Medical Genius Chapter 157-158

 Chapter 157

When Qiao Qiao entered the herb company, Fang Jian and Huang Xiuqin also followed him into the company.

                The two said they came to see how Qiao Qiao was treated by the company, but in fact, they wanted to enter the company to play the prestige.

                They said that they were the parents of the general manager, and they were all sorts of people.

                The staff below them are being ordered around, making it seem as if this is their company.

                At first, they had some scruples about Deng Jun, the president, but when they learned that Deng Jun was a friend of Lin Mo, they immediately lost their scruples.

                In their opinion, Deng Jun could become the president only because of Lin Mo's relationship.

                And this herbal medicine company belonged to Xu Pharmaceutical, which was an industry of the Xu family. According to the closeness of the relationship, Qiao Qiao should be the president, not Deng Jun.

                Therefore, just two hours after starting work, Huang Xiuchen called Xu Hanxia directly.

                She told her to immediately make Qiao Qiao the president and let Deng Jun play second fiddle to Qiao Qiao.

                Xu Hanxia almost died of anger, how could she have expected that after the general manager position was arranged and the treatment was in place, people were still not satisfied.

                She originally wanted to reject it outright, but it was Lin Mo who stopped her.

                "You can't reason with this family, and you shouldn't argue with them."

                "You tell them that Qiao Qiao has only just gone to work and is unfamiliar with many things, so at least there must be a process of familiarisation."

                "When Qiao Qiao is familiar with it, then let her be the president, a week at the latest."

                Lin Mo said with a smile.

                Xu Hanxia frowned slightly, "Lin Mo, are you sure you're saying that?"

                "This family, but it's an inch too far."

                "If they don't let her become the president after a week, then they won't give up!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Don't worry, they won't be able to stay here for long."

                "A week, they won't be able to wait at all."

                Xu Hanxia was half convinced, but still repeated what Lin Mo had said to Huang Xiuqin.

                These words were reasonable and justified, so Huang Xiuzhen could not refute them, and could only accept them for the time being.

                However, on the side of the herbal company, Huang Xiuchen was not polite.

                She directly pushed open the president's office and asked Deng Jun to vacate his office, and wanted Qiao Qiao to work in Deng Jun's office from now on.

                As for Deng Jun, he was driven to the general manager's office.

                Although the position had not yet changed, but with Huang Xiuqin's character, the first thing she had to do was to get her hands on the power of speech.

                Seeing this, the company staff were also apprehensive, and were very fearful of Huang Xiuchen's family, not daring to go against their wishes.

                In just one day of work, Huang Xiuqin had helped Qiao Qiao to take control of the company.

                Huang Xiuqin was so pleased with herself that when she left work, she was discussing with her husband about transferring the family's kiosk and coming to work for the company herself.

                As for Fang Jian, he was even more excited than Huang Xiuqin.

                At his home, he was just a small employee, and he was usually called and told what to do.

                When he came here, he was treated with respect by so many people, which gave him a great satisfaction of vanity.

                Therefore, he is also planning to quit his family's job and come here to work.

                The family was even thinking about it.

                When Qiao Qiao did well, they could simply run to the head office, get rid of Xu Hanxia and let Qiao Qiao take charge of Xu Pharmaceuticals.

                In the evening after work, Huang Xiuchen called Xu Jiankong and asked him to pick them up from the office.

                Xu Jiankong was confused: "Didn't the company give Qiao Qiao a car?"

                Huang Xiuqin said, "Qiao Qiao had a classmate party at night and took the car away."

                "Brother-in-law, this is all at your home, won't you arrange for us to have dinner tonight?"

                "We've been working all day for your family's company, we didn't even eat much for lunch."

                "Your family is so comfortable, eating at home with a mountain of food."

                "Have you ever thought about who helps your family with their business?"

                "You have to be a bit grateful, don't you?"

Chapter 158

Xu Jiangong almost cursed, who begged you to come to work?


                How dare you talk about gratitude?

                Who doesn't have a sense of gratitude?

                But in the end, he didn't dare to make a fuss and had to meekly run to pick up these two people.

                Huang Xiuqin was also a real troublemaker and ended up going to a high-end restaurant in the city for another meal.

                He ate until 10pm, a meal that cost more than 5,000, and Xu Jiangong was almost angry to death.

                When he sent the two home, he found that Qiao Qiao had not yet arrived home.

                Xu Jiangong couldn't help but say, "Qiao Qiao hasn't come back yet?"

                Huang Xiuqin: "Oh, she's at a classmate's party, so she must be late."

                Xu Jian Gong bristled: "Didn't you say she was a lady of the house and would be home by 8:30 pm?"

                Huang Xiuqin didn't think so: "It's not a special situation."

                "It's been a long time since I've seen that group of students of theirs."

                "Qiao Qiao has just become the president of the company, so those classmates are thinking of coming to flatter Qiao Qiao, so they are a little late."

                "That's normal, Qiao Qiao is the president of the company, it's inevitable that there will be social engagements."

                "Coming back late is also a worry for your family's company, don't you think so?"

                Xu Jiangong was so angry that he turned his head and walked away, "Your daughter went out on the prowl for my family?

                What kind of bullshit reasoning is that?

                If your daughter is late, she is socialising.

                If your daughter is late, it's a social occasion, but if my daughter is late, it's a party.

                As a result, it didn't end there.

                At one o'clock in the morning, Xu Jiankong was suddenly woken up by a phone call.

                "Who is it? Calling in the middle of the night, let's not let anyone sleep?"

                Xu Jiangong muttered and picked up the phone to see that it was still Huang Xiuqin.

                "This person is crazy, right?" Xu Jiangong was annoyed and wanted to hang up the phone.

                Fang Hui hurriedly picked it up, "Answer it, it's so late to call, there must be something important."

                Saying that, Fang Hui picked up the phone.

                "Brother-in-law, not sleeping?"

                Xu Jiangong said in an unpleasant manner, "Your family doesn't sleep past one in the morning?"

                Huang Xiuqin: "Oh, I sleep earlier at home."

                "I thought you city people, you all go to bed at three or four in the morning."

                Xu Jiankong: "......"

                "Xiuqin, what's the matter?" Fang Hui couldn't help but ask.

                Huang Xiuqin: "It's like this, do you know anyone in the traffic police?"

                "Qiao Qiao had a small car accident, you guys help take care of it."

                Fang Hui's face changed sharply, "What ...... what small car accident?"

                "Where is it? What's the situation?"

                Huang Xiuqin: "Nothing much, just a small car knocked over."

                "A woman across the street, not sleeping at night, wandering the streets with her kids."

                "Qiao Qiao and the girls had been drinking a bit and the road was not familiar, so they accidentally crashed into it and the car across the street overturned."

                "What!?" Xu Jiangong exclaimed, "Are you crazy?"

                "Drink driving, knocking over a car, and a small car accident?"

                "In your house, how big of a deal is it to be considered a big car accident? Do hundreds of people have to die?"

                Huang Xiuqin was furious: "What are you shouting about?"

                "It wasn't Qiao Qiao driving the car, it was just her classmate."

                "I'm just asking you, can you help?"

                "If you can't help, forget it, I can't count on you relatives anyway!"

                Xu Jiangong stormed, "You have the ability, you go deal with ah."

                "I don't believe it, this kind of thing, who is so capable of handling it!"

                Fang Hui hastily intervened, "Forget it, forget it, it's crucial to go and see what's going on first."

                "Xiuqin, don't worry, I ...... we'll go check it out right now."

                Hanging up the phone, Fang Hui sighed: "All right, you just don't get angry."

                "What kind of people they are, you don't know."

                "The most important thing now is to deal with this matter, whether the driver is Qiao Qiao or not, but the car is still ours."

                "If something serious happens, our company will have to pay for it!"

                Xu Jiangong was annoyed: "How can we deal with this kind of thing?"

                "You'll deal with it?"

                Fang Hui scratched her head, this was something that would be troublesome for anyone who stepped in.

                After thinking for a moment, her eyes suddenly lit up, "Why don't we let Lin Mo go?"

                "If there's anything wrong, he can just take care of it!"