Medical Genius Chapter 1519

 Lin Mo shook his head, "How can that work?"

                "We have to do things, we have to convince people with reason!"

                "Tiger, they don't believe that Xi'er's bike is worth a million and a half, so prove it to them and see."

                Tiger immediately nodded his head and waved his hand, "Go, bring up Miss Xi'er's bike!"

                Hearing these words, Lu Changming shivered even more.

                Even Tiger had to call this man's sister Miss Xi'er, so how terrifying must this man's identity be?

                At least, much stronger than the tiger!

                One of the men ran down and before long, came up carrying a nearly scrapped bicycle.

                The bike was almost crushed, and looking at the situation, Lin Xi was still lucky to have suffered some minor injuries.

                If he had been crushed by the car, he would have been in danger by now.

                The hanyou put the bike on the ground and Tiger came over and said loudly, "Surnamed Lu, didn't you doubt the price of this bike?"

                "Here, come and take a look for yourself and see the markings on it!"

                Lu Changming's face was pale: "Master Tiger, you ...... can say how much it costs, I ...... absolutely trust you ......"

                The tiger glared: "Believe your mother's head!"

                "Laozi works and convinces people with reason."

                "You think I'm blackmailing you?"

                "Come and see for yourself!"

                Lu Changming shivered and came over, once he saw the logo on it, he was directly confused: "This ...... this Ferrari?"

                Mrs. Wang also saw the bicycle logo, and she was even more confused: "Ferrari also produces bicycles?"

                As for Zhao Zeming, his entire body was in a daze.

                This kind of luxury car, how could he understand it?

                Tiger: "Look at your ignorance!"

                "How come Ferrari doesn't produce bikes anymore?"

                "This bike, it's a limited edition, full body carbon fibre, it's only custom made, it won't be available in large quantities."

                "This bike is only available at Ferrari's 4s shop in the provincial capital."

                "The selling price, over one million three hundred and sixty thousand!"

                "Hmph, how much does a paint job cost on your broken bike? Do you know how much it costs to pay for crushing this bike?"

                Mrs. Wang's face turned ugly to the extreme.

                She had bought this new car and kept showing it off outside every day, just thinking that she was already the top person in Guangyang City.

                But she had never dreamed that a bike, could be worth so much!

                Only now, upon comparison, did she realise that her little possessions were nothing in front of the truly rich!

                She thought that a sports car of more than three million was impressive, but how could she have imagined that someone else's bike, a small child's bike, was already more than one million.

                She simply couldn't imagine what the value of the car the other person was driving should be!

                Lu Changming was trembling: "Master Tiger, I ...... know I'm wrong."

                "This bike, I'll pay, I ...... I'll pay double."

                "Master Tiger, this big brother, you two are generous, spare ...... me once ......"

                Tiger cursed outright: "Fuck, who the fuck are you looking down on?"

                "You think we're extorting money from you?"

                Lu Changming almost pissed himself in fear, directly poofed to the ground and said in a trembling voice, "Master Tiger, I ...... didn't mean that ......"

                "I ...... really didn't know, please spare me ......"

                "You can do whatever you want, just ...... as long as you spare my life, please ......"

                "Brother, please spare me, I really dare not ......"

                "You can have as much money as you want, I'm begging you ......"

                Lin Mo calmly said, "Money, it's not important!"

                "What's important is that my sister was almost run over."

                "But you guys are still putting all the blame on my sister and detaining her here, that's going too far!"

                "She's just a child, and you all won't even let her go?"

                "And who am I, to let you all off the hook?"