Medical Genius Chapter 1537

 A brilliant light flashed in Lin Mo's eyes, this matter, it actually involved Ma Tiancheng?

                Of course, Lin Mo was familiar with this underground big brother in Guangdong Province.

                Previously in the provincial capital, Lin Mo had clashed with him, and in the end, Ma Tiancheng had submitted honestly.

                However, Lin Mo never trusted him and was recently planning to have Tiger take Ma Tiancheng's place.

                Unexpectedly, the matter on Fangchuan County's side was still related to Ma Tiancheng?

                "Ma Tiancheng, I have heard of some of it."

                Lin Mo casually said back, not saying too much, lest he scare the rat.

                Mouse sighed, "If you've heard of him, then you definitely know how strong this underground big brother really is in Guang Province."

                "And the backer of this group of us in Fangchuan County is Ma Tiancheng!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "Really?"

                "Does Ma Tiancheng's hand extend that far?"

                "Mouse, have you made a mistake?"

                "A small place like Fangchuan County, he would also put it in his eyes?"

                Mouse waved his hand, "Brother Lin, you don't know anything."

                "A small place like us, he certainly doesn't put it in his eyes."

                "His wife, however, is a local of our Fangchuan County."

                "Although his wife lives with him in the provincial city, her maiden family still lives in Fangchuan County."

                "With Ma Tiancheng's background, that maternal family of hers, here in our area, that's really something no one dares to mess with."

                "Especially his wife's brother Li Shun, in our Fangchuan County, that's a real underground big brother."

                "Those people from Yellow Hair, they are the ones following him!"

                Lin Mo suddenly realized, so it was this connection.

                He couldn't help but smile slightly, earlier he was still wondering what method he should use to be able to settle Ma Tiancheng in name only.

                It looks like he didn't come to Fangchuan County for nothing this time, so this is a good reason!

                "Tell me more about this Li Shun!"

                Lin Mo asked.

                The rat obviously had a long-standing hatred for Li Shun, so he couldn't stop talking.

                If you didn't hear it, you wouldn't know, but once you heard it, you would be shocked.

                The bad things this Li Shun had done were beyond Lin Mo's imagination.

                He was a bully, a bully of men and women, a loan shark, and a killer of old people and children.

                Moreover, this Li Shun was particularly lustful.

                As long as the women he likes, there is no woman who can escape his grasp!

                Li Shun once boasted at a dinner party with his friends that he changed at least a hundred women every year.

                Of these, only a small percentage were willing to stay with him.

                The other majority were either for money or simply forced by him.

                It was fine if it was for money, but those who were forced were really pitiful.

                Even some young girls who had just gotten married would be forced by him.

                In the past few years, every year, there would be girls who were forced by him and could not think of killing themselves.

                But this Li Shun was shrewd and never left any evidence, and there were no witnesses who dared to testify.

                With his background, connections and money, he was able to get the best lawyers to work for him, so many things could be easily settled.

                Therefore, even the police could not convict him.

                When Rat said this, he sighed and said, "By the way, two months ago, Li Shun had just done something appalling!"

                Lin Mo was surprised, "What is it?"

                Mouse said, "Two months ago, a young couple came to Fangchuan County to visit their relatives."

                "The man's ancestry is from our Fangchuan County, and the woman, she's from over in Suzhou Province."

                "After they came over, they were met by Li Shun by chance."

                "When Li Shun saw that the girl was pretty, he went up and molested her."

                "As a result, the two sides got into a fight."

                "Li Shun broke the man's leg and snatched the girl back, insulting her severely."

                "The girl was so unbearably humiliated that she directly jumped off the building and killed herself."

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed, this Li Shun really deserved to die!