Medical Genius Chapter 1516

 Mrs. Wang called and quickly told her side of the story, and then said angrily, "Lu Changming, people have already stepped on our Lu family's head."

                "If you don't come over, you'll be waiting to collect my corpse!"

                "If this matter gets out, our Lui family's face will be completely lost."

                Over there, Lu Changming was furious, "Who the hell has the audacity to do that?"

                "Tell him to wait for me, I'll be there in three minutes!"

                Hearing this, Mrs. Wang could not help but be greatly amused.

                She hung up the phone and pointed at Lin Mo and the tiger in a lofty manner, "Hey, did you hear that?"

                "My husband is arriving in three minutes."

                "If you don't want to die, kneel down and wait on the ground now, maybe my husband will spare your dog lives once his heart softens!"

                Lin Mo did not care, and Tiger did not say anything.

                Those people Tiger had brought with him, on the other hand, were all annoyed, and the crowd glared at Mrs. Wang in an aggressive manner.

                "What the fuck are you talking about?"

                "How dare you talk to our boss like that?"

                "Do you want to die?"

                Mrs. Wang was a little flustered in the face of these people, but still held her ground: "Don't give me the satisfaction either!"

                "What, you want to bully me because of the number of people?"

                "Fine, you can wait if you dare. When my husband arrives, I'll see if you still dare to talk like that!"

                Mrs. Wang said, and retreated outside the room herself, she was really afraid of these people.

                Teacher Li stood behind her, her face panicked as she whispered, "Mr. Lin, how about ...... how about you guys go first?"

                "I know, you're all big shots too."

                "But, it's just a small matter, there's no need to make a big deal out of it."

                "When the time comes, I'll talk to them properly and we'll all settle it peacefully, how about that?"

                Lin Mo gave a light laugh, "Teacher Li, you don't have to worry."

                "I've said it all, this matter, I have to settle it clearly!"

                "Otherwise, how will Xi'er still go to school in the future?"

                "Tiger, you take Teacher Li and Xi'er to the back to rest first, don't let anyone disturb them!"

                Tiger immediately nodded, "Yes, Brother Lin!"

                Teacher Li and Lin Xi were taken away.

                Not long afterwards, there was a cacophony of noise from outside, but it was Lu Changming who brought someone with him.

                Lu Changming was dressed in a designer suit and was full of arrogance, just like Mrs. Wang.

                When she saw him coming, Mrs. Wang immediately ran over to him and complained to him with snotty noses and tears, saying that Lin Mo had led people to bully her and so on, and insulting the Lu family in various ways.

                Hearing this, Lu Changming was so furious that he kicked open the door and cursed, "Who is this son of a bitch that dares to bully my wife and insult my Lu family?"

                "Come on, stand out and show me!"

                Inside the house, Tiger took a few people with him to see off Teacher Li and Lin Xi.

                The remaining few, Lu Changming didn't recognise, so he didn't put the people inside the house in his eyes at all.

                Lin Mo calmly said, "Lu Changming, as a member of the Lu family, you are also representing the Lu family in your actions."

                "When something like this happens, shouldn't you ask what's going on before making a decision?"

                Lu Changming glanced at Lin Mo disdainfully and sneered, "What else does Laozi need to ask?"

                "What my wife said, can that still be false?"

                Lin Mo: "Your wife said that it was my sister who cut off her car, but in fact, it was she who reversed the car and knocked over my sister."

                "Not only did she hit my sister, but she also crushed my sister's bicycle!"

                "Lu Changming, do you think, in this case, whose responsibility is it?"

                Lu Changming smiled coldly, "Is it necessary to ask?"

                "It must be your sister's responsibility!"

                "My wife's car, I just bought it for her for over three million dollars."

                "Do you know how much it costs to repair a cut?"

                "I'm telling you, let alone crushing a bike, even if it kills your sister too, that's still your responsibility!"