Medical Genius Chapter 1509

 Lin Mo's brow furrowed, this doorman was too crazy, right?

                "Something happened to my sister at school, how can I fix it if I don't go in?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice.

                The doorman: "What do I care what happened to you?"

                "If you want to go in, fine, you ask the school leader to call me and I'll let you in."

                "Otherwise, I won't let you in today!"

                "The school has rules, you think it's a public toilet, you can get in and out whenever you want?"

                "Last time, Zhou Yuanchao's wife from the Wanfa Group was polite and courteous."

                "You're a fool, you dare to barge in, do you know ......"

                Lin Mo's face became cold to the extreme, he was now full of anxiety, worried about his sister's situation, where he was still in the mood to talk nonsense with this doorman ah.

                The door was kicked open and he rode in on his electric bike.

                The doorman was dumbfounded, he didn't expect Lin Mo to be so bold.

                He knew that normally when he was at the door, those parents and so on, were respectful to him, and he especially liked to play up to those parents.

                In his opinion, Lin Mo was just a small person riding a motorbike, so he would not put it in his eyes.

                But he didn't expect that Lin Mo would be so rigid as to barge straight in.

                After a moment of froze, the doorman immediately jumped out, pointed at Lin Mo and cursed, "You dare to barge into the school's important place?"

                "You wait, I ...... will never let you go!"

                After speaking, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called the security department to tell them that someone had broken into the school and caused trouble.

                And he, himself, followed up the school with gusto.

                This time, he wanted to show his authority by taking the people from the security department and giving Lin Mo a good beating.

                Lin Mo didn't care about that much, he came to the office upstairs.

                The woman on the phone had just said that Lin Xi was now in her class teacher's office.

                When he arrived at the office door, Lin Mo heard a shouting voice from far away, "How dare that man hang up on me just now?"

                "He simply has the audacity!"

                "I'm telling you, when my husband comes later, he will definitely not be spared!"

                At this moment, a woman's voice came from inside the house, "Mrs. Wang, don't be angry either."

                "Lin Xi didn't mean it, she's still a child after all."

                "Why don't we wait for her parents to come?"

                This was the voice of Lin Xi's class teacher, Mr. Li.

                "Wait for what parents?"

                "Can't you see? Her brother even dared to hang up on me just now, this is simply a dog with guts!"

                "This parent of hers, she doesn't even have the attitude to solve this matter properly, so what am I waiting for."

                "Get out of my way or I'll even beat you up!"

                Mrs. Wang's voice came out.

                Immediately after that, a loud noise came from inside the house, interspersed with the sound of Lin Xi crying.

                Lin Mo only heard his head explode, unable to care about anything, he directly pushed the door and barged in.

                There were four people inside the house in total, a young girl, shielding Lin Xi behind her, this girl was Lin Xi's class teacher, Ms Li.

                Lin Xi's eyes were red and swollen, her hair was a bit messy and she had a small cut at the corner of her mouth, so she looked a bit of a mess.

                On the opposite side, an obese woman with heavy make-up was tearing up with Teacher Li, and it looked like she was the same Mrs Wang who had just called Lin Mo.

                Next to this obese woman, there was also a middle-aged man standing, looking at Teacher Li with an unkind face.

                This middle-aged man, was the school's head teacher, Zhao Zeming!

                Zhao Zeming was also pulling Teacher Li along with him, while yelling, "Teacher Li, this matter has nothing to do with you, you should leave this student to her first."

                "It's the students' own business, you can just let them sort it out on their own, there's no need to stop them here, got it?"