Medical Genius Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

On what basis?

                These three words were all that was in the minds of the people there!

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia's family, why should they go to the ninth floor?

                "Mr. Chen, have you made a mistake?" Xu Lingling said anxiously, "This Lin Mo is just a door-to-door son-in-law loser, besides, my grandfather Xu Yongqing is the chairman of the Xu Group. Who is this Lin Mo Xu Hanxia to go upstairs?"

                Xu Yongqing also straightened his clothes, in his opinion, if Nanba Tian really wanted to invite, he should also invite him, the head of the Xu family.

                At the same time, Xu Yongqing was filled with excitement.

                If he was really invited to the ninth floor, then he would have a lot of face. Those few old friends of his had been to the seventh floor at most, and they all bragged about it on their lips all day long.

                If he could go to the ninth floor, and still attend Nanba Tian's banquet, it would be enough for him to brag about it for the rest of his life.

                Not only that, their Xu family would also become a big family in Guangyang City in one leap!

                "How dare you!" Chen Shengyuan raised his hand and gave Xu Lingling a slap.

                Xu Lingling was dumbfounded and said sharply, "You ...... dare to hit me?"

                "What's wrong with hitting you? You are not convinced?" Chen Shengyuan asked in a cold voice in return.

                Xu Lingling's mouth was wide open and she did not dare to speak, she, the eldest Miss of the Xu family, could be arrogant and domineering in front of Lin Mo Xu Hanxia.

                However, in front of Chen Shengyuan, what was she worth?

                It was fine to be brutal with others, but to be brutal in front of Chen Shengyuan, was that not seeking death?

                Chen Shengyuan said in a cold voice: "Apologize to Mr. Lin and Miss Xu immediately, or else I will knock out all your teeth!"

                "I ...... me apologise to him?" Xu Lingling was anxious, she had never been the one to insult Lin Mo, now asking her to apologize to Lin Mo was simply asking for her life.

                "Grandpa!" Xu Lingling looked towards Xu Yongqing, expecting her grandfather to step in.

                "Ahem ......" Xu Yongqing took a step forward, arching his hand and smiling, "Mr. Chen, I am the chairman of the Xu Group ......"

                "I don't care who the fuck you are!" Chen Shengyuan interrupted Xu Yongqing nonchalantly, "I'm talking to her? Do you have the right to speak here? Do you want to get beaten up too!"

                Xu Yongqing's face changed greatly, he was at least seventy years old. He was at least seventy years old, but Chen Shengyuan was a few dozen years younger than him, so how could he lose face if he scolded him like this?

                However, he ultimately did not dare to lash out at Chen Shengyuan.

                "Lin Mo, we are all family members, so why make such a scene!" Xu Yongqing said in a cold voice, "You tell Mr. Chen that Ling Ling is straightforward and has no malice, no need to apologise!"

                "Yes, Lin Mo, it's all a trivial matter, why bother? You tell Ling Ling to apologize and let the matter go!" Xu Jiangong also hurriedly followed suit.

                Fang Hui also nodded her head repeatedly, this was the best time to ease up with the old man.

                As for Lin Mo, did his face matter?

                Xu Lingling glanced at Lin Mo with a smug face, did you hear that, your father-in-law even told you to apologize to me!

                You want me to apologize? Dream on!

                Lin Mo's face was icy cold, at this time, you are starting to talk about your own family.

                When Xu Lingling insulted me, when you let my wife go with that manager Zhao, did you think about your own family?

                Xu Hanxia suddenly said: "Grandpa, aren't you a bit forgetful? Our family was kicked out of the Xu family by you long ago, how can we be a family?"

                Lin Mo's heart was warmed, at this critical moment, Xu Hanxia still defended him. However, this had also completely offended the Xu family.

                "Hanxia, don't talk nonsense!" Xu Jiangong said urgently.

                "Xu Hanxia!" Xu Yongqing gritted his teeth and roared low, "You want to completely disassociate yourself from the Xu family? Fine, from now on, you are no longer a member of the Xu Group. Also, seeing as you can't get the three million dollars, long term, call the police!"

                Xu Changyuan had just taken out his mobile phone when Chen Shengyuan threw a slap at his face.

                "Three million is it?" Chen Shengyuan waved his hand and the man next to him ran over with two suitcases.

                Chen Shengyuan threw the suitcases on the ground, "Here is three million, take it!"

                The suitcases were opened and filled with stacks and stacks of hundred dollar bills, three million dollars more or less!

                "You ......" Xu Yongqing couldn't help but stare, was Chen Shengyuan actually helping Xu Hanxia so much?

                "Mr. Chen, our Xu Group, we cooperate a lot with Sheng Yuan Group." Xu Yongqing whispered, "Xu Hanxia is no longer a member of the Xu Group now, so why would you ...... you need to affect our cooperation for the sake of an outsider ......"

                "I forgot about it if you didn't say so!" Chen Shengyuan immediately said, "Then from now on, the cooperation between Shengyuan Group and Xu's Group, all of them are terminated!"

                Xu Yongqing panicked, once the cooperation of Shengyuan Group was gone, Xu's Group, would definitely collapse ah.

                "Mr. Chen, I ...... didn't mean that ......" Xu Yongqing was full of anxiety and suddenly pointed at Xu Lingling: "What are you doing standing still? Why don't you quickly apologize to Lin Mo!"

                "Grandpa ......" Xu Lingling was on the verge of tears, she was really unwilling to bow down to Lin Mo.

                "Apologize immediately, or else, you will get out of the Xu family!" Xu Yongqing roared.

                Xu Lingling shivered in fear, she was at least the eldest Miss of the Xu family, how could she give up all this glory and wealth?

                "Lin Mo, I'm sorry ...... ......" Xu Lingling's voice was like a mosquito cry.

                "With that voice, who are you talking to?" Chen Shengyuan said in a cold voice: "If you are really insincere, then don't apologize. Xu Yongqing, prepare to cancel your contract!"

                "Mr Chen, don't be angry." Xu Yongqing was anxious and raised his hand to flap Xu Lingling twice, angrily saying, "Speak up!"

                Xu Lingling's face was red, with a crying voice: "Lin Mo, I'm sorry ......"

                Chen Shengyuan looked at Lin Mo and respectfully said, "Mr. Lin, if you don't feel satisfied, you can let her continue to apologize until you are satisfied!"

                Xu Lingling's tears gushed out directly, how could she live in the future if she kept apologizing to Lin Mo in full view of everyone?

                "Lin Mo, you ...... you don't go too far ......," Xu Changchang couldn't help but say.

                "I was all set to tell her to stop, since you said so, then let's continue." Lin Mo waved his hand, "I'm not satisfied."

                "Do you hear me? If you're not satisfied, keep apologising!" Chen Shengyuan shouted, "Apologise while slapping yourself, until Mr Lin is satisfied!"

                "Huh?" Xu Lingling's eyes widened.

                "What? Not willing?" Chen Shengyuan's face was cold, "Xu Yongqing, terminate the contract!"

                Xu Yongqing was so angry that he was about to vomit blood, he hurriedly said, "Didn't hear what Mr. Chen said, hit your face and apologise!"

                Xu Lingling shed tears and punched herself in the face while crying, and kept apologizing to Lin Mo.

                At the same time, she looked at Xu Chang Yuan viciously, if it wasn't for Xu Chang Yuan talking too much, would she have suffered like this?

                Chen Shengyuan: "Mr. Lin, I've made you suffer. Why don't we go upstairs first?"

                "I'm afraid I can't go yet." Lin Mo said softly.

                Chen Shengyuan was surprised: "What's wrong?"

                Lin Mo looked at Manager Zhao, who was shrinking in the crowd, and said softly, "This Manager Zhao, wants my wife to go into the room with him alone to talk about cooperation."

                "He also said that if this matter is not resolved today, we won't be able to leave here!"

Chapter 18

Manager Zhao almost pissed himself in fear, saying this at this time, wasn't it asking for his life?

                Chen Shengyuan looked at Manager Zhao viciously, of course he knew that this was someone from his own staff.

                "Mr. Chen, misunderstanding ah, misunderstanding ah ......" Manager Zhao with a crying voice: "I don't mean that ......"

                Chen Shengyuan's face was icy cold and he waved his hand violently, "Someone, drag him down and break his arms and legs!"

                Immediately, several men rushed up from all around, dragged manager Zhao on and left, manager Zhao cried out to his mother.

                "Wait a minute!" Chen Shengyuan suddenly shouted.

                Manager Zhao thought his chance had come and hurriedly said, "Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen, I won't dare to do it again, please spare me ......"

                Chen Shengyuan grabbed the bottle next to him and smashed it on Manager Zhao's head, cursing, "I'm so annoyed by your shouting, drag him out, break his arms and legs, and sink him into the Guangyang River!"

                At these words, everyone around was shocked, Chen Shengyuan wanted Zhao's life.

                Before, they thought that Manager Zhao was a big shot.

                Now they had seen what a real big shot was!

                And Chen Shengyuan was just a minion under Nanba Tian, the crowd didn't dare to imagine how terrifying the Nanba Tian upstairs was!

                How great an honour must it be for Lin Mo Xu Hanxia to be invited by such a big shot?

                Xu Yongqing quietly approached Xu Jiangong's side and whispered, "Jiangong, in a moment, let me accompany you upstairs."

                "As the head of the Xu family, if I don't show up, if word gets out, it will only make people think that my Xu family is not well-mannered!"

                Even if Xu Jiangong was a fool, he knew exactly what his father meant.

                Thinking about the grievances he had suffered all these years, Xu Jiangong felt a sense of well-being.

                He gave Xu Yongqing a deep look and said softly, "Dad, you forget that we can only sit at the workers' table, we can't even sit in the staff seats."

                "In your heart, are we really still members of the Xu family?"

                Xu Yongqing's face was embarrassed and he could not speak.

                In the end, Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia, their family, followed Chen Shengyuan upstairs.

                "What's going on here?" Xu Jianping whispered, "Nanba Tian, how could he invite them upstairs? On what grounds?"

                Xu Changchang said, "Needless to say? It must be that bitch Xu Hanxia, who has an affair with Nanba Tian ......"

                "Shut up!" Xu Yongqing looked shocked and angry, "Long term, watch your mouth, do you want to die?"

                Xu Yongqing was suddenly covered in cold sweat, talking bad about Nanba Tian behind his back, that was really looking for death!

                "I don't think it's that simple ......" Xu Yongqing gritted his teeth, "Send someone to investigate and find out what's going on!"


                When they arrived at the ninth floor, Xu Jiangong and the others, they were shocked by the splendor of the place.

                Everyone in the entire city of Guangyang knew about the ninth floor of the Times Hotel. However, not many people could actually make it here!

                Standing on this floor was in itself a symbol of status.

                There were not many seats on the ninth floor, and in the middle there was a huge stage, on which a group of popular stars were performing vigorously.

                Around the stage, there were only 20 to 30 people sitting, making the venue extraordinarily empty.

                However, these twenty to thirty people were basically representative of the entire Guangyang City.

                The heads of the ten major families, the ten richest people in Guangyang City, the richest and most powerful people, all gathered here.

                Any one of them could be a person who could turn the clouds into rain in Guangyang City!

                And now, these 20 to 30 people were all looking at Lin Mo Xu Hanxia and the others at the entrance.

                The sturdy Nanba Tian stood in the middle and walked over with his head held high amidst the admiration of all the people.

                "Welcome, Mr. Lin and Miss Xu!"

                The twenty to thirty people inside stood up one after another, although they didn't know Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia at all.

                However, how could they dare to underestimate someone who was personally greeted by Nanba Tian?

                Lin Mo nodded with a faint smile, but Xu Hanxia's family was dumbfounded.

                Such a scene, they didn't even dare to imagine it!

                "Mr. Nan, you ...... how do you do ......" Xu Jiangong stammered and extended his hand, "My name is Xu Jiangong, I'm ...... Hanxia's father ......"

                Nanba Tian casually shook his hand, Xu Jian Gong was so excited that he almost jumped up.

                Nanba Tian actually shook hands with him? This is enough to brag about for a lifetime!

                Nan Batian smiled, "Mr. Lin, Miss Xu, the birthday party is ready, the two of you please come up to the stage."

                Lin Mo nodded and made an inviting gesture towards Xu Hanxia, "Darling, please!"

                Xu Hanxia still didn't turn around and said blankly, "This ...... is my birthday party?"

                "Of course!" Nanba Tian laughed, "Miss Xu, take a look at the name on the cake!"

                Only then did Xu Hanxia notice the crystals on top of the cake, connected into a string of words - Happy Birthday, Hanxia!

                Was it really her birthday party?

                Xu Hanxia was so surprised that she was held by Lin Mo and walked onto the stage step by step.

                The crowd around her applauded, and the stars on stage offered their most sincere wishes.

                Xu Jiangong, Fang Hui and the others stood at the bottom of the stage, looking at so many big names, their hearts were even more excited.

                Any one of these bigwigs was too big for Xu Yongqing to get involved with. Now, they were celebrating Xu Hanxia's birthday so respectfully?

                This was all so fantastic that they wondered if they were hallucinating.

                The two men kept pinching their arms, using the pain to prove that they were not dreaming!

                It was only after a while that Xu Hanxia came back to her senses. Looking at the dream, Xu Hanxia's eyes were once again red.

                Every girl had a dream of being a princess, so why should she not?

                Ever since she was little, no one had taken her birthday seriously. But how could she not wish for a day when all eyes would be on her?

                Now, everything was so dreamy and so much more perfect than her dreams, she just felt that her life had been worth it.

                "Make a wish!" Lin Mo laughed lightly, "After you've made your wish, it's time for us to cut the cake!"

                Xu Jiangong was stunned, and Xu Dongxue couldn't help but say, "When you make a wish, shouldn't you light candles?"

                No one paid any attention to her, so Xu Hanxia took a deep breath, folded her hands, closed her eyes and began to make a wish in earnest.

                Just then, there was a sudden loud bang outside the window. A firework shot up into the sky and burst in the air, turning into a huge sparkle that slowly descended and lit up the sky.

                The crowd was all in shock, Xu Dongxue was wide-eyed, where did this firework come from?

                And that, wasn't the end of it.

                As this firework appeared, countless fireworks suddenly flew up throughout Guangyang City, illuminating the entire city.

                Xu Hanxia opened her eyes wide and looked outside in surprise. She finally knew why there were no candles on the cake.

                These thousands of fireworks were the birthday candles!

                "Hanxia, we got married too hastily, I owe you too much." Lin Mo said tenderly, "Now, let me make it up for you from scratch!"

                Lin Mo picked up the ring on top of the cake and knelt down on one knee, looking at Xu Hanxia with deep emotion, "Hanxia, marry me, okay?"

                Xu Hanxia's tears finally came out.

                On that day, Lin Mo burned up all the fireworks in the city, only for Xu Hanxia to blossom!