Medical Genius Chapter 161-163

 Chapter 161

Tiger was on fire from the scolding, but he didn't dare to act rashly.

                He glanced at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo skimmed his lips, and Tiger immediately understood the situation and broke into curses.

                "F*ck, in the company you're the president, outside, you're a piece of shit!"

                "Fire me if you have the guts, I'll quit!"

                "Bastard, I don't like these things that bully women."

                "Go, break the arms and legs of those bastards, leave no one behind!"

                A group of people around Tiger immediately rushed up and surrounded the youths and beat them up without any further ado.

                Qiao Qiao did not expect Tiger to defy himself and was furious: "You ...... have a lot of nerve!"

                "Do you know who I am?"

                "I am the president of the herbal company, Xu Hanxia is my cousin!"

                "You dare to hit my friend, believe it or not, I'll have my cousin kill you to death!"

                Those youths also struggled to get up, and the studded youth angrily said, "Old thing, my boss is Brother Fire, you ...... dare to touch me, believe it or not, my boss will get you killed!"

                The tiger snorted, "What fire ah water, you call him now to come!"

                "Just say that South Street Tiger is working here, you see if he dares to come!"

                A few youths were confused and the young man with the ear studs trembled, "You ...... are the South Street Tiger Master?"

                The tiger said smugly, "Who do you think I am?"

                A few youths were about to piss themselves in fear, their boss, Brother Fire, was also under Master Tiger's men.

                When they went out to do something, Brother Fire was not even qualified to report Master Tiger's name.

                They had heard Brother Fire mention Master Tiger's name more than once and knew that this was a real big shot.

                Who would have thought that this time, they would have provoked such a big shot as Master Tiger.

                A few youths instantly wimped out and begged in trembling voices.

                "Master Tiger, I ...... we didn't know it was your old man ......"

                "We have eyes that don't know Taishan, you are generous, let us go ......"

                "Master Tiger, we won't dare to do it again ......"

                Qiao Qiao was confused, these friends of hers, when they were in front of her before, said how tough they were.

                But now, each and every one of them was like a pitiful worm, just about kneeling down and begging for mercy.

                What kind of person was this tiger that could scare them like this?

                "What are you guys afraid of him for?"

                "He's just an employee of my company!"

                "I can fire him at any time, you guys don't need to panic!"

                Qiao Qiao yelled.

                The young man with the earrings suddenly jumped up and raised his hand to give her a slap.

                "Shut up, bitch!"

                "How dare you talk to Master Tiger like that!"

                "I'll get you to death ......"

                The studded youth said, flinging several slaps at Qiao Qiao's face in quick succession.

                Qiao Qiao had a crush on the young man with the earrings when she was at school, but she was of average looks and from an average family, so the two of them basically didn't get along.

                Tonight, when they drove over in the Paramela, they immediately settled down and became a couple.

                It was only a few hours before her prince charming hit her.

                Qiao Qiao was so dumbfounded by the fight that she couldn't understand why her Prince Charming would be so fearful of an employee of her own company.

                The young man with earrings had a pleasing face, "Master Tiger, this bitch dares to scold you, I'll teach her a lesson for you!"

                "You ...... are magnanimous, give us a break ......"

                "This incident tonight, it really has nothing to do with us, it was all this bitch's idea ......"

                Tiger didn't say anything and looked at Lin Mo next to him.

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Call the police."

                "A car accident of this severity, leave it to the police."

                Tiger immediately nodded his head, "Good!"

                The youths immediately begged, especially the young man with the earrings, who was the most panicked because he was driving the car tonight.

                However, Tiger ignored him and called the police in front of them.

                It didn't take long for a group of traffic police to arrive and take the perpetrators away.

                As for Lin Mo, he helped the woman and took the little girl to the hospital, the very hospital where Lin Mo worked.

Chapter 162

Lin Mo was not on duty tonight, but he still helped to heal the little girl himself.

                The little girl was banged up and her condition was actually not serious.

                What was really serious was her congenital heart condition, which was somewhat similar to that of Deng Jun's daughter.

                However, the woman's family should have been in a good condition and intervened hard with medical means to keep the little girl going until now.

                Lin Mo used the Creation Needle Technique to save the little girl and got a doctor to help her treat her wounds.

                After that, he left a prescription for the woman, asking her to follow it and give the little girl the medicine.

                When the woman saw that the little girl had been saved, she thanked Lin Mo profusely and handed him a business card.

                Lin Mo did not take it seriously, and casually pocketed the card.

                The next day, the results of the car accident came out.

                Qiao Qiao was also considered lucky that the car accident happened last night when the young man with the earrings had to drive.

                So, Qiao Qiao was not responsible at all.

                But there was another trouble, that is, the earring youth was driving drunk and had a car accident, which the insurance company would not pay for.

                It would cost at least $300,000 to repair the Paramela and over $100,000 to repair the BMW across the street.

                The total was nearly half a million dollars, all of which the young man with the earrings had to pay.

                But the young man with the earrings was a poor man, who was always running around outside, and his family had broken off relations with him.

                He had no money for compensation, so the money had to go to Qiao Qiao.

                After all, the car was driven by her and the young man with the earrings was her boyfriend.

                When she learned of the outcome, Huang Xiuqin jumped straight into a thunderstorm.

                "Why should I let my Qiao Qiao pay for it?"

                "The car was not driven by my Qiao Qiao, whoever drove the car, will compensate!"

                "This result is not fair, we don't approve of it!"

                No one paid any attention to her, so Huang Xiuqin ran to Fang Hui in a rage and asked her to deal with the matter.

                Fang Hui was furious with Huang Xiuqin's stubbornness, but there was nothing she could do.

                In the end, she had no choice but to call Xu Hanxia and ask her to help her deal with the matter.

                Xu Hanxia was also furious, but in the end she had to do what her mother said.

                If this matter was not resolved, Huang Xiuzhen could definitely come to Xu Pharmaceuticals and make a scene.

                Once the shareholders knew about it, there would probably be trouble again, and then they would really be in a dilemma.

                When he found out that Xu Hanxia had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle the matter, Xu Jiankong almost vomited blood.

                The first thing he did was to call Lin Mo and ask, "Lin Mo, didn't you say you would tell them to get out within three days?"

                "It's been two days now, and you're just sitting at home, doing nothing, how can you tell them to get lost?"

                "Are you deliberately lying to us?"

                "In fact, you conspired with them long ago to extort money from our Xu family, didn't you?"

                Lin Mo was helpless for a while, "Dad, don't be in a hurry."

                "We agreed on three days, but that time hasn't arrived yet!"

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "You are not in a hurry, can I not be in a hurry?"

                "For last night's incident, Hanxia spent more than half a million!"

                "Our family has been saving and saving for so many years to buy Xu Pharmaceutical, is that how you let them lose money?"

                Lin Mo secretly grimaced, "Xu Pharmaceuticals, did your family buy it by saving money?

                Besides, this is a matter that your relatives have made, so how can I be the loser?

                Of course, Lin Mo did not dare to say this openly, he could only slander it in his heart.

                "Dad, don't worry."

                "I've already made the arrangements, I'll definitely let them leave tomorrow!"

                "Moreover, they will definitely have to stop for a while afterwards."

                Xu Jiangong was half convinced, "Lin Mo, don't keep bragging, getting things done is the real deal!"

                "I'm telling you, if you can't get this done this time, you can get out of the Xu family first!"

                "Our Xu family doesn't need a loser like you who only eats soft rice!"

Chapter 163

Having been scolded by Xu Jiangong, Lin Mo was also quite speechless.

                However, what had to be done still had to be done.

                At noon, Deng Jun found Qiao Qiao to report on his work, saying that the company had just received an order. If it was done, it would make at least thirty million dollars.

                However, the herbs needed for this order were rather scarce and not easy to buy.

                So, he consulted Qiao Qiao to see if he should take the order.

                Qiao Qiao, who knew so much about these company operations, immediately decided to take the order.

                Deng Jun took out the contract, handed it to Qiao Qiao and asked her to sign it.

                Without saying a word, Qiao Qiao signed her name on it, and was quite complacent.

                Although she had not been promoted to president yet, the fact that the president, Deng Jun, had previously had to come to her for advice on everything had already proved her status.

                She flaunted it again in her former class group, attracting the envy of many of her former old classmates.

                They were all college graduates, and the vast majority of them hadn't even found a job yet.

                The fact that Qiao Qiao had become the president of the company and had a big business of tens of millions of dollars at a stroke naturally made those old classmates boastful.

                Many students who had not been in touch with Qiao Qiao in the past, immediately added Qiao Qiao's WeChat and begged Qiao Qiao to introduce them to jobs.

                Qiao Qiao's own vanity was also greatly satisfied, so she didn't even think about it and immediately agreed to do so.

                While she was thinking about how to arrange jobs for these old classmates, her secretary came in and said that someone was asking for a meeting.

                Qiao Qiao had just become the president for a short while, so naturally he wanted to live the life of a president and immediately let the other person into his office.

                The person who came was a man in his twenties or thirties, well-mannered, wearing gold-rimmed glasses and quite handsome looking.

                Qiao Qiao took one look at him and was immediately heartbroken.

                Prince Charming had completely let her down last night and her relationship was in a window of vacancy.

                The sudden appearance of a man who was even more handsome than her Prince Charming naturally drew her attention.

                The man smiled and said, "Hello, Mr. Fang, introduce yourself."

                "My name is Zhou Bing, I'm in the herbal medicine business."

                "I heard that your company is in urgent need of a batch of mother-of-pearl recently?"

                "I happen to have a batch of mother-of-pearl in my hands, I wonder if your company, is interested in cooperating?"

                Qiao Qiao's heart twitched, the order that Deng Jun had mentioned at noon was for mother-of-pearl.

                This was really a pie in the sky, whatever was missing was coming.

                In addition, this Zhou Bing was handsome and handsome, which made her fall in love at first sight.

                "Of course we are interested in cooperating!"

                "What price are you prepared to sell this batch of mother-of-pearl?"

                Qiao Qiao said in a hurry.

                "It's an honour for me to work with your company."

                "In terms of price, it's good to discuss."

                "Since Mr. Fang personally asked for it, then the price, it must be at least 10% lower than the market price!"

                Zhou immediately said back.

                Qiao Qiao did some calculations in her mind, if the price was 10% lower than the market price, wouldn't the company make an extra ten million dollars?

                My God, this business was worth it!

                I didn't think I could make such a huge amount of money on my second day of work.

                It seemed that it wasn't that hard to take charge of a company.

                What's wrong with Xu Hanxia running Xu Pharmaceuticals?

                I'm no worse than her, I should be in charge of Xu Pharmaceuticals!

                Qiao Qiao suppressed her joy and immediately discussed the details of the cooperation with Zhou Bing.

                After the discussion, Zhou Bing invited Qiao Qiao to have dinner with him in the evening.

                Of course Qiao Qiao said yes, she could have dinner with such a handsome man, she was smiling even in her dreams.

                In the evening, under Zhou Bing's attentive hospitality, Qiao Qiao signed the contract directly that night.