Medical Genius Chapter 1517

 Hearing these words from Lu Changming, Lin Mo couldn't help but shake his head.

                "The Lu family, how could there be someone like you?"

                "It seems that the Lu Family doesn't deserve to stay within the Ten Great Families either!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                Lu Changming froze for a moment, and then broke into a curse, "Fuck you, what the hell are you, and you dare to tell us what to do to the Ten Great Families?"

                "My Lu family is a member of the Ten Great Families, if you speak like this, you are disrespecting the Ten Great Families!"

                "If I don't get you killed today, how am I going to explain to the Ten Great Families?"

                Lu Changming shouted angrily, and those around him rushed in aggressively, ready to surround and beat Lin Mo.

                The men on Tiger's side also surrounded him, and the battle looked like it was about to start.

                At this moment, Mrs. Wang also came in and sneered, "Honey, just now this son of a bitch kept yelling for us to pay for his bike!"

                "I said I would give you five hundred, and the extra will be a reward for you."

                "Here, take it!"

                Mrs. Wang said, and really took out five hundred yuan and threw it on the ground in front of Lin Mo, completely insulting people.

                Lin Mo didn't even look at the money on the ground, he put his hands behind his back and calmly said, "Five hundred, not enough!"

                Mrs. Wang was instantly enraged, "Five hundred isn't enough?"

                "How much more can a child's bike be worth to you?"

                "I've seen a lot today, only poor people like you like to extort money from porcelain."

                "Come on, come on, tell me how much I should pay you for a broken bicycle!"

                Zhao Zeming also sneered next to him, "Hey, Lin, five hundred yuan is already quite a lot."

                "Do you really think everyone else is stupid?"

                "Inside the supermarket across the street, the best children's bicycle is only over three hundred dollars."

                "How much more do you want for this piece of shit bike? Eight hundred? A thousand?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "My sister's bike is worth one million three hundred thousand!"

                At these words, the whole room was shocked and everyone froze.

                After a moment, the crowd burst into laughter.

                Zhao Zeming was laughing his head off and pointed at Lin Mo, "Hahahaha, I ...... I've really seen a lot today too."

                "In my life, I've seen many shameless people, but I've never seen one as shameless as you."

                "A broken bicycle that costs a million and a half?"

                "Are you crazy, or do I have an ear problem?"

                Mrs. Wang also smiled wildly, "One million three hundred thousand?"

                "Plutonium, huh?"

                "Do you want me to burn it for you?"

                Lu Changming was even more full of disdain, "When I get him killed later, you can burn him thirteen million directly, so that he can buy ten cars!"

                Those minions that Lu Changming had brought along were also full of ridicule, as if they thought Lin Mo was bragging.

                And Lin Mo's expression was calm as he said softly, "One million three hundred thousand, or wiping off the change for you guys."

                "The true selling price of this bike is one million three hundred and sixty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty eight!"

                Lu Changming directly slapped the table and cursed, "That's enough!"

                "You're such a piece of trash, and you're still sticking your nose in the air?"

                "You really think you can fool people, do you?"

                "A million and a half for a bike? Do you think we're all fucking idiots?"

                "You're fucking looking for death, aren't you?"

                Just then, an angry voice suddenly came from outside the door, "I think it's you who wants to die!"

                Lu Changming was furious and turned his head to roar, "Who is that bastard who dares to answer my words, are you tired of living?"

                At that moment, a group of people came in the door.

                The leader of the group was none other than Tiger.

                He was full of arrogance and looked at Lu Changming with disdain, "It's me!"

                "That's right, I'm tired of living, you dare to kill me?"

                When Lu Changming saw the tiger, he couldn't help but be a little confused.

                He rubbed his eyes vigorously, as if he was worried that he was blind.

                Once he saw the tiger's appearance clearly, his face, instantly, turned miserable white.