Medical Genius Chapter 1520

 Lu Changming was directly paralysed with fear, he knew that he was in real trouble this time.

                Tiger was also very simple and waved his hand, "Drag them out!"

                His men immediately rushed up to him, while Lu Changming's men were all cowering in the corner, not daring to resist at all.

                These people knew that they were facing the South Street Tiger Master, so who would dare to resist?

                At that moment, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open and a middle-aged man walked in.

                Seeing this man, Lu Changming ran over to him and hugged the man's leg: "Third Uncle, Third Uncle, help me, help!"

                The middle-aged man, who was the third oldest member of the Lu family, had a very high status in the Lu family.

                Lu Changming, had always worked for him.

                Therefore, when he received Lu Changming's call, he had to come over to protect Lu Changming as well.

                He looked towards Tiger and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, "I thought it was someone, but it's Master Tiger!"

                "Master Tiger, I don't know how this untalented nephew of mine has pissed you off, that you want to chop him up?"

                Tiger quietly glanced at Lin Mo, who waved his hand.

                Tiger understood and immediately told him what had happened before.

                Of course, he concealed Lin Mo's identity and didn't say anything about Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo wanted to take advantage of this incident to see how the Lu family really did things.

                After listening, Lu Lao San slowly nodded his head, "Changming, ah, this time, you did something wrong indeed."

                "How about this, you give Master Tiger an apology and pay the money back, and this matter, let's just forget about it."

                "Master Tiger, how about you just give me face and let this unworthy nephew of mine go?"

                The tiger's face was cold and he said in a cold voice, "No!"

                "I have said that I must take his life today."

                Lu Lao San's face was chilled as he said softly, "Master Tiger, let's be merciful."

                "Changming is at least a member of our Lui family, you kill him just as you say, this is too much to put my Lui family in your eyes, isn't it?"

                Tiger sneered, "So what if they are from the Lu family?"

                "Do people from the Lu family get to be lawless?"

                "A young child was hit by your car, and you are still unforgiving, even shouting that you want to chop him up."

                "Everything has to be reasonable, if you want to chop others, then it's normal for others to chop you."

                "Now you come over here with three or two sentences and want to take him away, hehe, this style of doing things in the Lu family is too overbearing, isn't it?"

                Lu Lao San's brows furrowed as he said in a deep voice, "Master Tiger, be polite in your words."

                "I'm afraid it's not your turn to control how the Lu family does things, is it?"

                Laohu: "Of course I don't care about the Lu family's affairs!"

                "But this matter, I will!"

                "Lu Lao San, this person, you can't take him away today!"

                Lu Lao San was furious: "Tiger, I'm putting my words down here today."

                "I'll take this man with me today!"

                Tiger slapped the table, "You can try!"

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Tiger's men immediately surrounded him, staring at Lu Lao San with an aggressive manner.

                Lu Lao San swept his gaze over the crowd and sneered, "Tiger, are you planning to go against our Lu family, against the Ten Families?"

                "Changming, let's go!"

                "I just don't believe it, who dares to stop me!"

                He turned to leave, Tiger directly waved his hand, and a man next to him, directly kicked Lu Lao San back.

                Lu Lao San was furious: "Tiger, you seek death!"

                "Fine, you started this, so don't blame me for being ungracious!"

                "Wait for me, I'll call my old man."

                Tiger sneered, "Feel free!"

                If it was any other time, Tiger would not directly clash with the Ten Great Families.

                After all, the Ten Families, too, were not weak, and it would be easy for both sides to lose.

                But now, Tiger's side had Lin Mo backing him up, so it was different.

                The top ten families in Guangyang City were all set by Lin Mo, so who were they to fight with him?