Medical Genius Chapter 1527

 With a single word, the doorman's face instantly turned iron blue again.

                He didn't know how to reply, and could only look at Zhao Zeming.

                Zhao Zeming's face was pale, and he couldn't even say a word.

                Lin Mo: "What do you two mean by this?"

                "Is that how you look down on me, Lin Mo?"

                "I asked the questions and not a single person answered?"

                Zhao Zeming and the doorman were even more scared and shivering.

                The doorman just looked at Zhao Zeming, who could only say stiffly, "Mr. Lin, actually ...... actually Mrs. Wang, she has a position inside the school ......"

                Lin Mo said directly, "Director Zhao, you have to be careful what you say."

                "Guangyang City is not big, I want to investigate things, there is no investigation can not be found."

                "If you lie to me, humph, you will end up miserable!"

                Zhao Zeming almost pissed himself in fear, not daring to say a word.

                Lin Mo looked at the doorman: "You answer!"

                The doorman trembled and said, "Yes ...... it was Director Zhao who had instructed that Mrs. Wang's car, could be driven into the school at will ......"

                "I ...... I'm just a part-time worker, I don't know either ......"

                Hearing this, Zhao Zeming was even more frightened and sweated, and hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, I ...... can't really do anything about it either."

                "Mrs. Wang is Lu Changming's daughter-in-law, she ...... wants to drive the car to the school, and I don't dare to stop it ......"

                "If I stopped it, I ...... I'm afraid I wouldn't even be able to be a director ......"

                Lin Mo slowly nodded: "In that case, Mrs. Wang can be so brazen in the school, all because of your connivance?"

                "Letting someone drive into the school at will and letting her park her car in the school playground, aren't you afraid of the safety hazards?"

                "She drove into someone at school, and you helped her blackmail the student who was hit."

                "Zhao Zeming, you're really doing a competent job as a director!"

                Zhao Zeming was shivering in fear, unable to utter a single word.

                Lin Mo didn't bother to pay any attention to him, and directly pulled Lin Xi out of the Academic Affairs Office.

                Zhao Zeming and the security guard fell limp to the ground, always apprehensive in their hearts.

                If Lin Mo had just let someone beat them up here, perhaps this matter would have been resolved.

                However, now that Lin Mo hadn't said a word, the two men were instead very panicked in their hearts.

                And it was indeed true, not long after Lin Mo left, he gave the matter to the Ten Great Families and asked them to handle it.

                Among the ten great families, there were also many people who served in the education system.

                A sentence from Lin Mo just now, sentencing the Lu family to death, had long since spread among the Ten Great Families.

                The Ten Great Families also basically knew what had happened, so all of them were staring over here as well.

                When Lin Mo gave the order, the people of the Ten Great Families immediately took action.

                It didn't take long to turn up this Director Zhao's old tricks.

                This Director Zhao had done a lot of shady things over the years.

                The Ten Families had personally dealt with him, and he would probably spend the rest of his life in prison.

                The people in the school's security section, including the janitor, were also found out about things to a greater or lesser extent.

                All these people, too, were eventually expelled from the school.

                A few of them, who were even found out about other things, were sentenced to jail straight away.

                After this incident, those in the school's leadership, too, all knew Lin Xi's identity.

                Although Lin Mo had instructed them not to reveal Lin Xi's situation.

                However, those leaders of the school, were also extra concerned about Lin Xi.

                These people knew very well that Lin Mo was a big person like a god in the sky, an existence that they could only look up to.

                The fact that his sister was attending the school was an honour and a challenge to them.

                If something were to happen to Lin Xi, it would be a death sentence for them.

                Of course, there were also many people who had small thoughts, hoping that through Lin Xi, they could make acquaintance with Lin Mo.

                In Guangyang City, if they could make Lin Mo's acquaintance, it would be a step to the top!