Medical Genius Chapter 164-166

  Chapter 164

The next day, just after work, Qiao Qiao had the payment for the goods put on Zhou Bing's card.

                Zhou Bing's side was also clean, and the goods were delivered to the herb company on the same day.

                Qiao Qiao only had the goods checked briefly and immediately had them sent to the company where Deng Jun had placed the order.

                When everything was arranged, Qiao Qiao immediately called Fang Jian and Huang Xiuqin to her office and told them about the deal.

                "Just by changing hands like that, I've made thirty to forty million dollars."

                "Haha, Mom and Dad, I told you, I'm a genius in business!"

                Fang Jian Huang Xiuqin couldn't stop laughing.

                "My daughter, she just has the ability!"

                "I've said for a long time that it's an honour for their Xu family that you come to work here."

                "Hmph, just that Xu Jian Gong, still looks dissatisfied, as if we are taking advantage of them!"

                "This time, let's show them who's taking advantage of who!"

                "I'm telling you, if we make so much money, we must let them have a share of the profits, at least 10 to 20 million for us!"

                The three of them rambled on and on, discussing the matter of getting Xu Pharmaceutical to ask for their share of the dividend.

                Who knows, before the end of the day, Deng Jun suddenly ran into the office in a hurry: "Mr. Fang, it's not good, something has happened!"

                Qiao Qiao was surprised: "What's the panic?"

                "What's wrong, shouting nonsense."

                "If you're like this, how can you be my assistant in the future?"

                Deng Jun took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Mr. Fang, the batch of mother-of-pearl you bought back today, there's a problem!"

                "What's the problem?"

                Deng Jun: "There's a problem with the herbs, herbs that are seriously substandard."

                Qiao Qiao was puzzled: "Seriously substandard?"

                "Is there any other standard for this herb?"

                Deng Jun was confused, "Mr Fang, this medicinal material, there must be standards."

                "Otherwise, if all the poor quality herbs are brought out for sale, how can that be?"

                "Some poor quality herbs, made into medicines, not only have no curative effect, but also have toxicity."

                "That's why this aspect of medicinal herb safety is always the most important!"

                Qiao Qiao scratched her head, "There's still such a thing, huh?"

                "This batch of mother-of-pearl is not up to standard, can it be used?"

                Deng Jun was anxious: "It's not up to standard, so we definitely can't use it!"

                "Not only can we not use it, but this batch of mother-of-pearl is very problematic."

                "It's illegal to trade in this batch of mother-of-pearl!"

                Qiao Qiao was stunned, "No way?"

                "It's just buying some medicinal herbs, and it's still illegal?"

                Deng Jun looked speechless, "Mr. Fang, the safety of medicines, is the most important thing."

                "If there are problems with the herbs, the drugs made will kill people by eating them."

                "Therefore, the control in this area has always been very strict."

                "Our company sold so many mussels this time, this ...... If this was found out, it wouldn't even be enough to pay for it if the company was all seized!"

                "Huh?" Qiao Qiao's eyes widened, "You ...... are scaring me, right?"

                "It's just a batch of mother-of-pearl!"

                "Big deal, let them return it, and we'll just return it to the supplier!"

                Deng Jun: "Mr. Fang, if it's really that easy, that's great!"

                "Now the other pharmaceutical company is not returning the goods at all, they want us to pay compensation."

                "According to the contract, this has to be at least triple compensation, so it's estimated to be 200 million!"

                "If we can't pay, not only will the company go bankrupt and liquidate, the person responsible for this, will have to ...... also go to jail!"

                Qiao Qiao finally panicked: "This ...... this really?"

                "The person responsible, referring to ...... who is referring to? Xu Hanxia?"

                Deng Jun: "What does this have to do with Xu always?"

                Qiao Qiao immediately said, "She is the chairman of Xu's Pharmaceuticals."

                "Our herbal company, is a subsidiary of Xu Pharmaceutical."

                "Isn't she the person responsible?"

                "Nonsense!" Deng Jun spat, "It's true that they are the head office, but they don't interfere with branch operations."

                "This time, you're the one responsible."

                Qiao Qiao was anxious, "Why should I be the one?"

                "Why not you?" Deng Jun glared, "Whether it's acquiring herbs or selling them, it's all the contracts you signed."

                "The power of the company is all in your hands."

                "All business, all decisions are made by you."

                "If you don't take responsibility, who will?"

Chapter 155

Qiao Qiao was confused, Deng Jun was right.

                She was in charge of the company, the contracts were signed by her, the business was ordered by her, everything was arranged by her personally.

                Even, Zhou Bing's herbs were delivered to the company.

                It was also her who had someone check the quantity hastily, without checking the quality at all, and sent it directly to the pharmaceutical company there.

                When all was said and done, it was all her doing, and she could not get rid of this responsibility at all.

                After a moment of silence, Qiao Qiao suddenly began to spill the beans, "I don't care!"

                "You have to take responsibility for this!"

                "The president of the company is still you, I'm still just the general manager, I can't hold that much power!"

                Deng Jun bristled, "President Fang, I'd like to take responsibility, but I'm not qualified to do so!"

                "You signed the contract, you are the one who keeps an eye on the incoming and outgoing goods."

                "Whether it's the contract, or the surveillance, it's all evidence."

                "If I want to take responsibility for this, I also have to ask people if they agree!"

                Qiao Qiao was anxious: "You ...... What do you mean by that?"

                "Does it mean that I have to take the responsibility?"

                Deng Jun waved his hand, "Mr. Fang, let's not talk about this nonsense."

                "The other party has already called the police, what to do is according to the law."

                "I think this company is going to collapse too, forget it, I'd better find another way out."

                "Also, this time, it's not as simple as the other company pursuing responsibility."

                "The company's board of directors won't let you off the hook if you get the branch into this mess."

                "Hmph, go to your sister quickly and ask her to prepare three or five hundred million for you, or enough to pay for it!"

                "Otherwise, you'll be waiting to go to jail!"

                Deng Jun finished his sentence and left in a huff, leaving Qiao Qiao alone in the same place.

                Three or five hundred million dollars in compensation?

                God, even if her parents were capable of making a scene, they wouldn't be able to make such a huge amount of money!

                The most crucial thing was that if they couldn't pay out, they would have to go to jail, who could afford that?

                At this moment, Fang Jian and Huang Xiuqin walked into the office with great joy.

                "Qiao Qiao, let's go."

                "I've contacted the Xu family, they're buying dinner tonight, and by the way, let's talk about this dividend thing."

                "I'll give you this, twenty million is our bottom line."

                "With this 20 million, your father and I will be able to buy a luxury car, and we won't have to keep asking that white-eyed wolf Xu Jiankong to pick us up and drop us off in the future!"

                "We can go back to our hometown and build our house into a villa, so that our family can be glorious and see who dares to look down on us!"

                The more they talked, the happier they became.

                Qiao Qiao sat back in her chair, not saying a word.

                They noticed that something was wrong and asked what was going on.

                Qiao Qiao told the two men what had happened, and they were straightforwardly confused.

                "To ...... pay out three to five hundred million dollars?"

                "Where are we going to get that much money?"

                Fang Jian almost shouted out.

                Huang Xiuqin was silent for a moment, "Why don't we go to Xu Hanxia, she's the chairman of the company ......"

                Fang Jian angrily rebuked, "What are you dreaming of?"

                "I've asked, Xu Hanxia's own assets don't add up to more than a hundred million."

                "Where is she going to find us three or five hundred million to compensate."

                "Besides, it's okay to make a small fuss in the past. This time you're asking someone to come up with three to five hundred million, do you really think they won't dare to fight us?"

                Huang Xiuqin was instantly silent, although she usually ran roughshod over people and was unreasonable.

                But after all, she was not a fool and knew very well that it was even more unrealistic to let the Xu family come up with three or five hundred million.

                "Qiao Qiao, is this ...... thing real or not?" Fang Jian said urgently, "How about finding that Zhou Bing and asking him to compensate?"

                Qiao Qiao then came back to her senses and hurriedly called Zhou Bing.

                However, the Prince Charming who was still flirting with her last night had an empty phone number today.

                "How ...... how come the number is empty?"

                "I could still get through by calling last night!"

                Qiao Qiao said urgently.

                Fang Jian looked desperate: "It's over, this is a fraud!"

Chapter 156

Fang Jian "the money cheated to hand, immediately canceled the mobile phone number!"

                "Qiao Qiao, you ...... you how so careless, just come to work two days, just ...... fell for such a big trick ah ......"

                Qiao Qiao is also ashamed and angry, when you think about it, not only have you been cheated of money, even your feelings have been played with ah.

                "Okay, you don't talk about this now." Huang Xiuqin said urgently, "Hurry up and think of a way to solve this matter ah!"

                "We can't just let Qiao Qiao go to jail."

                "She's still so young!"

                Fang Jian hung his head in despair, "What can we do now?"

                "She signed the contract, she arranged the money transfer, and she arranged all the incoming and outgoing goods."

                "This matter, no one else is involved, what can you do?"

                Huang Xiuqin's eyes instantly reddened: "That ...... what about?"

                "Really let Qiao Qiao go to jail?"

                "Qiao Qiao has only just graduated, if this goes to jail, it will be the end of her life!"

                Fang Jian hung his head in despair and was silent for a long time before suddenly gritting his teeth, "Why don't we let Qiao Qiao run!"

                "Run?" Huang Xiuqin froze for a moment: "Where to run?"

                Fang Jian: "Go out and hide first."

                "Let's wait for a while and see how the wind blows."

                Huang Xiuqin burst into tears, "She's a girl, where can she go?"

                "Can't you think of any other way?"

                Fang Jian said angrily, "Do you have any other ideas?"

                "Now, either run or go to jail, your choice!"

                Huang Xiuqin cried and cried, and eventually had to choose to run away.

                That night, the family, not even contacting the Xu family, stole away overnight and left Guangyang City.

                At the Wanlong Hotel, Xu Jiangong had arranged a table here and was waiting for Huang Xiuqin's family to attend the banquet with an indignant look on his face.

                Lin Mo also came to the hotel, which Xu Jiangong had personally requested.

                Today was exactly three days, so if Huang Xiuchen's family did not leave, Xu Jiangong would have to take care of Lin Mo.

                As soon as Lin Mo entered the door, Xu Jian Gong immediately said in a sinister manner, "Yo, Lin Mo, you really have the face to come here!

                "Do you know what day it is today?"

                "When you were bragging before, did you ever think that the bull you bragged about would be smacked in the face so soon?"

                Xu Hanxia was helpless: "Dad, you shouldn't talk to Lin Mo like that."

                Xu Jiangong was furious: "Shut up!"

                "It's already this time, and you're still defending him?"

                "Look at all the things he's done."

                "Letting Qiao Qiao into the herbal company as president, giving her a share of the luxury car, and giving her the mansion as well."

                "As a result, when something happened to Qiao Qiao, he even ran bashfully to fix it for someone, spending over half a million at once."

                "Lin Mo, you haven't given a penny back to your family, but you're quite generous when it comes to spending money outside!"

                "We've worked so hard to save up, and the moment you open your mouth, you make us pay more than half a million."

                "Do you want to lose face or not?"

                Lin Mo looked helpless: "Dad, don't be angry."

                Xu Jiangong: "Can I not be angry?"

                "You did these things, so be it, we made you do them."

                "But you said three days to get Huang Xiuqin's family to get lost, now what?"

                "Not only did that Qiao Qiao not get out, but she made a big deal."

                "Just now Huang Xiuqin even called me to ask for a share of the profits, looking at that tone, she'll have to give them at least 20 million."

                "Lin Mo, this is how you told them to get lost?"

                "Are you telling them to get lost or are you telling us to get lost from Xu Pharmaceutical?"

                "You bastard son of a bitch who's eating out of his own pocket!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious: "Dad, how ...... do you talk?"

                "Lin Mo is my husband, how can you treat him like this?"

                Lin Mo's heart was irritated, but, in the end, he didn't get angry, he couldn't make things difficult for Xu Hanxia.

                "Dad, take it easy."

                "Tonight, they will definitely leave Guangyang City, you can trust me!"