Medical Genius Chapter 1511

 However, Lin Mo had a calm face.

                He looked at Zhao Zeming and said in a cold voice, "You also said just now that school is a place to teach and educate people, so you shouldn't beat them up."

                "Then let me ask you, how did you do things when this woman wanted to beat up my sister just now?"

                "You are the head teacher, when something like this happens in school, not only do you not protect your own students, but instead you help outsiders bully them, who am I going to beat up if not you?"

                Zhao Zeming couldn't help but look a little embarrassed.

                He and this Mrs. Wang actually knew each other, and that was why he was pulling the strings like this.

                However, he still strained his neck and said, "It's not like she hit your sister, yet, you actually hit her!"

                "This matter, is your fault!"

                "How dare you hit me? You have no respect for the law!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Heh, you're the king's law?"

                Zhao Zeming was furious, "I don't want to talk such nonsense with you!"

                "You wait, when our security section comes, I'll see if you still dare to talk like that!"

                At this moment, Mrs. Wang next to her also said angrily, "I just called my husband."

                "Humph, I tell you, my husband is not as good-tempered as I am."

                "When he comes, I'll see how you die!"

                Lin Mo nodded with a cold smile, "That's right."

                "I'd like to see who will die today!"

                After speaking, he simply moved a chair and sat down, asking, "Teacher Li, what is going on?"

                Teacher Li whispered, "Just now, when school was over, Lin Xi was riding his study bike home and accidentally hit Mrs. Wang's car, which had some small cuts on the paint."

                Mrs. Wang immediately screamed, "That's called a small cut?"

                "Are you blind?"

                "I lost a big piece of paint on my car, do you know how much it costs to repair it?"

                "Do you know what kind of car I have?"

                "I'm telling you, my car is a Porsche 911, over three million dollars for the whole car."

                "Fixing a piece of paint is more than your salary for a year, how dare you talk nonsense?"

                Teacher Li looked embarrassed, she was just an ordinary teacher, how could she know these things?

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "A Porsche 911? A good car!"

                Mrs. Wang sneered, "Heh, I didn't expect that you would still be quite knowledgeable!"

                "Since you know it's a good car, then you should know how much it costs to fix a piece of paint!"

                "Originally I was thinking that this matter would be discussed properly and that you would just pay for it."

                "But at this point in time, it's not just about paying the money!"

                "How dare you hit me, this matter, it's useless for you to pay back any amount of money!"

                Lin Mo ignored her and looked at Lin Xi instead, "Xi'er, is that really the case?"

                Lin Xi lowered her head, rubbing the corner of her clothes hard, and whispered, "Brother, I'm sorry."

                "I ...... wasn't paying attention, I passed by there on my bicycle and didn't ...... know so much about the collision ......"

                "Brother, I really didn't mean to ......"

                said, Lin Xi once again more swallowed, she is really too understanding, always worried that she will give trouble to her brother.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Xi'er, don't be afraid!"

                "It's just a small thing!"

                "By the way, where's your bike?"

                Lin Xi did not speak, but looked at Mrs. Wang.

                Mrs. Wang said in a cold voice, "The bike was crushed!"

                "What? Still want to blackmail me for a bike?"

                "No problem!"

                "That kind of broken bicycle, you can't even use two hundred dollars, right?"

                "I'll give you five hundred, and the rest, as a reward for you!"

                Lin Mo gave Mrs. Wang a deep look and a cold smile wiped across the corner of his mouth.

                That bicycle was the one they had taken out from inside the Ferrari 4s shop at that time.

                It looked like a child's bike, but in fact, it was a carbon fibre bike, and a limited edition worldwide.

                The bike alone was worth over one million three hundred thousand dollars.