Medical Genius Chapter 1540

 The rat gave Lin Mo a bewildered look, not knowing what Lin Mo meant by this.

                Lin Mo also glanced at him, "What are you doing frozen?"


                Rat: "Go ...... where?"

                Lin Mo: "Where did this yellow hair tell you to go?"

                Rat's face changed and he said urgently, "Brother Lin, you ...... are going to find them?"

                "This can never be done!"

                "Yellow Hair and the others are inhumane, the place they said, is an abandoned factory."

                "That place, where they often find some dead bodies, is where they kill people."

                "They told you to go there, just ...... is to kill you, you must not go!"

                Lin Mo: "Don't go?"

                "Then what should I do?"

                "Watch Timothy and Liu Bo die?"

                The rat was at a loss for words, he was silent for a moment and gritted his teeth, "Brother Lin, it's ...... better for me to go alone."

                "This matter, I made it, so I should be the one to solve it."

                "I ...... have a rotten life, they may not kill me, they will probably just beat me up."

                "Even if they kill me, at least, they can still save Timothy and Uncle Liu."

                "Brother Lin, if I do unfortunately die there, you ...... you help me to cure TianTian."

                "I beg you, as long as you give TenTian a mouthful of food and can make her grow up, you ...... are my family's benefactor, and I will definitely repay you in my next life by being a cow or a horse."

                Lin Mo laughed: "Mouse, what are you panicking about?"

                "It's okay, we'll both go together, Tian Tian will definitely be fine!"

                Rat immediately said, "Brother Lin, you really can't go!"

                "I'll go alone, I'll die alone, they'll be fine."

                "But, if you go, we both probably have to die there, why is this ...... necessary?"

                Lin Mo patted his shoulder and said softly, "Both of us, no one can die!"

                "Don't worry, I will definitely help you cure TianTian."

                "However, you'll have to raise her up yourself."

                "You are the only family she has left, do you want to see her all alone?"

                Tears welled up in Mouse's eyes, he was most relieved to see this sister. However, how could he decide on the matters of life?

                "Brother Lin, I know your good intentions, I appreciate them."

                "But, we don't have to ......"

                Mouse still wanted to persuade, but Lin Mo directly interrupted him, "Don't worry!"

                "I wouldn't dare to speak casually without complete certainty!"

                "Just these landlubbers, they can't kill me yet!"

                "Drive on, don't waste time."

                The rat gave Lin Mo a shocked look, and seeing his confident look, his heart was slightly relieved.

                He started the vehicle and quickly ran towards the outskirts.

                Half an hour later, the vehicle pulled up to an abandoned factory.

                There were a few tattooed men standing at the entrance of the factory, and when they saw a vehicle approaching, they stopped it straight away.

                Mouse poked his head out, "Brother Long sent us!"

                The few men looked inside the car and saw that it was only Lin Mo and Mouse, so they waved their hands and gestured for them to go in.

                The two men drove into the factory and kept coming to the warehouse at the back.

                At this time, it was already completely dark.

                Inside the warehouse, there were a few lights on and a few people standing at the entrance laughing and talking uncontrollably, and Yellow Hair was among them.

                Mouse pulled up to the warehouse door and got out of the car together with Lin Mo.

                As soon as Yellow Hair saw them, a grim look flashed across his face.

                "Yo, Rat, you're really here!"

                "I thought you, the shrinking turtle, wouldn't dare to come!"

                "I didn't expect that you'd really impress me!"

                Yellow Hair sneered and taunted.

                Rat gritted his teeth and whispered, "Brother Long, I ...... Where are my sister and Uncle Liu?"

                Yellow Hair: "Want to see them?"


                "Throw them down!"

                With a wave of Huang Mao's hand, the first floor window of the warehouse opened, and Tian Tian and Liu Bo were put directly into the window, looking like they were about to be pushed down.