Medical Genius Chapter 1529

 Lin Mo was dumbfounded, it was the first time he had ever encountered such a situation.

                It was clear that the road just now would be able to meet the traffic, but it was just the other side that wanted to walk in the middle of the road, not giving them the chance to avoid it at all.

                On the contrary, the bus, which was carrying a full load of passengers, reversed extremely dangerously, giving way to the people.

                Reversing on such a mountain road was extremely dangerous, the slightest mistake would take the bus full of people under the cliff!

                With doubts, Lin Mo walked to the front seat and asked with curiosity, "Master driver, what was that just now?"

                "The lane next to you is clearly capable of meeting traffic, why did you have to give way to him?"

                Hearing this, only a few people in the car also looked at the driver in confusion, while most of the others looked at Lin Mo.

                It was obvious that most of them understood the situation!

                The driver gave Lin Mo a look, "Little brother, you're not from Fangchuan County, are you?"

                Lin Mo nodded: "Oh, I'm here to run some business over here."

                The driver smiled, "No wonder."

                "Little brother, a word of advice, when you meet that car on the street again, be careful and hurry up and give way to others."

                "Otherwise, you'll be in trouble!"

                Lin Mo said curiously, "Why?"

                The driver waved his hand as if he was scaring of something and was not willing to say much at all.

                Soon, the vehicle arrived at Fangchuan County.

                Just as they got out of the car, a group of people surrounded them.

                "Buddy, where are you going? Do you want to take a taxi?"

                "Do you want to take a motorbike? It's cheap!"

                "Young man, do you want to take a tricycle?"

                "Do you want to stay, handsome? There are girls ......"

                A group of people were talking about pulling business, and there was a thieving young man who kept weaving in and out of the crowd, his eyes constantly bouncing off Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo could tell at a glance that this youngster was a pickpocket.

                But he pretended not to see it, and let the young man pick his wallet out of his pocket.

                The young man quickly left the crowd and left in a hurry after he got his hands on him.

                Lin Mo followed behind him unhurriedly. After leaving the crowd, the young man immediately came to a nearby alleyway.

                After looking around to see that no one was around, he excitedly pulled out Lin Mo's wallet.

                Seeing the thick pile of money in the wallet, the youngster's hands were trembling with excitement.

                First, he searched the money in the wallet, and then, he got up to leave again with the wallet.

                Lin Mo had originally planned to stop him, but when he saw him leave with the wallet again, he couldn't help but be a little puzzled.

                According to reason, this kind of pickpocket, usually after getting the money, would just throw the other things into the trash.

                In that case, even if he was caught and the wallet was not on him, who could prove that he had stolen the money?

                But this young man, still holding the wallet, what was he doing?

                Lin Mo followed behind with his doubts, only to see the youngster arrive at a nearby police booth.

                Looking around to see that no one was paying attention, he quietly threw the wallet into the vicinity of the police booth, then turned around and left as if nothing had happened.

                Seeing this scene, Lin Mo was a little surprised.

                This pickpocket was a relatively conscientious one, wasn't he?

                He threw his wallet at the police kiosk so that it would be picked up and handed in, making it easier for the owner to find it?

                Lin Mo was dumbfounded, he didn't expect that he would meet such an interesting young man just after arriving here.

                He picked up the wallet and continued to follow the young man, he wanted to see if there was anything special about this young man!

                The young man threw away his wallet and did not linger around, but left straight away.

                Lin Mo followed him, almost halfway through the county, and finally arrived at a dilapidated residential area.

                The people who lived here were obviously the lowest class of people in the county.

                The young man circled around a few times in this dilapidated alleyway and finally entered a small clinic with dim lights.

                There was an old man sitting in the clinic, and when he saw the young man, he immediately yelled, "Mouse, can you still pay your sister's medical bills or not?"

                "If you don't pay it, I'll stop the medicine!"