Medical Genius Chapter 1514

 Zhao Zeming snorted, "So, you still plan to handle this matter?"

                "Good, then I would like to see what you are capable of, to be able to handle this matter!"

                Just at that moment, a cacophony of voices suddenly came from outside the door.

                Zhao Zeming turned his head and saw that the people who came were from the Security Section.

                He instantly smiled, "You guys came at the right time."

                "Go, arrest that brat and bring him to the Security Section for me!"

                "How dare you beat up the school leader, in the school, I'll let you learn a lesson today!"

                These people from the so-called Security Section were actually just some gangsters from the neighbourhood.

                These people usually had nothing to do and always bullied people by virtue of their numbers.

                When they heard Zhao Zeming's words, they immediately gathered around in an aggressive manner.

                Lin Xi was trembling in fear, and Teacher Li's face also turned pale.

                "Director Zhao, when something like this happens, we should be calling the police to deal with it!"

                "You ...... you do this, how can this work?"

                Teacher Li said urgently.

                Zhao Zeming glared at her, "Shut up!"

                "This matter has nothing to do with you, get out immediately."

                "Otherwise, don't blame me for treating you badly!"

                Teacher Li's face was pale, she was just an ordinary teacher, how could she compete with these leaders?

                However, she was still unwilling, and suddenly took out her mobile phone and said loudly, "This matter, I think the best way to deal with it is to call the police!"

                "Mr. Lin, you don't have to worry, I'll call the police now ......"

                She was just about to dial the number when Zhao Zeming waved his hand, "Smash her phone for me!"

                Several people rushed up and grabbed her phone straight away, slamming it heavily on the ground.

                Teacher Li was also pushed and staggered.

                She had never seen such a scene before, and only shuddered in fear.

                Lin Mo shook his head, pulled Teacher Li behind himself and said softly, "Teacher Li, you help me take care of Xi'er."

                "This matter, I'll handle it myself!"

                With those words, Lin Mo walked straight towards these people from the Security Section.

                Teacher Li's face turned pale: "Mr. Lin, you ...... should not be impulsive ......"

                Lin Mo smiled gently, his eyes looked straight at Zhao Zeming and said softly, "Director Zhao is right."

                "In this world, there are always people that you can't afford to mess with!"

                "And I, am the one you can't afford to mess with!"

                As he said these words, Lin Mo's aura fiercely changed, his face became extremely cold, and his body exuded an aura that only a superior person could have.

                Those people from the Security Section around him were all stunned for a moment, and looked at each other with blank faces, not daring to make a move at all.

                Zhao Zeming's face also changed, but when he thought of the Lu family behind Mrs. Wang, he instantly looked disdainful: "Arrogant!"

                "What are you, or someone we can't afford to mess with?"

                "Heh, even if I can't afford to mess with you, but can you afford to mess with the Lu family?"

                Mrs. Wang sneered arrogantly, "Director Zhao, don't be afraid of him!"

                "Take him to the Security Section, and if anything happens, I'll take the blame!"

                When Zhao Zeming heard this, he was overjoyed and immediately waved his hand, "What are you waiting for?"

                "Hurry up and take him to the Security Section!"

                Only then did those punks react and immediately rushed up, ready to strike.

                Just then, there was a sudden noise outside the door.

                The crowd turned their heads and saw a large group of men in black suits rushing in from outside.

                The man at the head of the group, who was tall and full of muscles, was none other than Tiger.

                When Lin Mo came over just now, he sent a message to Tiger by the way, and Tiger immediately brought his men over.

                After Tiger rushed in, without any nonsense, he directly waved his hand, "Damn it, pile up all this rubbish!"

                His men didn't hesitate and piled up the dozens of people from the Security Section in the corner, as if they were stacking up.

                These men from the Security Section, who had no power to resist at all, were being held with knives to their necks and were only scared to the point of pissing their trousers.