Medical Genius Chapter 159-160

 Chapter 159

Xu Jiangong hesitated slightly and immediately nodded, "This is a good proposal from you."

                "This kind of thing, let Lin Mo go."

                "If it's a big deal, let Lin Mo take the blame."

                "On the one hand, we can take out insurance, and on the other hand, if it really gets big, he can go to jail, and we can get rid of this trouble!"

                The two of them immediately ran to Xu Hanxia's room and asked Xu Hanxia to call Lin Mo.

                Xu Hanxia was reluctant, but could not resist her parents, so she could only call Lin Mo and ask him to go and check the situation.

                Lin Mo set off from Wangjiang Garden and rode an electric bike to the scene.

                When he arrived at the scene, Lin Mo saw a scene that made him angry.

                A red BMW was overturned on the ground, and from the window of the car, one could see that there was a little girl lying inside.

                The little girl's head was covered in blood, and she did not know whether she was dead or alive.

                Seven or eight straggling men were gathered around the car, and a woman was surrounded by these men in the middle.

                "Help, help first ......" the woman shouted helplessly, but the men simply ignored her.

                Jojo was sitting on top of the Paramela, still laughing and joking with the people next to her, as if a very small thing had happened.

                A young man with earrings sat next to JoJo, one arm around JoJo's shoulders in an extremely intimate manner.

                "Why hasn't your sister's family arrived yet?"

                "This woman tried to call the police several times just now, thanks to the brothers who threw away her phone."

                "If she were to call the police, things would be in trouble!"

                The youth asked.

                Qiao Qiao smiled smugly, "Don't worry, they'll be here soon."

                "Tell them, if that bitch tries to call the police again, just smash her phone."

                "You guys don't have to worry, I'm at least the president of the company now. If I can't settle this little matter, what kind of president would I be?"

                The crowd around them shouted, "Sister Qiao is awesome!"

                "Follow Sister Qiao, you're right!"

                "Sister Qiao, I'll report to your company tomorrow and I'll be working with you from now on!"

                Qiao Qiao had a smug look on her face, towering over her, as if she was a queen.

                "By the way, Qiao Qiao, I heard that your sister is very pretty, the number one beauty in Guangyang City."

                "Tonight, will she come?"

                A long-haired youth suddenly asked.

                The other men also looked over, all with sizzling heat in their eyes.

                Qiao Qiao: "It's hard to say."

                "But you guys don't have to worry, I'll definitely introduce you to her later."

                "Fat water doesn't flow in, you guys are my friends, there are beautiful girls, I will definitely help you guys arrange it first!"

                The crowd cheered again, even the young man with earrings beside Qiao Qiao was glowing with glee.

                "Qiao Qiao, didn't you say your sister is all married!"

                "If you introduce her to us, will your brother-in-law agree?"

                One youth laughed, and the others followed suit with unbridled laughter.

                "What's wrong with that?"

                "That husband of hers, he's a wimp."

                "I introduced her to you guys, she can't thank me enough!"

                The crowd cajoled again, yelling things like Qiao Qiao's majesty and dominance.

                Just then, Lin Mo arrived on his electric bike.

                He ignored the crowd and walked straight up to the red BMW.

                Reaching out and pulling on the door, he found that it was already stuck and could not be opened at all.

                "What are you doing?"

                The long-haired young man came over with an angry shout.

                The woman, on the other hand, her eyes lit up and she said urgently, "Sir, save ...... save my daughter ......"

                "Call an ambulance, she ...... has a heart condition, please save her ......"

                "Bitch, shut up!" The long-haired youth kicked the woman directly, pointing at Lin Mo and cursing angrily.

                "Hey, you listen to me clearly."

                "You have no business here, if you don't want to die, hurry up and get lost!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "It's been so long since the car accident happened, and the person still hasn't been saved."

                "You people, you deserve to die!"

Chapter 160

The long-haired young man was instantly annoyed, "Who the f*ck are you talking about?"

                "Believe it or not I'll get you killed!"

                Several other youths also gathered around, looking at Lin Mo with unkind eyes.

                Lin Mo simply ignored them as he bent down and crouched down, grabbing the roof of the BMW with both hands. With a sudden roar, he lifted the car and flipped it over.

                The youths had originally surrounded Lin Mo and wanted to beat him up.

                When they suddenly saw that Lin Mo had flipped a car over, they were all frozen.

                How strong did he have to be to do that?

                Several people were stunned, and Qiao Qiao and the young man with the earrings in the car were also confused.

                Lin Mo forced the car door open and carried the girl inside out.

                The woman crawled over in a panic: "Guoguo, Guoguo, are you alright?"

                "Call an ambulance, call an ambulance ah ......"

                Lin Mo probed, fortunately, the girl was still breathing.

                However, her condition was already very critical. Even if she was sent to the hospital, no one would be able to save her.

                Lin Mo took advantage of the woman's inattention and stabbed two silver needles into the girl's body to temporarily save her life.

                By now, Qiao Qiao had already gotten out of the car.

                She looked at Lin Mo in confusion and suddenly exclaimed, "You ...... you are Lin Mo?"

                Before Huang Xiuqin came to the Xu family to cause trouble, she had followed her over and met Lin Mo once.

                Lin Mo glanced at her and said in a cold voice, "Look at what you've done!"

                Qiao Qiao was still a little frightened, but now she immediately turned to anger.

                "Did my sister ask you to help with this?"

                "Lin Mo, what did you mean just now?"

                "These are all my friends, how are you talking to them?"

                "Now, immediately, apologise to my friends right now!"

                Lin Mo skimmed his lips, "Apologize to them?"

                "On what grounds?"

                Qiao Qiao was furious: "You cut the crap!"

                "I'm just asking you, apologize or not!"

                "If you don't apologise, then don't blame us for being rude to you!"

                The young man with the earrings beside Qiao Qiao blew a whistle, and those few youths immediately gathered around again.

                Knowing that this was Xu Hanxia's loser husband, the crowd didn't put him in their eyes anymore.

                He was just a loser, so what if he had some strength?

                Qiao Qiao looked at Lin Mo smugly, "Lin Mo, don't think that just because this is Guangyang City, you don't put me in your eyes."

                "Let me tell you, even in Guangyang City, my lady's power is much stronger than yours!"

                "It's not too late to apologise."

                "We are also considered our own relatives, and I want to give you some face."

                "Don't you give face!"

                Lin Mo sneered and didn't say anything.

                At that moment, several cars roared over from behind and rushed directly in front of the crowd.

                Tiger led a group of people out of the car, "Mr. Lin, what's wrong?"

                Seeing Tiger's group of people, those youths around Qiao Qiao panicked a little.

                They were all just punks, and one look at these people from Tiger told them that they were not to be messed with.

                Qiao Qiao sneered, she recognized at once that Tiger was the assistant beside Deng Jun.

                During the daytime, he had even been driven to the general manager's office by her, not even daring to say a word.

                "Lin Mo, this is the person you called here?"

                "That who? Do you see who I am?"

                "Bringing such a group of people, what is this for? Want to beat up your president?"

                "Believe it or not, I'll fire you!"

                Qiao Qiao scolded mockingly.

                Those youths burst into laughter.

                "Yo, Qiao Qiao, this is an employee of your company, huh?"

                "He's quite strong-looking, what does he do? A porter, or a security guard?"

                "Look at that, he's probably unloading the goods at the back."

                "Qiao Qiao, even a porter in your company is pretending to be a boss, huh?"

                "Heh, this big gold chain and big gold watch, with a group of minions, if you don't know, you'll think you're a big shot!"

                "Hey, old man, tomorrow I'm going to be the leader of your company, you hurry now to flatter me, it's not too late!"