Medical Genius Chapter 1531

 In the inner room there was a pale little girl, hobbling out holding the door.

                The little girl was not yet ten years old, almost skinny and skinny, and even a bit scary to look at.

                When the mouse saw the little girl, his face changed.

                He hurriedly climbed up, "Timothy, why are you out?"

                "You ...... you hurry into the house to rest."

                "Brother is fine, we are just messing around ......"

                Yellow hair, however, kicked the mouse in the back and said angrily, "Who the hell is messing around with you?"

                The mouse turned his head and winked at Huang Mao with a pleading face, trying to get him to play along with the drama.

                But Huang Mao didn't care and slapped him in the face again.

                The little girl, Timothy, shivered in fear, but she stumbled over and shielded the mouse behind her.

                "You guys ...... you don't hit my brother ......"

                The mouse hastily pulled her away, "TenTen, behave and go inside quickly to rest."

                "Brother is fine ......"

                Yellow hair impatiently said, "Fuck, acting in front of Laozi?"

                "Shit, even this stinking girl will be beaten up together!"

                Several youths rushed up again and actually lifted their feet and kicked at Timothy.

                The mouse screamed in fear, and he hastily held TianTian in his arms, using his own back to withstand the crowd's attack.

                Liu Bo, who was sitting in the doorway, couldn't help himself, "Brother Long, TianTian is very sick!"

                "You guys ...... how can you hit a child?"

                The yellow hair was furious and turned around and kicked the counter over, pointing at Liu Bo and cursing angrily, "Old thing, cut the fucking crap!"

                "Do you believe I'll beat you up too?"

                Uncle Liu was shivering with anger, but he really didn't dare to speak up.

                Lin Mo stood outside the door, seeing this scene, and couldn't help but slowly shake his head.

                He had seen land hooligans before, but he had really never seen such bad ones.

                Huang Mao's group was no different from the group of human traffickers he had met in the provincial capital before, ah.

                Bullying old people and beating children, not even sparing the sick, was this still something people did?

                At this moment, a man had already retrieved a pile of money from the rat's pocket.

                When Yellow Hair took a look, he was even more furious: "Fuck you, didn't you say you didn't have any money?"

                "What the fuck is this?"

                The rat's face suddenly changed and he said urgently, "Brother Long, Brother Long, I have this money for an urgent need."

                "Brother Dragon, you give me back the money. The money I owe you, I ...... I'll find a way to pay you back, this money I have to pay for Tian Tian's hospital bill ......"

                "Brother Long, please, give me back the money, my sister will die ......"

                Rat cried, hugging Huang Mao's leg and desperately begging for help.

                Huang Mao kicked him over and pocketed the money, cursing under his breath, "This is just the interest!"

                "For the rest, I'll give you another week."

                "If you don't pay me back, I'll take your dog's life!"

                With a wave of his hand, Yellow Hair prepared to lead the crowd away.

                The rat's mouth and nose were bleeding, but he didn't care, and desperately ran over and hugged Huang Mao's leg, pleading loudly, "Brother Long, you can't take this money."

                "This is my sister's life-saving money, please, give me back the money ......"

                "As long as you give me back the money, I ...... I'll do anything to repay you ......"

                "Brother Long, please ......"

                Yellow hair was extremely angry, pulled out a dagger from his body and put it on the rat's neck, "Fuck you, if you don't let go, believe it or not I'll kill you!"

                The rat's face was pale, but he still clung to Huang Mao and kept begging.

                At the back, TianTian was crying in fear, she rolled and crawled over, "Don't hit my brother ...... you bad guys, don't hit my brother ......"

                As she said that, she also hugged Huang Mao's legs and opened her mouth to bite him dead.

                She is only a small child, there is no resistance at all, can only use this kind of attack technique.

                Huang Mao was in pain, and his eyes were suddenly glowing: "Damn, are you a dog?"

                "I'll kill you!"

                With that, Huang Mao raised the dagger in his hand and stabbed it towards Tian Tian.