Medical Genius Chapter 185-186

 Chapter 185

Xu Jiangong also came over and said disdainfully, "Lin Mo, do you know that boss?"

                "Coming up and saying that someone ran away?"

                "Do you know where his family lives?"

                "Do you know his name?"

                "Do you know him well?"

                Fang Hui couldn't help but be pleased and nodded her head, "Yes, yes, yes, that's right!"

                "Do you know the boss' name?"

                "And he said he ran away?"

                "Do you believe he'll sue you for slander?"

                Lin Mo ignored them and gently patted Xu Hanxia's shoulder, "Hanxia, don't worry."

                "I've already asked my friend to track down the matter."

                "The jade bracelet will definitely be recovered!"

                Xu Hanxia nodded helplessly, now that things had come to this point, this was all that could be done.

                "Looking for those unscrupulous friends again, huh?"

                "Lin Mo, I'm telling you, you pay attention to me!"

                "Our Xu family, now in Guangyang City, is also a dignified family and a member of the upper class."

                "If you want to go with those low-lifes, then leave our Xu family and divorce Hanxia."

                "We, the Xu family, don't want to get involved with those unqualified and uncivilised people!"

                Fang Hui said with a scowl.

                Xu Hanxia was annoyed: "Mom, what are you talking about?"

                "How is Lin Mo's friend unqualified and uncivilised?"

                "Also, since when is our Xu family the upper class of Guangyang City?"

                "Don't you have any idea what our family is like?"

                "Have you ever seen any upper class people living in this three-bedroom house?"

                Fang Hui was at a loss for words.

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "Hanxia, it's not right for you to say that."

                "This is just a temporary hardship we're in, it will pass soon."

                "In life, how can we have smooth sailing. It's only admirable to go through ups and downs and achieve success!"

                "We've only just got Xu Pharmaceutical, when the company dividends come down this year, it will definitely be tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions."

                "When the time comes, what house do we want to live in no?"

                "Maybe we can go straight to the Shengshi Mansion and buy a villa!"

                Fang Hui nodded her head repeatedly, "That's right, if we want to buy, we'll buy the Centurion Mansion!"

                "When our family business gets bigger in a few years, and we're almost as big as the top ten families, we'll go to Wangjiang Garden!"

                "Let me tell you, when we live in Wangjiang Garden, our family will really be considered to have stepped into the top of the pyramid in Guangyang City!"

                "Oh, when the time comes, get a pass for your dad's car for Wangjiang Garden."

                "And then back to the old Xu family, huh, guess what attitude they will use to talk to us?"

                Xu Jiangong also had a longing look on his face.

                In the past few years, he had suffered too much in the Xu family, and he was really looking forward to the day when he would raise his eyebrows.

                If he could live in Wangjiang Garden and return to the Xu family in a luxury car with a pass to Wangjiang Garden, that would be the moment when he would return as king.

                At that time, all the grievances he had suffered for so many years would be cleared away at once.

                Xu Yongqing, Xu Jianping, everyone in the Xu family would have to look up to him, what an honor that would be!

                Xu Hanxia rolled her eyes for a moment.

                These two people, were they crazy?

                This is the size of Xu Pharmaceutical, and they still want to enter Wangjiang Park?

                It was hard to say if they could even live in the Shengshi Mansion!

                She did not bother to argue with these two people and took Lin Mo into the room.

                Xu Hanxia looked at Lin Mo and said sincerely, "Lin Mo, when the dividends come down this year, I must buy a new house."

                "No matter the size, even if it's only a one-room house, it's still our home!"

                "When the time comes, we'll both move there, and I'll never want you to suffer like this again!"

                Lin Mo's heart warmed up as he smiled gently, "When we're done, we'll move to Wangjiang Garden!"

                Xu Hanxia gave him a blank look, "What are you mad about?"

                "Wangjiang Garden, that's not something you can buy just by having money."

                "I guess it's hopeless for us in this life."

Chapter 186

"Go back to work well, if you do a good job, we may be able to live in the Centurion Mansion, I'll be satisfied."

                "Oh yes, I heard that there are some villas in the Centurion Mansion that come with their own swimming pool."

                "Lin Mo, you said, in the future, when we both have children."

                "The kids will be playing in the pool, and we'll be sipping drinks on deck chairs watching the sunset."

                "I wish we could have that day!"

                Xu Hanxia had a longing look on her face and was caught up in an excited fantasy.

                Lin Mo looked at her stunningly beautiful face and whispered in his heart, "Halfsia, this day is almost here!"

                "Once I've cured Xi'er, I'll bring you to live in Wangjiang Garden."

                "Everything you want, I've prepared for you!"

                During the evening meal, Lin Mo's mobile phone suddenly rang.

                He took out his phone and saw that it was Song Zhilan.

                Lin Mo got up and prepared to go to the bedroom to answer the phone.

                When Xu Jiangong saw this, he immediately said angrily, "Stand still!"

                "Answer it right here!"

                "What's so shameful about it?"

                Lin Mo had a helpless look on his face.

                They had even had a fight about Song Zhilan last night, which was why he was ready to go to the bedroom to answer the phone.

                Xu Hanxia took a look and immediately said, "Dad, Lin Mo's personal phone, why do you care so much?"

                Xu Jiangong said, "What kind of personal phone call can he have?"

                "Answer it here, we won't disturb him, that's fine!"

                Xu Hanxia still wanted to speak, but Lin Mo hurriedly said, "Alright."

                He picked up the phone and put it on speakerphone: "Miss Song, something wrong?"

                Song Zhilan's voice came out, "Mr. Lin, hello."

                Hearing this voice, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face instantly chilled and he almost didn't curse.

                However, they were afraid of Song Zhilan and did not dare to curse or even make a sound.

                Song Zhilan: "It's like this, there's a reception tomorrow night, and the people who will be there are some businessmen from Guangyang City."

                "I want to invite Mr. and Mrs. Lin to the reception, I wonder if the two of you have time?"

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui shook their heads outright, gesturing with their eyes for Lin Mo not to say yes.

                Xu Hanxia, however, snatched the words, "Thank you so much, Sister Lan."

                "When and where tomorrow, Lin Mo and I will be there on time!"

                Song Zhilan smiled lightly, "Hello, Mrs. Lin."

                "Tomorrow at 7:30 pm, at the Genting Villa."

                "When the two of you arrive, just report my name."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's eyes widened straight away, "Cloud ...... Genting Reception?"

                Song Zhilan was surprised: "Who's talking?"

                Xu Hanxia was also in shock, Lin Mo hurriedly said, "Sorry, we are having dinner, the family is here."

                "Miss Song, we will be there on time tomorrow, thank you very much!"

                Song Zhilan: "You're welcome."

                "We are looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow!"

                When Song Zhilan hung up the phone, Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were still in shock.

                "Did you hear correctly just now?"

                "She ...... was talking about the Genting Villa?"

                Xu Jiangong's voice shivered, shocked to the core.

                Fang Hui's tongue was in a knot and she couldn't even speak.

                Xu Hanxia also looked at Lin Mo: "Sister Lan ...... Lan invited us to the Genting reception?"

                "I ...... I didn't hear it wrong, did I?"

                Lin Mo was slightly different: "What's the Genting Wine Party?"

                Xu Jiangong immediately glared: "Don't you know?"

                "A banquet that has existed in Guangyang City for over twenty years, a reception for businessmen entrepreneurs in Guangyang City, and even Guangyang Province, to exchange ideas."

                "Many big deals are made at this reception, it's the best place to expand your network!"

                "It is held once a month, and the venue is always at the Genting Villa."

                "It was initiated by the ten largest families in Guangyang City, and each family was in charge of the Genting Wine Club for a year."

                "But then Song Zhilan rose to power and this wine party, for three years in a row, was under Song Zhilan's control."

                "In Guangyang City, the biggest sign of whether you've stepped into high society is whether you've attended the Genting Wine Party!"