The hospital to which he was sent was also the hospital where Lin Mo worked."

                "Think about it yourself, how can there be such a coincidence?"

Chapter 192

Li Heng frowned tightly, when Xu Chang Chang said so much, he really smelled a hint of conspiracy in it.

                "You're saying that Zhi Lan violated the rules by inviting him to the Genting Wine Party?"

                "But didn't Zhi Lan invite his wife there too?"

                "They were together as a couple, what else could this Lin Mo do that was out of the ordinary?"

                Li Heng asked.

                Xu Chang Chang waved his hand, "Mr. Li, this Lin Mo, is not the same as a normal white boy."

                "He was originally a door-to-door son-in-law, vain and greedy for enjoyment, just running after Xu Hanxia's family fortune."

                "Now that he's hooked up with Mr. Song, will he still care about Xu Hanxia's family fortune?"

                "This Lin Mo is the best at deceiving women."

                "Moreover, Mr. Song is not averse to him."

                "If we really let the two of them get closer, Li Shao, this woman has soft ears."

                "If you hear too much sweet talk, there's no guarantee that something won't happen!"

                Li Heng's heart was secretly alarmed, he immediately stood up and said in a deep voice, "This little white boy, how dare he hit Zhi Lan's idea."

                "I'll make him regret what he's done!"

                Xu Chang Yuan was overjoyed, he had come to Li Heng because he wanted to use Li Heng's hand to deal with Lin Mo.

                "A heavenly fairy like General Song is only worthy of you, Young Li!"

                "What kind of a person is this Lin Mo, how dare he hit on General Manager Song."

                "It's people like that who really deserve to die!"

                Xu Chang Chang even patted his horse's back.

                Li Heng glanced at him, "Tonight, you're going to the Genting Wine Party with me."

                "If this thing is true, from now on, you'll come to work for me."

                "I won't treat you badly!"

                Xu Chang Yuan was overjoyed and hurriedly bent down to pay his respects, "Thank you, Li Shao! Thank you, Young Li!"

                He didn't expect that he would be qualified to enter the Genting Wine Club as well.

                This time, he could also go home and show off.

                At least, he wouldn't be trampled under the feet of Xu Jiangong's family!

                Xu Changchang rushed home, took out his best clothes, his best watch, and ran to Xu Yongqing to borrow his Maybach.

                When Xu Jianping saw him all dressed up, he was surprised: "What are you doing?"

                Xu Yongqing's eyebrows flew up, "Dad, I've been invited to the Genting wine party tonight!"

                "What!?" The family all exclaimed in shock.

                Xu Yongqing's eyes widened, "What are you ...... talking about?"

                "Are you hooking up with Xu Jiangong and the others?"

                "I'm telling you, if you go along with that white-eyed wolf, you ...... won't be my grandson!"

                Xu Jianping was also furious: "Long term, how could you do something so disgraceful?"

                "What kind of person is Xu Jian Gong Hui, don't you know?"

                "He is slapping us in the face, slapping everyone in our family in the face!"

                Xu Changchang was helpless: "Grandpa, where were you thinking?"

                "It wasn't Xu Jiangong who invited me, it was Li Heng who invited me. Just that heir to the Li family, the president of the Wan Heng Group!"

                The crowd froze.

                This was a big shot!

                The Li family was one of the top ten families in Guangyang City, ranking in the top three.

                Li Heng himself, among the younger generation, was also the best, far surpassing a dude like Zhou Ze.

                Such a big shot, even Xu Yongqing, did not even have the qualifications to meet him.

                He actually invited Xu Yongqing to the Genting Wine Party?

                "You ...... are not talking in your sleep, are you?" Xu Jianping said sharply.

                Xu Changchang laughed, "Dad, would I still lie to you?"

                "It's true, Young Li invited me to the Genting Wine Party!"

                "Not only that, Young Li also promised me that he would make Xu Jiangong's family get the hell out of Genting Villa tonight!"

                "Just wait and see, I'll use my strength to prove that his Xu Jiangong family is still far inferior to us!"