Medical Genius Chapter 1528

 Under the midday sun, in Fangchuan County, a county below Wan'an City in Guang Province, a dilapidated bus drives slowly along a mountain road.

                The mountain road was winding, the vehicle was bumpy and the people in it were already drowsy.

                In the back of the vehicle sat a young man wearing a duck-tongue hat, none other than Lin Mo.

                Last night, he had received a message from Li Tiezui, which had informed him of a very shocking event.

                This project of reconstructing pills by Wan Chun Tang had actually been proposed more than ten years ago.

                It was just that, for reasons unknown before, this project had been developed for some time, costing more than a billion dollars, but in the end it had not been able to continue and had been shelved until this time.

                Just after this project was launched by Xu Pharmaceutical, Wanchun Tang restarted the project.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that when Wanchun Tang restarted this project, it had also frequently contacted the R&D staff on Lin Mo's side.

                From all these circumstances, Wan Chun Tang should have known about the Recycle Pill a long time ago.

                It was just that they did not know how the Recycle Pill was refined before, so after spending over a billion dollars and researching for a period of time without any results, they could only shelve the project for the time being.

                After Lin Mo's side started this project, Wan Chun Tang immediately contacted Lin Mo's side's research and development staff, clearly wanting to bribe them and steal the recreating pill refining method from them.

                In fact, Lin Mo was also on guard for such a situation.

                He did not actually tell the company's R&D staff about the refining method of the Rejuvenation Pill.

                He had only broken down this refining process into a dozen steps.

                Then, the company's R&D staff were then divided into a dozen teams, each of which was responsible for one of the steps.

                In the end, these steps were united together, plus Lin Mo held the final ingredients, in order to refine the real rejuvenation pill.

                Therefore, even if Wan Chun Tang had bribed these R&D personnel, it would not be of much value ah.

                However, in order to investigate what exactly was going on, Lin Mo still decided to start with these R&D personnel first.

                According to the information he got, the company had a project manager who suddenly left a week ago.

                And this project manager, his daughter-in-law's account, a month ago, had an extra 30 million dollars coming in. And half a month ago, there was an additional $50 million coming in.

                In connection with these circumstances, Lin Mo vaguely felt that there must be something wrong with this project manager.

                This manager was living in this Fangchuan County.

                Li Tiezui originally said that he would send someone to investigate, but Lin Mo still wanted to take a trip himself.

                He trusted Li Tiezui, but it was hard to say how well the spies under Li Tiezui worked.

                This matter was related to the refinement method of the Recycle Pill, and Lin Mo did not want too many people to get involved.

                This time he came out in disguise to investigate, and did not even drive or fly, just to prevent people from noticing.

                While the vehicle was moving slowly, a sound of a locomotive roaring suddenly came from the front.

                The sound was so loud that it woke up the drowsy people inside the car.

                Lin Mo lifted his eyes to see a Mercedes-Benz G rushing over from the opposite direction with great bravado.

                The mountain road was narrow and could only accommodate two cars driving side by side.

                The bus hurriedly moved to the side to avoid the road, while the Mercedes-Benz G was still driving in the middle of the road, rushing towards the bus in an aggressive manner.

                Just when the two sides were less than three metres apart, the Mercedes driver finally slammed on the brakes.

                However, the Mercedes-Benz did not take the next lane either, but stopped in the middle of the road and confronted the bus just like that.

                Lin Mo was surprised, the next lane was clearly drivable, why was the Mercedes still holding on?

                At that moment, something unexpected happened.

                The driver of the bus actually hung up the reverse gear and slowly backed up on this treacherous mountain road, carrying a busload of people.

                Eventually, the bus backed up to a more spacious roadside, freeing up a full avenue for the Mercedes.

                Only then did the Mercedes start up and roar past!