Medical Genius Chapter 1521

 Lu Lao San took out his mobile phone aggressively and made a call out.

                Not long after, he hung up the phone and pointed at Tiger, "Tiger, my family master will be here soon."

                "I'd like to see how you'll explain this matter to my family master later!"

                Tiger laughed disdainfully, "When he arrives, I'll see how he explains this matter!"

                After about ten minutes of time, another group of people walked in outside.

                The one at the head of the group was none other than the head of the Lu family.

                His face was full of arrogance, and as soon as he entered the room, he stared directly at Tiger.

                "Tiger, I just heard that you want to cross my Lui Family and even kill my brother, is that true?"

                The Lu family head asked in a cold voice.

                Although Tiger was very strong in Guangyang City, the Lu Family Master had never put him in his eyes.

                After all, Tiger was just a mere mongrel in their eyes.

                The Lu family, on the other hand, could be one of the Ten Great Families, and that had a deep heritage.

                Besides, the Ten Families were all in the same boat, and if anything really happened, the Ten Families would assist each other.

                Even if the tiger had Lin Mo behind it, what would that do?

                The Ten Great Families were also nurtured by Lin Mo.

                If something really happened, Lin Mo would not help the Ten Families, and he might not help Tiger either.

                In that case, everyone would be on their own merits, and his Lu family naturally did not fear Tiger.

                Tiger said in a cold voice, "Master of the Lu family, I act reasonably."

                "Whoever has done something wrong, of course I will not let him off!"

                The Lu Family Master waved his hand, "Don't talk to me about reasoning or not, I'm just asking you, are you going against my Lu Family?"

                Tiger said in a cold voice, "Clan Master Lu, don't you really want to ask who is right and who is wrong in this matter?"

                The Lu family head laughed disdainfully, "It's just a small car accident, so who's right and who's wrong?"

                "But, tiger, if you want to kill my brother, you are slapping my Lui family's face!"

                "This matter is provoking the majesty of my ten families!"

                "Not only my Lui Family, but also the other members of the Ten Great Families will definitely not allow such a thing to happen!"

                Tiger nodded slowly, "Clan Master Lu, in that case, you don't care too much either, who is right and who is wrong in this matter?"

                Clan Master Lu said in a cold voice, "Haven't I made it clear enough?"

                "It's just a small car accident, why do I care about this?"

                Hearing these words, Tiger laughed outright.

                He looked at Lin Mo who was sitting behind him and said aloud, "Then do you know, Master of the Lu family, who the hell is that little girl you hit and injured?"

                Clan Master Lu disdained, "I don't know, and I don't want to know!"

                "Tiger, I only ask you one thing, do you want to go against my Lui family, against our ten families?"

                Tiger didn't say anything more because, at that moment, Lin Mo had already stood up.

                "He will go against your Lu Family, but, that doesn't include the Ten Great Families!"

                "Because, from now on, the Lu Family, is no longer a member of the Ten Great Families!"

                Lin Mo said softly.

                When the Lu Family Master saw Lin Mo, he was somewhat bewildered.

                He felt that Lin Mo looked familiar, but couldn't remember who this was for a moment.

                It was no wonder, before the Lu family became a member of the Ten Great Families, it was the Lu family's old master who personally came out to pay Lin Mo a visit.

                Later, at the banquet of the Top Ten Families, he had seen Lin Mo from afar for a glance, but it was only a hurried glance.

                Now that he saw Lin Mo again, of course, he could not recognise him.

                Lu Lao San said angrily, "Who are you?"

                "Who are you that you dare to speak such words out loud?"

                Lin Mo looked at them calmly and said, "The little girl you hit and injured is my sister!"

                Lu Lao San's eyes widened, "So that's your sister?"

                "Who the hell are you? How dare you go against our Lu family?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly and said word for word, "My name is Lin Mo!"