Medical Genius Chapter 1535

 Under the guide of the rat, Lin Mo arranged a place to stay, after which he went out with the rat and ate some local specialties.

                This trip over, Lin Mo also took it as a tour.

                The rat took Lin Mo to a local restaurant that was not too big, but there were quite a few people inside.

                The rat ordered some local specialties and Lin Mo ordered some beer.

                The two of them seemed to be friends, sitting together to eat and drink.

                After chatting for a while, Rat finally dropped his guard towards Lin Mo and told him a bit about himself.

                Rat's real name was Wang Hao, but because he was skinny and had previously been in jail for theft, he was called Rat, and later mockingly called Mouse.

                Over time, the name Rat spread and many people didn't know what his real name was anymore.

                Rat's fate was tragic; when he was at school, his father died in an accident, leaving him and his mother and sister to fend for themselves.

                Several of his father's brothers, in an attempt to hijack his family's homestead, went out of their way to expel the orphans and widowed mother from their home.

                His mother, alone with him and his sister, who was still in infancy, struggled to make a living outside and became exhausted and sick.

                In desperation, the rat dropped out of school and worked to support the family.

                Three years ago, his sister contracted an extremely rare disease that could not be cured after spending a lot of money.

                In order to cure his sister, the rat took the risk of burglary and stole more than 200,000 yuan to pay for his sister's surgery.

                Who knows, just after his sister's surgery over here, the rat was arrested.

                However, instead of being convicted of burglary, he was eventually jailed for a year on some other trivial charges.

                Later, the rat learnt that the family he stole from at the time had the money from the wrong source and did not dare to make a big deal out of it.

                Otherwise, he would have had to serve several years for stealing so much money.

                Less than a month after Mouse was released from prison, his mother died and Mouse was left to look after his sister alone.

                The previous operation did not completely cure his sister's illness.

                Mouse had to scramble to earn money to buy medicine for his sister, and put her in the clinic on weekdays with an IV to keep her alive.

                But every once in a while, she also had to be taken to the hospital for dialysis, otherwise she could become critically ill at any time.

                Most of the time, the rat works as a labourer on construction sites to earn money.

                But for his sister's illness, he has taken out too many external debts and owes too much money.

                Seeing that it was time to give his sister dialysis again, he really had no money, so he had to do his old job again and run near the station to steal a handful of money, not expecting to run into Lin Mo.

                The rat was holding a glass of wine, his eyes silky with tears: "Brother Lin, I'm sorry, I ...... was really desperate, that's why I took your wallet."

                Lin Mo smiled, in the rat, he saw too much of himself.

                At the beginning, for the sake of his sister's medical expenses, why did he not think of going to desperate measures?

                However, he was lucky, he had met Xu Hanxia and had the legacy of the family jade pendant.

                And Mouse, he was unfortunate, he was just an ordinary man, yet he had to carry so much responsibility!

                Lin Mo lifted his wine cup, clinked it with Mouse and laughed lightly, "There's no need to say these words."

                "Since I promised to help cure your sister, I definitely won't go back on my word."

                Mouse was overjoyed, he wiped away his tears and said urgently, "Brother Lin, you ...... mean that my sister's illness, there is still help?"

                "I've been to the provincial hospital before, and those famous doctors in the provincial city said so. My sister's illness, unless the divine doctor Xue of Guang Province is involved, otherwise, no one within this ...... Guang Province can cure her!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly: "This famous doctor is also talking nonsense, your sister's illness, even if God Doctor Xue, cannot be cured!"

                "She is suffering from congenital organ failure, even God Doctor Xue, can't cure congenital deficiency!"

                The rat's face suddenly changed.

                Lin Mo picked up, "But I can definitely cure her!"