Medical Genius Chapter 1512

 When Mrs. Wang saw Lin Mo's expression, she couldn't help but become even angrier: "What are you laughing at?"

                Lin Mo ignored her and looked at Teacher Li instead, "Teacher Li, have you been to the scene of the car accident?"

                "What was the location of the crash scene?"

                Teacher Li: "The scene of the car accident, it was over at the school playground."

                "I was nearby and heard the noise over there, so I went over to have a look."

                Lin Mo: "That means you've seen the scene at that time."

                "Then I would like to ask, where did Xi'er's bike, hit Mrs. Wang's Porsche?"

                Without waiting for Mr Li to say anything, Mrs Wang said angrily, "It hit the back of my car, near the headlights."

                "The lights on my car, they seem to have been knocked out too."

                "I'm warning you, cutting the paint, that's just a minor thing. If this were to be replaced with a taillight, do you know how much it would cost?"

                Lin Mo ignored Mrs Wang and just looked at Teacher Li: "Did it hit the back of that car?"

                Teacher Li nodded, "Yes, it was at the back, but I don't think it broke the lights!"

                Mrs. Wang crossed her arms and pointed at Mr. Li with one hand, angrily rebuking, "Did you see clearly?"

                "You know it wasn't broken?"

                "What are you, how dare you say such things?"

                "Then let me ask you, if the headlights are broken, are you going to take the responsibility for this?"

                Teacher Li looked embarrassed and lowered her head, not daring to speak.

                She was just a teacher, how could she afford such an expensive thing!

                Lin Mo nodded: "That is to say, Xi'er's bicycle, crashed into the position of her car's butt."

                "And then, Xi'er's bike, was crushed?"

                "Mrs. Wang, is that right?"

                Mrs. Wong glared, "That's right!"

                "What's wrong? Still want to blackmail the bicycle?"

                "Didn't I make myself clear?"

                "I'll give you five hundred, for the extra money, you're rewarded!"

                Lin Mo sneered and suddenly slapped the table, pointing at Mrs. Wang and saying angrily, "You'll take full responsibility for this matter!"

                Mrs. Wang froze for a moment and said angrily, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

                "Your sister's car scuffed my paint, and you want me to take full responsibility?"

                "What kind of bullshit reasoning are you talking about?"

                Zhao Zeming also said indignantly, "Lin, watch your mouth."

                "This is a school, it's not a place for you to make nonsense!"

                Lin Mo laughed coldly, "I'm messing around?"

                "Zhao Zeming, as the head teacher of the school, you should understand some common sense of the law."

                "Let me ask you, if a car, when reversing, cuts against a non-motorized vehicle that is moving normally. The responsibility, then, should be on who?"

                Zhao Zeming couldn't help but freeze, unable to speak for a while.

                But anyone who knew something about traffic would know this common sense.

                In this kind of reversing situation, when there was a cut with a normal moving vehicle, the reversing car must be fully responsible for it!

                Mrs Wang was full of disdain: "What kind of bullshit are you talking about?"

                "I was reversing for good reason, and it was your sister who rode her bike and crashed into my car's butt, so why should I take full responsibility?"

                "You want to blackmail me? I'm telling you, no way!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Mrs. Wang, how much did you pay for this driving licence?"

                "If you really don't have common sense in law, you can go and find a lawyer and ask."

                "In this case, whose responsibility is it anyway!"

                Mrs Wang still wanted to speak, Zhao Zeming immediately said, "Hmph, surnamed Lin, you don't want to steal concepts here."

                "Reversing a car, only when it cuts against a normally moving vehicle, is it fully responsible!"

                "But was your sister driving normally?"

                "She was riding her bike recklessly in school, which is a violation in itself, so who are you to hold Mrs. Wang fully responsible?"