Medical Genius Chapter 1523

 Lin Mo sneered, "A hundred million?"

                "Heh, Master of the Lu family, do you think it's okay to pay 100 million for hitting and injuring my sister?"

                The Lu family head's face changed instantly and immediately said, "Mr. Lin, I ...... don't mean that."

                "How much money do you ...... want, just say the word and I ...... my Lu family will definitely not frown!"

                Lin Mo lamented, "The Lu family is really rich, no wonder they don't even take human lives seriously!"

                "However, I, Lin Mo, am not so poor that I can be insulted by others with money at will!"

                "Master of the Lu family, go back and tell your old master."

                "I'll give him three days to take everyone in the Lu family and get the hell out of Guangyang City!"

                "Otherwise, when I personally take action, it will be hard to say how many members of the Lu family will still be able to walk out alive."

                The Lu Family Master was directly frozen, he did not expect that such an incident would lead to such a big result.

                The Lu family had been passed down in Guangyang City for decades, with deep roots, and was now known as a member of the Ten Great Families, he had always felt that the Lu family had completely risen to power.

                But who could have imagined that Lin Mo had not put the Lu family in his eyes at all and would expel them from Guangyang City with a single word.

                The Lu family head was filled with resentment and said urgently, "Mr. Lin, this time, I know that my Lu family was wrong."

                "But, this is just a small matter."

                "It was my Lui family's fault that your sister was injured, we admit it, and we are willing to compensate."

                "But for this matter, you want to expel our Lu family from Guangyang City, this ...... is too overbearing, right?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him, "Overbearing?"

                "Your Lu family's man, who hit and injured a little girl, is still putting all the blame on this little girl."

                "Master of the Lu family, I'm just asking, is this your bullying, or ours?"

                The Lu family head looked embarrassed and slyly argued, "Mr. Lin, this time, we did something wrong."

                "But, this is only a small matter."

                "You want to expel our Lui family from Guangyang City for this trivial matter, this ......"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "A trivial matter?"

                "Heh, when I came over just now, Lu Changming's daughter-in-law, could have been yelling that she wanted to chop us up."

                "Lu Changming brought so many people with him, and they just entered the door, all holding knives to cut me."

                "Master Lui, if I were just an ordinary person today, would my sister and I, still be able to walk out of here alive?"

                The Lu family head was stumped for words.

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "Clan Master Lu, I have long said that if you want to become a member of the Ten Great Families, you don't necessarily have to be very strong, but at least you have to be fair and just in your actions."

                "Your Lu Family has only been in the Top Ten Families for a few days, and you dare to do such a rampant and overbearing thing."

                "If we continue to let you stay inside the Ten Great Families, there is no telling how many people within this Guangyang City will be trampled under your feet and bullied!"

                "I'm already being polite to you by just telling you to get out of Guangyang City!"

                "You, don't you still want to resist?"

                The Lord of the Lu family lowered his head, not daring to say a word.

                He was very clear about Lin Mo's methods.

                If he really angered Lin Mo, then the Lu family would not just be able to simply get out of Guangyang City.

                Lin Mo also ignored them, got up and led Tiger and the others to leave.

                As he watched Lin Mo and the others walk away, the Lu family head sat down on the ground.

                The people of the Lu family were also wailing.

                One had to know that the Lu Family had gone to a great deal of trouble to finally become one of the top ten families in Guangyang City.

                Everyone in the family was overjoyed to the extreme, originally thinking that the Lu family would finally rise to power.

                Who would have thought that something like this would be stirred up, and the Lu family fell straight from heaven into the abyss.

                Lu Lao San jumped up violently, grabbed the chair next to him and smashed it headlessly towards Lu Chang Ming.

                "You loser, you've gotten our Lu family all killed!"