Medical Genius Chapter 1533

 Lin Mo, however, ignored the rat as he placed the pill directly on the palm of TianTian's hand.

                "TianTian, big brother this candy can stop the pain."

                "If you eat this candy, you won't have any pain on your body!"

                The mouse still wanted to stop, but was held down by Lin Mo, and directly could not even say anything.

                Unsure of what to do, Tian Tian literally took the pill and stuffed it into his mouth obediently.

                After chewing it for a bit, Tian Tian immediately turned his mouth away, "Big brother, this candy is so bitter!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "It's alright, it will be sweet when you eat it!"

                TianTian obediently swallowed the pill.

                At this moment, Lin Mo only let go of his hand and let the mouse go.

                The mouse hurriedly ran over and held TianTian in his arms, making her vomit while saying anxiously, "What did you ...... you give my sister to eat?"

                "How can you do that?"

                "If you have anything to do with it, just come at me, why are you ...... you rushing at a little child?"

                However, at this time, the pills had already been swallowed by Timothy, so how could he spit them out?

                No matter how much the mouse tossed and turned, the result was useless.

                The mouse was furious and stared at Lin Mo angrily, "Say, what exactly did you give my sister to eat?"

                Lin Mo laughed but did not answer.

                Just then, Liu Bo suddenly threw a slap at the rat's head.

                The mouse was stunned by the blow and said in surprise, "Uncle Liu, you ...... Why are you hitting me?"

                Uncle Liu said angrily, "It is you who I am hitting, you who do not know what is good for you!"

                The mouse was bewildered, "Uncle Liu, how come I don't know what's good for me?"

                Uncle Liu: "Why do you think you don't know what's wrong?"

                "If this gentleman hadn't come to the rescue just now, your sister might have been hacked to death!"

                "And now you still suspect this gentleman of doing harm to your sister?"

                "If he really wanted to harm your sister, he would have just not done it just now, why waste his strength like this?"

                The rat's face turned red, but when he thought about it, it was indeed the same thing.

                Liu Bo then said, "Also, take a close look at your sister and see what changes she has made!"

                The mouse looked blankly at Tiantian, and after a moment, he suddenly stared in awe and exclaimed, "Tiantian, you ...... your face, why is it so red?"

                He knew that TianTian's face was extremely pale, the haggard look of someone who had been ill for a long time.

                And now, TenTian's face had more blood on it, and it didn't look like a sick person at all.

                Even Uncle Liu was shocked, not to mention the mouse.

                Timothy, on the other hand, was full of bewilderment, "I ...... I'm blushing?"

                "I don't know!"

                Liu Bo immediately said, "TianTian, do you ...... still have pain on your body?"

                Timothy shook his head, "It doesn't hurt anymore."

                The rat was greatly surprised: "No ...... it doesn't hurt anymore?"

                "It really doesn't hurt anymore?"

                Liu Bo then looked excitedly at Lin Mo: "This gentleman, what kind of miracle medicine did you just give her?"

                Only then did Rat remember that Lin Mo had said that when he had just given Tian Tian a pill.

                After taking that pill, there would be no more pain on her body.

                At that time, the rat thought that Lin Mo was lying to children, but to his surprise, it was actually true!

                Lin Mo smiled gently, "It's not a miracle pill, it's just some special medicine that temporarily suppresses her condition."

                Uncle Liu was full of shock: "TianTian has been sick for three years!"

                "During these three years, one operation was performed, but she couldn't be completely cured then either."

                "In these three years, she has been so sick that even the painkillers no longer have any effect."

                "Even the famous doctors in the provincial capital couldn't help her with the pain."

                "I didn't expect that you could stop her pain with just one pill."

                "My old man has been practicing medicine all his life, but today, I've finally met a master!"

                Rat even looked at Lin Mo with a shocked face, he was most familiar with Tian Tian's condition.

                Lin Mo's move was truly miraculous!

                Suddenly, the rat fell to the ground with a poof and said in a trembling voice, "Divine Doctor, Divine Doctor, please, save my sister ......"