Medical Genius Chapter 1538

 The mouse picked up, "Originally, this was a usual thing, Li Shun did this kind of thing all the time."

                "But this time, the situation is a bit different."

                "Because, that girl's family, it is said to have a very rich background, a rich family's daughter."

                "When something like this happened, the next day, a group of people entered Fangchuan County, straight from Li Shun's house, and took him away."

                "Seriously, we thought Li Shun was dead at the time, and everyone was overjoyed."

                "Who knew that less than half a day later, Li Shun came back in one piece!"

                "Not only that, he even proudly claimed to the public that the Ten Great Families of Su Province had personally come to his rescue and helped him settle the matter."

                "What's more, the ten major families of Su Province all treat him as a friend. His network of connections already spans across both Guang Province and Su Province."

                Hearing these words, a sharp aura flashed violently in Lin Mo's eyes.

                How could the Ten Great Families of Su Province put a small person like Li Shun in their eyes?

                There must be a reason for them to step in and save Li Shun.

                Coupled with the matter of Wan Chun Tang, Lin Mo vaguely felt that this matter, I'm afraid, was somewhat related to the matter of the Recycle Pill!

                After chatting for a while, it was already late at night.

                Mouse got up, "Brother Lin, it's getting late, you should rest first."

                "I will come and wait for you early tomorrow morning."

                Lin Mo: "Where are you going now?"

                "Yellow Hair's group, they're probably guarding outside your house right now."

                Mouse scratched his head, "I ...... I'll go to my friend's house to rest for the night."

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "You'd better not toss and turn."

                "Go to the front desk yourself and ask them to get you another room."

                "Tomorrow morning, you take me to a place."

                Lin Mo finished speaking and handed a pile of money to the rat.

                The rat looked at the money and hesitated a little, this pile of money, almost ten thousand dollars.

                Lin Mo shoved it directly into his hand, "Take it."

                "What, do you see me as someone who is short of this amount of money?"

                The rat was instantly filled with gratitude, "Brother Lin, this ...... is really a big thank you."

                "You have helped me so much and given me so much money, I ...... really don't know how to thank you ......"

                Lin Mo waved his hand: "Alright, don't be pretentious."

                "Get a good rest, I have a lot of places to go tomorrow, you need to get your spirit up."

                The rat immediately nodded: "Brother Lin, don't worry, I definitely won't delay you!"

                Mouse ran downstairs, opened the cheapest room and went to sleep with excitement and apprehension.

                On Lin Mo's side, he didn't rush to sleep, but called Tiger.

                He asked Tiger to make a trip to the provincial capital and find a way to lure Ma Tiancheng and his wife out and bring them to Fangchuan County.

                Taking this opportunity, Lin Mo wanted to settle Ma Tiancheng directly!

                Before that, Lin Mo had to investigate whether there was any relationship between this Li Shun and Wan Chun Tang.

                After breakfast the next day, Lin Mo asked the rat to rent a car and rushed directly to a small town below Fangchuan County.

                The project manager from before lived above this town.

                Lin Mo followed the address and eventually arrived near the project manager's home.

                However, Lin Mo did not go directly to the project manager, but first asked the rat to go down and ask around to see if the project manager was at home, so as not to alert the snake.

                The mouse went down and brought back a piece of news that shook Lin Mo to his core.

                The project manager had been involved in a car accident a week ago and had died!

                Hearing this news, Lin Mo was directly confused, this news was too sudden, right?

                The project manager had died, so wouldn't the trail be broken when it got here?

                How could Lin Mo tell if there was collusion between the project manager and Wan Chun Tang?

                And how could he prove that the refining method of the Wanchun Hall Recycle Pill was stolen from Xu's Pharmaceutical?