Medical Genius Chapter 1525

 The doorman said, pulling out his mobile phone and making a gesture to call the police.

                He often used this method to scare people, and many people were afraid of such a situation.

                However, Lin Mo was not the least bit frightened, nor did he even stop him, instead he looked at him with a smile as if he was waiting for him to call the police.

                The doorman's face became even more ugly.

                He was actually trying to scare Lin Mo, trying to get him to bow down and admit his mistake.

                But to his surprise, Lin Mo did not pay any attention to him, which made him a bit hard to ride.

                He gritted his teeth and suddenly put his phone up and said angrily, "Forget it, I don't want to make a big deal out of it either."

                "Tell you what, go to the Academic Affairs Office and explain this matter to our leader yourself."

                "The leader will deal with you however he says!"

                Lin Mo nodded: "Fine, whatever you feel like!"

                The doorman immediately walked aggressively in the direction of the Academic Affairs Office, with Lin Mo pulling Lin Xi behind him.

                He hadn't wanted to deal with such people in general, but if the other party was so unforgiving, then he would have to take care of this matter.

                Otherwise, if Lin Xi went to school here in the future and got into trouble all day long, how could that be?

                When he arrived at the Academic Affairs Office, Lin Mo saw Zhao Zeming sitting here drinking tea at a glance.

                This guy, who had just taken advantage of the chaos upstairs, had quietly slipped away.

                He could also see that the situation was not right and didn't dare to stay upstairs at all.

                Unexpectedly, he was quite in the mood and had hidden here to drink tea.

                As soon as the doorman entered the room, he yelled out straight away, "Director Zhao, you're here, great!"

                "I've come to report something to you ah ......"

                Saying that, he told what had just happened, adding to the story.

                Zhao Zeming was sitting at the table, and he had been completely dumbfounded when he saw Lin Mo.

                He had never dreamed that Lin Mo would come running to the Academic Affairs Office.

                And after hearing the doorman's words, he finally understood what was going on.

                Lin Mo had originally planned to leave on his electric bicycle, but it was this doorman who had pulled him over by force.

                At this moment, Zhao Zeming had the heart to kill the doorman, don't you want to kill me?

                The doorman had not yet seen Zhao Zeming's expression and was still rattling off his reasoning.

                "Director Zhao, this matter, you must do it for me!"

                "If they are not punished seriously for this incident, then how can I guard the gate for the school in the future?"

                The gatekeeper said, and put on a pitiful and aggrieved look, as if he had really been bullied by Lin Mo.

                Zhao Zeming, however, did not say a word and sat dumbly in place.

                The doorman couldn't help but be surprised: "Director Zhao? Director Zhao?"

                "Director Zhao, say something ......"

                Zhao Zeming still didn't say a word.

                Lin Mo let out a faint smile, "Director Zhao, this matter, how do you think it should be handled ah?"

                Zhao Zeming instantly jumped up as if he had been burned by fire to his buttocks.

                "This ...... matter must be dealt with seriously!"

                Zhao Zeming hurriedly said.

                The doorman was overjoyed and thought that Zhao Zeming was speaking for himself and immediately said, "Director Zhao, you are right, this kind of matter, it must be dealt with seriously, to kill the chicken and make an example of the monkey!"

                "I think it would be best to just fine them, heavily, so that they will never dare to enter the school again, what do you think?"

                Zhao Zeming didn't say anything, instead, he directly threw a slap at this doorman's face.

                The doorman was dumbfounded and looked at Zhao Zeming blankly, "Director Zhao, why did you ...... hit me?"

                Zhao Zeming's face was iron blue as he threw another slap at his face and said angrily, "What's wrong with me hitting you?"

                "What are you, and you dare to make rules and fines?"

                "I'm telling you, you'll be waiting for jail time you!"

                The doorman's eyes widened, "Director Zhao, what are you ...... you talking about?"

                "What am I sitting in jail for?"