Medical Genius Chapter 1515

 Tiger didn't even look at these people and ran straight to Lin Mo, saying urgently, "Brother Lin, how is it?"

                "Is Miss Xi'er alright?"

                "Miss Xi'er, you ...... What's wrong with your face?"

                "Who hit you?"

                "You tell me, I'll chop him up for you now!"

                Lin Xi was Lin Mo's only sister, and her status in Guangyang City, or even in Guangyang Province, was like that of a little princess.

                Tiger was promoted by Lin Mo, and it was entirely because of Lin Mo that he had the status he had today.

                Therefore, when something happened to Lin Xi, Tiger was even more excited than Lin Mo!

                Although the tiger looked fierce and vicious, Lin Xi was not afraid of him.

                After all, the tiger had always been pleasant when he saw Lin Xi, and Lin Xi knew that this was his brother's friend.

                However, Mr Li, who was next to him, was shivering with fear.

                Those hans who came in were carrying weapons in their hands, so how had she ever seen such a scene before?

                Lin Mo patted Tiger's shoulder, "Alright, put the guys away."

                "This is a school, don't scare Xi'er's teacher!"

                Only then did Tiger see Teacher Li, he hurriedly squeezed out a smile, "Sorry, teacher, I'm sorry for scaring you!"

                Teacher Li's face was pale and she faltered as she said back that it was okay. But it was clear that she was still very intimidated and did not even let go of Lin Xi's grip.

                For a moment, on the contrary, Lin Xi calmed down a bit.

                She patted Teacher Li and said in a low voice, "Teacher Li, don't be afraid."

                "Brother Tiger is a good man, they are all my brother's friends."

                Teacher Li looked at the men covered in tattoos and carrying weapons and turned pale with fear.

                These, the good guys?

                Mrs. Wang's face also changed a little, but she was not afraid at all, instead she said loudly, "How dare you, do you know who I am?"

                "I tell you, my husband is Lu Changming."

                "Where are you from? How dare you go against our Lui family, do you not want to live?"

                After saying that, she even looked at the tiger with an arrogant face, as if she was waiting for the tiger to make amends to her.

                Some years earlier, Lu Changming had become somewhat famous.

                Later, after the Lu family became one of the top ten families in Guangyang City, Lu Changming's strength had skyrocketed and his status had followed suit.

                As far as she was concerned, apart from the Ten Families, no one dared to go against them in Guangyang City!

                However, the people on Tiger's side were all full of disdain.

                Tiger even pulled out his ears and bristled, "Lu Changming?"

                "What the hell?"

                "Do any of you know him?"

                "A very powerful big shot?"

                The crowd laughed, and one of them laughed, "Master Tiger, you've met him before!"

                Tiger was surprised, "I've seen it before?"

                The man laughed, "You forgot, last month, he had a bit of a run-in with Brother Fire and the others."

                "You were nearby at the time, and when this Lu Changming heard that you had gone, he was so scared that he fell to his knees."

                Tiger suddenly realized, "Oh, so it was this rubbish thing!"

                "I remember now, I said why was there a man kneeling on the ground at that time, it was that Lu Changming!"

                The crowd burst into laughter again.

                Mrs. Wang's face turned ugly and she said angrily, "How dare you ...... insult my husband like this?"

                "Fine, you guys wait for me, I'll call my husband right now!"

                "I'll see how you guys die!"

                Zhao Zeming was also full of indignation and said in a cold voice, "You villains, how dare you enter the school and cause trouble!"

                "Mrs. Wang, you mustn't spare them."

                "When Mr Lui comes later, make sure he fixes these people properly!"

                Mrs. Wang dialed the phone while saying arrogantly, "That's for sure!"

                "Anyone who dares to insult my Lui family will have to die!"

                "Don't worry, I'll make them regret what they've said!"