Medical Genius Chapter 1536

 The rat could not help but stare at Lin Mo in shock.

                In that case, wouldn't Lin Mo's medical skills be superior to those of Divine Doctor Xue?

                The rat swallowed his saliva and cautiously asked, "Brother Lin, you ...... are what kind of divine being are you?"

                Lin Mo also did not answer and casually asked, "By the way, that yellow hair today, how much money do you owe him?"

                The rat sighed helplessly, "It's not much, just 20,000."

                "But he's a loan shark, I owe this twenty thousand, only three months, and it's gone up to over three hundred thousand."

                "This kind of loan shark, how can I afford to pay it back ......"

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed: "Twenty thousand dollars, three months, up to more than three hundred thousand?"

                "That's too high an interest rate, isn't it?"

                "Even if you're a loan shark, you have to have some rules, how can you do things like this?"

                "Is there no one to control this?"

                Mouse waved his hand, "Brother Lin, you just don't know."

                "This group of people, in Fangchuan County, no one dares to mess with them."

                "When people see them, they can't even avoid them, so who dares to take care of them?"

                Lin Mo: "Is that true?"

                "Don't I think they're just a bunch of hooligans?"

                "If you can't, you can also call the police."

                Mouse sighed, "Brother Lin, if only it was that simple to deal with, then it would be good."

                "But the problem is, Yellow Hair's group of people are all covered by big shots behind them."

                "Even if the police are called in and arrested, the police usually can't find any witness evidence, so it's hard to convict them, and they'll be released again in a few days."

                "When they get out, that's when the vengeance intensifies."

                "Even if they can find evidence to convict them, they have other accomplices and will still retaliate against those who call the police."

                "On this side of Fangchuan County, there are so many people I know of, who have had their families broken by them."

                Lin Mo's face was slightly cold, this group of people, they were really lawless?

                "What background do they have?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Mouse gave Lin Mo a puzzled look, "Brother Lin, what exactly is it that you came to Fangchuan County for?"

                Lin Mo: "What are you asking this for?"

                The rat scratched his head, "Uh, I ...... I just asked casually."

                After a moment, the mouse said curiously, "You wouldn't have come down for a private visit, would you?"

                Lin Mo laughed: "A private visit?"

                "You've been watching too much TV, haven't you?"

                "Do I look like a private visitor to you?"

                Mouse laughed awkwardly and whispered, "Brother Lin, honestly, I don't look like you."

                "However, regarding this group of people, I personally suggest that you ah, don't mind too much."

                "I will definitely help you with whatever you want to do."

                "But this kind of thing, it's none of your business, and you ...... you try not to get into trouble!"

                "I know, you're a big shot, you certainly won't be afraid of them."

                "But, this people walking in the society, more trouble is better than less trouble, you think so?"

                Lin Mo gave the rat a deep look and calmly said, "If I was afraid of getting into trouble, I wouldn't have helped you just now!"

                The rat was at a loss for words.

                Lin Mo said softly, "I once told someone a saying."

                "A man may not be able to manage the affairs of the world, but he should at least manage the affairs in front of him."

                "If you don't even have the courage to draw your sword when you see injustice on the road, what is the difference between that and a shrinking turtle?"

                The words made the rat stand in awe.

                He looked at Lin Mo respectfully, "Brother Lin, what you said is so right."

                "I ...... am really fortunate to have known such a great man like you, it's a blessing in three lifetimes, the ancestral graves are green with smoke!"

                Lin Mo smiled and waved his hand, "All right, cut the crap."

                "Say, this group of people, what exactly is their background?"

                Rat took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "Brother Lin, you must also be a big shot in Guang Province."

                "I wonder, have you ever heard of Ma Tiancheng, the underground bigwig in the provincial capital?"