Medical Genius Chapter 1513

 Lin Mo gave Zhao Zeming a deep look, "Director Zhao, you really dare to say that in order to please this Mrs. Wang!"

                "Don't you care about your face at all?"

                Zhao Zeming said angrily, "What did you say?"

                "I'm being reasonable, how come I don't care about face?"

                "You, on the other hand, are trying to fool people by reversing black and white and stealing concepts?"

                "I'm telling you, with me here, you won't get your way!"

                Lin Mo glanced at him disdainfully, "Director Zhao, if you really had some brains, you wouldn't have said something like that!"

                "You just said that my sister was riding a bicycle!"

                "A bicycle, that belongs to a non-motorized vehicle, as long as it doesn't run into the motorway, that's not even a violation, right!"

                "And the place where the accident happened was on the school playground."

                "This playground, is it considered a motorway?"

                "On the school playground, a motor vehicle, and a non-motor vehicle had a car accident, who should be held responsible, do you think?"

                With a single word, it directly caused Zhao Zeming's entire body to be dumbfounded.

                He froze in place, unable to speak for a long time.

                And Mr. Li's eyes also lit up with joy, "Yes, this ...... is not at all Lin Xi's responsibility!"

                "Mrs. Wang, you should be the ones to pay for Lin Xi's losses!"

                Mrs. Wang was furious: "Shut up, what the fuck are you, are you qualified to speak here?"

                After she said that, she glared at Lin Mo angrily and roared, "Don't mention anything to me about responsibility or not?"

                "I'm telling you, this time, whoever I say is responsible for this incident is responsible for it!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Mrs. Wang, in this world, it's all about the law."

                "Do you really think you can override the law with one hand?"

                Mrs. Wang shouted, "I can cover the sky with one hand!"

                "Who are you, you want to fight with me?"

                "Do you know who I am?"

                "Let me tell you, my husband, the boss of this area, is called Lu Changming."

                "The Lui family of Guangyang City, do you know?"

                "It's the Lu family that has just recently been promoted to one of the top ten families in Guangyang City, that's my husband's family!"

                "If you fight with me, you are fighting with the Lu family, you are fighting with the top ten families in Guangyang City!"

                "How many heads do you have? How dare you fight against me? Are you tired of living?"

                Zhao Zeming also immediately came over and looked at Lin Mo with disdain, "Surnamed Lin, your sophistry is good."

                "But unfortunately, in this world, there are always people that you can't afford to mess with!"

                "I advise you to pay the money you deserve, kneel here, slap yourself ten times, and honestly apologise to Mrs. Wang, and I can still help you plead with her!"

                "Otherwise, when Mr. Lu comes, humph, I'll see how you die!"

                Mrs. Wang crossed her arms and stood tall and proud, her eyes looking at Lin Mo disdainfully, as if she didn't even put Lin Mo in her eyes.

                Teacher Li, on the other hand, was a bit flustered, she came over to Lin Mo and whispered, "Mr. Lin, either ...... or, just apologize to them."

                "This Mrs. Wang is not to be messed with, even our headmaster doesn't dare to offend her."

                "Arguing with someone over this trivial matter, this ...... is not worth it!"

                "Xi'er will have to go to school later, why bother with someone?"

                Lin Mo gave teacher Li a look, this teacher Li, however, was a very nice person.

                She knew that Mrs. Wang was not to be messed with, yet she still went all out to protect Lin Xi, this alone was enough to make Lin Mo look at her with admiration!

                Lin Mo smiled gently and waved his hand, "Teacher Li, don't worry!"

                "This matter, I will take care of it myself!"

                "You're right, what about Xi'er going to school in the future?"

                "If I don't take care of this matter, then in the future, won't just anyone dare to bully Xi'er?"