Medical Genius Chapter 1530

 Facing the old man, the young rat was full of smiles, "Uncle Liu, I've come to pay for it!"

                "Aiya, this time, really give you trouble."

                "I ...... how much I'm short of you here, you give me the math, I'll settle the bill for you here."

                Liu Bo's face soothed a little, glanced at the rat and said suspiciously, "What? Did you make a fortune?"

                Slightly embarrassed, Mouse smiled and said, "Well, I did some work with someone and made some money."

                Uncle Liu: "Do the right thing, but don't go back to those thieving things!"

                The rat lowered his head and dared not meet Uncle Liu's eyes, smiling sarcastically, "Uncle Liu, you calculate how much money ......"

                Saying that, he took out a pile of money from his pocket, the money that he had stolen from Lin Mo.

                Uncle Liu took a look at it, "There's really money?"

                "Hey, you kid, not that I'm talking about you."

                "With the money, buy some tonic for your sister first, don't spend it carelessly."

                "Look how thin your sister has become. Don't you feel any pain?"

                Rat: "Yes, yes, Uncle Liu, I will definitely buy her some."

                "Uncle Liu, how much is this ...... medical bill, I ...... will settle it ...... for you first."

                Uncle Liu waved his hand, "Come on."

                "This medical fee, you also owe not a day or two, there is no hurry."

                "You should go in first and see your sister."

                "I don't know how you are a brother, you don't see anyone all day long."

                "Your sister doesn't wake up for more than an hour a day, and you don't show up, do you know how disappointed she is every day?"

                Mouse's eyes were a little red and his voice choked, "Uncle Liu, I ......"

                Uncle Liu waved his hand impatiently, "All right, don't shed horse piss in front of me!"

                "Manly man, I've never seen one as unproductive as you."

                The rat took a deep breath, forcibly suppressed his agitation, bowed deeply towards Liu Bo, and then headed for the inner room.

                However, before he could walk into the inner room, several people suddenly turned in from outside.

                At the head of them was a small tattooed youth with dyed yellow hair, a cigarette in his mouth and a hangdog look.

                There were several people behind him, all of them strutting their stuff, looking like they were no good.

                When he saw Huang Mao, the mouse instantly looked as if he had seen a cat, and his face instantly turned pale.

                He immediately wanted to leap into the house, but Huang Mao had already seen him.

                "Stand still!"

                The mouse shivered in fear and didn't really dare to run. Subconsciously, he covered his pockets with his hands, where he kept his money.

                Yellow Hair swaggered up to him and, without any warning, threw a slap directly at the rat's face.

                The rat's face was swollen red from the blow, but he still nodded and said, "Brother Long, I'm sorry ...... I didn't see you just now ......"

                Yellow Hair kicked the rat again and cursed, "Look at your fucking legs!"

                "I've been crouching here for half a day for you to see, wouldn't you have fucking run away already?"

                The rat was embarrassed, "Brother Long, I ...... really don't have any money right now."

                "Why don't you give me another week, I ...... will definitely get the money for you ......"

                Yellow hair again slapped the rat in the face: "Fuck, how long have I given you?"

                "It's been a few fucking months, you always say grace every time, are you playing with me?"

                "I'm telling you, if you don't give me the money today, I'll take off your arm right now!"

                The rat was almost crying with fear and said in a trembling voice, "Brother Long, I ...... really don't have any money ......"

                Yellow hair is angry: "I think you are a kid who does not see the coffin, give me a beating!"

                A few youths behind him rushed up and surrounded the rat, punching and kicking him up.

                Huang Mao was lying on the ground with his head covered, not daring to resist at all.

                Just then, a faint voice suddenly came from the inner room: "You ...... you don't beat my brother, please ......"